April 4, 2020
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Nutrition Research and Prostate Cancer: ELLICSR Kitchen Asks

In terms of the latest science that’s out
there on the link between prostate cancer and nutrition, are there any exciting studies
going on right now that you’re looking forward to hearing the results of?
There’s a study taking men with pre cancer lesions of the prostate and we looked at,
in a randomized trial, meaning half the men got, this was a soy based protein shake versus
a placebo shake and the chance that the pre cancer would turn into frank, invasive cancer
was unfortunately the same and disappointing it’s the same in both groups and I think
what we’ve learned from that is that not necessarily the science in terms of linking
diet and prostate cancer is bad but I think what we’ve learned is It’s not so easy
to overturn decades and decades of lifestyle in a simple pill or a simple you know something
in a capsule or just a typical supplement so I think it’s about incorporating true
lifestyle change

Randall Smitham