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(NU’EST L.O.Λ.E STORY) (One fine day) (NU’EST are at a bowling alley) (Just clap first)
Clap first? Show time, NU’EST! Hi We’re NU’EST, an urban electro band We’re here to play bowling after a long time You know where we are I like it here – I can feel my passion
– Can you? – I’m competitive
– Are you? We’re at a bowling alley Right (There’re high
competitive spirits already!) When was the last time? – It was 4 years ago
– Right It’s been a while Have you gone bowling
in the mean time? No, I haven’t I like playing bowling sometimes I did once since then Once I think I did 3 times? (Apparently it’s been a while
since they played bowling) I played bowling in Gangneung (Like this)
You have a good posture You have a good posture Yes It looks like your ball
will go directly to the gutter – I played better than I expected
– Great I’m confident about today’s game We’ve played several times together – Baekho is quite good at it
– Right Aron, too I’m not sure about JR You said you played in Gangneung But I’m not sure how good you are I’ll look forward to it – I’m not good at it (honest)
– We know it Ren, you’re not good at it, either – I’m not, but I’m confident
– We understand – Being confident is important
– Right (Ren and Minhyun are quite confident) Baekho brought his own ball Shall we set the balls?
(Baekho prepared something for today) Show it to us I’ve always wanted to see it – Show it to us
– I have my own ball I’m curious how it looks like – This is for pros
– It looks awesome You should draw it, Baekho – Draw it
– What’s that? This is it I thought it was a dog or something This is it, but Go for it! It’s like Brownie It has even wheels (My ball, ta-da) Is this really yours? Yes (It’s an order-made ball
only for Baekho) Wow, cool It’s quite heavy Because this is order-made, – the finger holes fit me nicely
– Is it order-made? for you? Yes, it fits me perfectly It’s even padded with rubber inside Yes, it’s the right size for my fingers (Envious) Are you going to play with this? (They’re holding each other in check) – This is not fair
– Is this not allowed? Is this not allowed? What do you think? It doesn’t matter But he’s brought the ball
all the way here (suddenly being cool) No, it doesn’t matter to me
(Acting strong)(bluff) We should divide into teams, but it won’t be fair because
we have differences in skill levels I could beat you even
with my left hand (bluff again) – Then play with your left hand
– Come on (Feeling small) – Because Aron knows bowling well
– Right Can Baekho use his own ball? – We might be on the same team (tempting)
– Right But actually I don’t mind what Baekho uses – Do you?
– I’d like to see how good he is I’d like to see it, too How good he is with his own ball Well (Baekho’s allowed to use his ball)
Because Baekho’s brought it here, – let’s allow him to use it
– Okay I think sport is all about luck
(Is Ren a fatalist?) Of course skill is important, – but luck plays an important role, too
– Seriously Ren is right Luck is important But sometimes this happens There are some people who are not at all good at playing bowling They don’t have a good posture, either – Yes
– But their ball goes directly to the pins and hits a strike – I know
– Right – Ren is that type of a person
– Yes, I am Right (We’ve invited a teacher)
A good teach is waiting for us We’re going to learn from him – Oh, a posture?
– Yes Great Let’s make ourselves
ready and get together Okay, let’s go This is our teacher, Seo Jun-hyung Please introduce yourself I’m a professional bowling player,
Seo Jun-hyung (He’s going to teach them today) This is really a great chance – It’s getting more serious
– That’s what I’m saying I was impressed I didn’t expect that I’d learn
from a professional player What’s the most important thing
about playing bowling? The most important thing is (The main point for bowling)
balancing yourself Timing and balance (He’s obsessed with luck)
Luck is not important? Luck can be important
for beginners See? You know, it might be just my feeling, but I play well or badly – depends on lanes
– Right Is it true? Yes, it is If you have a wall next to you,
you’re disturbed by it That’s why you play better
on the lane without a wall or make mistakes on the lane with a wall Oh, choosing a right lane
is important I didn’t know that Some of us are experienced, but some are total beginners We’ll learn hard so that we can enjoy bowling – Could you give a demonstration?
– You meant, the way I play? Yes, we’d like to learn Wow, look at the ball,
it looks so cool (A pro’s own ball) I can’t believe it that
I can see this in person Wow (★Strike★) (Speechless) When he did like this,
it looked so cool When he lifted his arm like this He looked like an eagle! He was like an eagle It was like the ‘eagle shoot’ – Wow, how was that possible?
– I think I might hurt my shoulders Did you see? His ball was curved I respect you Thank you We’ll try this time Yes, try one by one Let’s play we 3 first
(Time to learn the right posture) I think I’m in this group, too I’ll take this off He did like this, didn’t he? (Haha)
Great (Stands awkwardly) Great Just try (Ren, just try as you wish) – He did like this
– Ren’s in trouble Then he made 3 steps
(1, 2, 3 steps) And then, he did like this here
(Point your toe up!) Right – Now, show us
– Please do it consecutively Here I go 1, 2, 3 (Throws the ball) He’s good (Wow, 8 pins) I was not bad, wasn’t I? Your ball went well even though
your posture was not that good – Did you hear that?
– Luck is that important (The lucky guy) – First of all,
– Yes You’re too restless – Am I? (Me?)
– Yes Sorry about that He’s too restless The steps you took were right Lower your body a bit Watch and learn (Tips for Bowling)
Straight your knees a bit You’ll take 4 steps You’ll move your arms
as you take the steps 1, 2, 3, 4 Right Oh, his posture got better – Ren, you looked like a pro
– Really? I looked carefully while Ren was learning (Minhyun’s turn who learned while watching Ren)
Great Wow, great You’re good – Really? Am I?
– What? I didn’t know how to approach, but I just learned from the teacher – You did a good job
– He’s a fast learner You guys have become skilled
since the last time – It’ll be great if you throw
more smoothly – Oh, okay (Minhyun’s secret)
My body is quite stiff Throw the ball more smoothly Your steps don’t look natural Take them more naturally As if you draw your legs (It gets more natural
when you draw your legs) It’ll improve the accuracy You guys are quite good (JR’s turn)
Play on your own style I feel pressure suddenly JR, sport is all about confidence – As Ren said
– Yes, confidence Be confident Well, it was… (JR’s ball landed in the gutter) (Embarrassed)
Yes, that’s who we are Alright JR, that was the way we are That was the way you are – Your problem is…
– What’s my problem? He pointed out the problem right away You try to spin the ball
(JR’s fault: the way of throwing) I didn’t even realize it,
my hand just moved to the left Like this? In that case, please hold the ball like this And throw the ball
as if you roll it Like this Put my arm close to my body? If you roll the ball,
it’ll go straight Okay, got it – One more time
– Roll the ball (JR is trying as he learned) It’s going well Wow – Great
– Did you get it? You know, the amazing thing is that I followed his instructions and it worked! Did you get it? Yes, I got it Great – The game will be interesting
– Right Now it’s Aron’s turn, who is an experienced player – No, no
– Aron’s played bowling often Oh, great Look at his posture You have the same problem like JR’s
(Aron’s fault: He also tries to spin the ball) – Don’t spin your hand
– Okay Just throw the ball forward I think Minhyun is better than Aron (Minhyun became a rising star)
I think we should learn from him (Lastly, Baekho’s turn)
Baekho has his own ball – Because…
– The reason was that he lost the game all the time – I was pissed and I bought my own ball
– Many people do But I haven’t played bowling often
since I got the ball Let me try Look at his posture Wow, great How is he? Your arm face outside (The correct posture of bowling)
Just move your arm forward and spin your wrist – Spin my wrist
– Yes Don’t think that you’ll move your elbows Just use your wrist Then can I win all the time?
(competitive) I don’t know who will win Then please choose 2 players who did the best among us We’ll make teams depends on the result There are two players who will be able to play well These two? They’re the beginners (These two) They’ll get good scores But these 3 need luck There’ll be a huge difference You’ll make many splits (Splits: the first ball knocks down the headpin but
leaves standing non-adjacent groups of one or more pins) Because we have odd number members,
it’s hard to divide into teams How can we play in this situation? (Enthusiastic about learning)
Can we play one more time? Or should we give 100 points? You should give a handicap
to a team with less members Giving a handicap? Okay, got it (Would you like to play with us?)
Would you? – No way
– What are you talking about? He’ll beat us, anyway Give him a big hand because he taught us
nice bowling drills (Thank you for teaching, Mr.Seo) Thank you – We’ll be able to enjoy the game
thanks to you – Okay Let’s do rock, scissors, paper to decide the teams The team with less member will get 100 points first – 100 is okay, isn’t it?
– 100 It should be 100 We can choose the
members one by one – The winner can choose first?
– Yes Okay Nobody will want me
(gave up) Rock, scissors, paper – I’ll choose Baekho
– You were better than me – What’s wrong with you? (Because of me?)
– No, nothing JR should choose – Why?
– You look very… – I’ll choose Ren
– Okay Oh, what about Aron? The winner will be on
the same team with Aron Okay Rock, scissors, paper Okay (Minhyun’s team-Minhyun, Baekho
JR’s team-JR, Aron and Ren) Let’s go Let’s play the game Choose a lane Rock, scissors, paper (Minhyun’s team goes first) You look relaxed I don’t mind who plays first It’s important, though Minhyun is great (Come on) (★A good start with a strike★) – Hey, what’s gotten into you?
– Minhyun – Why are you doing this to us?
– Looks like you played quite often A strike? What’s wrong with your posture? (Arrogant) Just try I have a good feeling Wow It’s alright I need to put a spare, right? Oh, a strike… (He found his talent)
I think I found my talent Wow, it was a nice spare (★JR did a good job★) I’m getting excited – The game is interesting
– It is (Today’s game will be fun) JR, you did a great job We’ve all grown up We’ve grown up You did a good job (★Minhyun & Baekho! Two strikes in a row★)
What was that? You guys are just great (Everything is going well) It’s alright Ren, let’s get it! – What are you doing?
– Ren, let’s get it! Please – I think we’re good at the actual game
– Right Ren, you know Take it slow – 1, 2, 3, 4 (Don’t forget this step)
– Okay (1, 2, 3, 4) (Shoot!) (…to the gutter) It’s alright (Embarrassed)
It’s okay Ren Let me tell you something that I learned from
the instructor Just try to roll the ball,
not to throw it Roll the ball focusing on the arrow sign Roll the ball There you go No, not really (The second gutter ball…) – I have to play well
– Ren, you can do it (1:1 special lesson) Just roll the ball It’s funny that Minhyun teaches Ren Ren Just imagine that
you roll the ball slowly (Ren, you can do it)
To the middle (Ren’s trying again who
learned from Minhyun) There you go! Yes, right (!!!!!) (Ren is such a wonderful student!) (Minhyun is touched)
Ren, you made a strike You looked great – Ren, it was just the beginning
– Did you get it? (Now the real game started) There you go! (Happy but flustered)
Great! (Please) Yes (★Nobody expected that he’d have
two strikes in a row★) Ren (Overly excited) Ren We’re so happy for you! – We’re your opposing team, though
– Ren, great You made double strikes! Ren You’ll never know
how the game will end I’m having fun today Ren, I think you got more points than me I think I have the lowest points I’m not good at bowling Nice Baekho doesn’t make any mistakes It means he’s good at it (Aron made a strike, too) – I can’t believe this
– How… (NU’EST’s better-than-expected performance) Minhyun We’re going to lose if it goes like this – Seriously?
– Yes (Minhyun and Baekho
have to do their best) We have to do our best Oh, nice Great Wow, JR’s ball went straight (Straight shoot) (It made a strike) (This is not what we expected) We have to play really well
from now on – Otherwise we’ll lose
– I know This is the last turn Let’s check properly Wait, let’s see The total score of our team is 299
(Counting the score ahead of the last round) We(Minhyun & Baekho) have 299,
and you(JR & Aron) have 296 But JR made a strike and Minhyun put a spare (The fate lies in their hands)
This is between you and JR – Nobody knows what’s going to happen
– Is this a war of nerves? You made teams And this is the result This is between you and him Okay, here I go From now on
(The real game begins now!) Please Please Minhyun, you should feel pressure(?) Go! He did it He did it (★A perfect strike out of pressure★) (It looks like they won
the international championship) Should I be happy about it or what? The strike at the end Wow, great
(The perfect last shoot) – Baekho
– Yes? It was good that I felt pressure – Yes, keep going
– Let’s try (JR knocked down 7 pins) It’s alright We have one more chance – Really?
– A spare You can put a spare (Bowling rules)
If you knock them down, if you do it, You can play one more time If you put a spare, Yes, you did it Yes, great! (Oh, JR) (Minhyun’s double strike who
played so well in the last game) – What was that?
– How was that possible? Minhyun, you’re awesome Minhyun, do it one more time (Minhyun’s weird…) Great You did a great job You made two strikes in a row JR, you can do it You can do it, JR Great (This is what a split is) No, you did a good job – Great
– It’s too high You did a good job Our score is 336,
and theirs is 324 You should do it better Yes, it’s close Otherwise we’ll lose Feel pressure I should feel pressure Baekho, you should feel pressure (It’s Baekho’s turn to feel pressure) Great You did a good job (9 pins) Oh, what a shame – Great
– Somebody must have put tape on Oh, great Oh, that was close The ball keeps going to the right side Now 2 points difference (Before Ren, Minhyun and Baekho
got 345, JR’s team got 343) – Ren’s ball should land in the gutter
– Please (No way) Ren, please (It’s impossible!) Ren, please Hey, this is way too easy Ren, make the ball go straight Why is it so quiet all of a sudden? (The last moment is rather holy) Ren You’re the hero of this game – You’re the highlight
– I have no energy You can do it I’m sweating You’re the hero of this game Seriously (Disturbing) Ren (They’ll win if at least
3 pins are knocked over) – Please
– He did it Okay (★7 pins for victory★) Okay (Ren can’t control his body
out of happiness) The final score is Minhyun&Baekho team, 345 Wow, 7 points difference JR, Aron and Ren team, 352 – We won!
– Now it’s 1:0 – Let’s start – Alright
(ROUND 2 right away) I’ll try harder this time! This time, we’ll play first Alright
(JR & Aron & Ren play first!) We’ll accept it Thanks What? (A good start with a strike) Aron, what did you do? He got the hang of it (Let’s enjoy NU’EST member’s
professional posture and play) Wow, 2 pins left He’s made a spare consecutively Great Great (JR always gets a strike) Wow, awesome Wow, great job (Minhyun keeps getting a spare, too) They play so well It looks great Good Nice! Awesome – Well done
– You did a great job That was great Nice Now Aron knows what to do Aron is a good player (!!!!!) Ren, hold on (Is he playing baseball?) Ren, hold on It looked like you were
playing baseball (Please don’t)
It was wrong – Just do it
– Okay Ren, I thought you were playing shot-put Keep going – It’ll be done if I get one more strike
– Ren, great It’ll be around 70 or 80 – Really?
– Yes Great Wow It was a turkey 3 strikes? (Turkey-3 strikes bowled consecutively) Let’s check the score (Interim review) Yes, we got a strike It’s 90 Because of that, the score is
300:256 – We can turn the game around
– Yes, we can (It’s an exciting game)
No one knows – Because we’re 2, and you are 3
– Right We can do it Are you going to get a strike again? (I might give you a break)
It depends on you – It depends on us?
– Yes If you lead the game,
you won’t get a strike? No, I won’t – JR, what are you doing?
– I trust my right hand – I’m getting energy
– Are you? (Time for getting energy)
Let me do it, too – From the ball?
– Yes It’s no use Right, it’s no use (We don’t need that) (Wow, awesome)
Wow (Baekho and Minhyun are speechless)
Great! (JR got energy and bowled a strike) – Get your energy
– It worked! (We were careless, let’s do it now!)
Let’s get our energy, too (We were careless,
let’s get our energy, too) Wow, awesome Minhyun, what’s your ball? The red one – The red one? This?
– Yes (Baekho is even wiping his ball) Hey, don’t wipe only yours This is Minhyun’s Let’s do it! (With the wiped ball and the energy) Let’s do it! Strike! (Minhyun bowled a strike again) (Ren and Aron are lost for words) It’s done (Minhyun gets double strike
always at the end) At the end Why do you always get a strike
at the end? He becomes a pro at the end The concentration paid off (Proud)
Now I can say I play bowling quite well Yes, you can – You learned, actually
– Yes Yes, there you go That was close We got extra 90 (Before Ren, Minhyun
and Baekho got 362, JR’s team got 309) The total is 362, yours is 309 (Ren has to get 53 points to win)
It means, you have to get a strike
2 times in a row (2 times in row?)
2 times? No, 3 times You can run, but you can’t hide
(Baekho’s immortal saying) Ren, don’t give up till the end – I can do it
– Can you? Ren, I believe in you Just run and shoot Oh, he’s full of drive Please (Please)
Ren is awaken (Ren knocked 9 pins over) – It’d be nice if it had been a strike
– Right – Ren, put a nice spare
– Alright – Put a nice spare
– A nice spare (Using both hands) (★Clear all ten pins★) Now, the final score is (The result of the second round is)
Minhyun and Baekho, 362 JR&Aron and Ren, 318 – It’s 1:1
– It’s a tie It’s a tie (The game ended in a draw) It was a fair play It was a good game, I had fun You did a good job I didn’t know that
you play so well You did a great job – You played so well
– It was fun It’s been a while since I ate pizza Me, either (They’re here to eat pizza
after the game) When was it? 2 days ago – 2 days ago?
– It’s not long time ago I had it yesterday I haven’t eaten pizza at a
pizza restaurant since I graduated high school I don’t even remember whether
I did it or not – Normally people get it delivered
– Right (Recalling memories about
pizza restaurants) There was a pizza restaurant called ‘Pizza **’
in Gangneung (LOL) Was it necessary to mention the
name of the restaurant? The pizza there cost 5000 won Many students like me went to
that restaurant to eat pizza It was cost effective It was cheap and tasty There were some restaurants
that sell sliced pizza – In a paper cup, it cost 1000 won
– Right It was great Nowadays, you can get sliced pizza from convenient stores It costs around 2800 won Yes, it tastes good, too Wow, thank you – Minhyun ordered garlic bread
– Your favourite (They start eating garlic bread) – Enjoy!
– Thank you This is still warm Is this tomato sauce? What kind of taste is this? This is great This is really good Our pizza is coming Wow, it’s huge
(a giant Supreme Pizza) It looks great! JR, pass me your plate Your plate Please pass me
(Baekho is serving again) (Oven spaghetti always
goes well with pizza) Wow, spaghetti Gorgonzola pizza, too Thank you You can dip its crust into honey I’ll try pasta first What made me surprised today was that all members got better
in the meantime You guys got so much better than before Right Actually I looked down on
you guys (Confession 1) Actually I did, too (Confession 2)
I was really surprised The ranking has changed – JR is a wonderful player
– Right Minhyun, too Mr. Seo was right (Mr.Seo has an eye for good players)
He was right From the beginning (Giggles) It’s hot All members did well – I don’t think I played well
– Frankly, (A double doesn’t happen often)
Two strikes in a row is not out of luck Think about how you played in the past – It was awful
– Yes When it comes to bowling, how I feel on that day
is important, too – Right
– I think I should play again It applied to all sports I’ll take a pill for
better concentration next time I’d like to check whether JR and I
are really good players or not Baekho, could you do me a favor? Yes, what is it? Could you give me a piece of
Gorgonzola pizza and honey? Today’s game was the best between us Mindset is important, I think Right I play well when I’m under pressure Every time JR played better than me, Baekho told me,
‘You should feel pressure’ Then I play better Normally people don’t play well
when they’re under pressure I can’t play well when I feel pressure (A benefit of anxiety)
Minhyun is like a hero type An adventurer type Like a hero He does his job well at the end He got a double at the end I was surprised, too – The pins attracted the ball
like a magnet – It was funny It was amazing How could he do it? I thought he did it on purpose What are you into nowadays? (NU’EST’s interests nowadays)
Well Something you like or find interesting I’d like to go fishing Fishing? Fishing is great I’d like to – Did you realize it at the moment?
– Yes It’ll be nice to go fishing,
because the weather is nice I’d like to go fishing You like fishing, too I’m not good at it, but I like it I’ve been into something,
but I haven’t tried Like what? I meant, I’d like to fall into it (Everybody pays attention to him)
Into what? (Bad joke…)
‘Into your eyes’ What? (Bad curiosity…)
Just pretend that you didn’t hear What? You said ‘playground’? No What did you say? (One more time)
‘Into your eyes’ (Come on…) Ren, don’t react to it I see these often nowadays in Gangnam You know, electric scooters Yes, I’ve seen them often nowadays I haven’t tried them yet What’s that? You know, there are many
electric scooters on the street You can download an app
and register your driver’s license – People use them a lot nowadays
– Right Like bicycles? Yes But they are… Wow, times are changing They don’t have cradles They’re just parked
everywhere on the street – Isn’t it amazing?
– By using an app – They’re parked everywhere?
– Yes I don’t get it (Baekho can’t understand it) They’re parked on the street You can use one of them as long as
your driver’s license is registered The same system exists in the USA There are a lot of companies
offering that service (Their dinner is getting to an end)
The pizza was huge Yes, it was I enjoyed it – It’s a lot
– But we almost finished A piece is left, who wants it? I’m fine I’ve had 3 pieces already I really enjoyed it (Having carbohydrate is always great) I’m full by looking at you
enjoying the food – I love this part
– Me, too Yes, that’s the best part You seem to enjoy the food – Some people only eat this part
– Good for them – This part is my favourite
– I understand (Pizza dough+ honey is always right)
With honey – Do you want more honey?
– No, thanks I think this honey is different from the one I’ve tried This is different This is acacia honey – Acacia honey taste
– Right (A sudden ‘Food Talk’ about honey) (LOL)
This is not the one I’m familiar with (LOL) This is funny We are not food critics (LOL) Sir? Is this Acacia honey? – Is it from *** company?
– No See? I was right I know the flavor
(confident) Right? (Minhyun is proud) It was great, thanks You are so funny Honey from ** Today we tried something different We had free time for us – Right, we did what we wanted
– Right – With tasty food
– It was great – We just had fun together
– Right We have plenty of free time nowadays Right I’m happy to spend
meaningful time like this doing what I want to do – I agree
– I’m happy I hope we have a day
like today sometimes (Flour based food lover♥)
Let’s go to a flour food shop next time I’m getting drowsy Because you’re full Let’s go home Try this honey – And don’t say anything
– What will you do if I do it? Don’t say anything – What will you do for me, then?
– Try (Bad joke 2…)
You’re a mute who ate honey I was joking This is it for today from NU’EST Thank you Bye Bye Is this the right way to end? You did it just in time

Randall Smitham