March 30, 2020
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Not All Nutritional Supplements Are Safe After Brain Injury

It’s certainly a question that’s being researched with regards to nutritional supplements that can be helpful after someone has had a traumatic brain injury. There are some good guidelines out there for things like Ginkgo biloba, CDP-choline, also sometimes called Citicoline, both that can be useful. I will often recommend, also, people to supplement their diet with some Omega-3 or fish oil. You can also use flax seed oil which I will recommend to people who are vegetarians, which are thought to be good building blocks for brain tissue itself to help maintain brain tissue. I think as important as it is to think about medications that can help with regards to short-term memory, it’s also important to think about things to avoid that can hurt short-term memory. Benadryl and all the sleep medications that have Benadryl in it, which are common, is one of the medications that can have a negative effect on people with brain injury and should be avoided.

Randall Smitham