March 29, 2020
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Nutrition 101 | September 9th

Hey guys this is Dr. Kristin I’m here
with Dr. Joel at Trinity chiropractic and we’ve been noticing lately a lot of
our patients have been making mistakes with certain kind of lifestyle or diet
choices that they’ve been asking us about um when it comes to keto or paleo
or advance plan a lot of people are actually doing the wrong things which
could have more harmful effects than helpful effects on your body so we’re
having a nutrition talk I’m in a couple weeks and a lot of people even say to us
well I already know everything about nutrition why do I need to be there
and this is one of the exact reasons why so we want to make sure that you’re
doing the right thing so you can get the benefits that you want whether its
energy or weight loss or more hormone regulation so you have those benefits.
yeah so some of the common mistakes are you know everybody wants to eat high fat
today because of the importance of fat in the necessity of it however if you’re
eating high fats with food that increases insulin you’re gonna store fat
or if you’re eating exogenous ketones which is like the trend today and you’re
not actually producing ketones on your own it’s causing disease process so if
you’re not aware of this come to our talk on Monday September the 9th at 6:45
p.m. Be there or be square!

Randall Smitham