March 31, 2020
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Nutrition Tips for More Energy. Avoid the Afternoon Crash. #nutrition #keto #paleo #health

Are you ready to get fired up? Because I am about to share with you my favorite tips for building the kind of meals that will fuel you all day long, so you can avoid the afternoon crash, the need for afternoon coffee and you won’t need to snack every two hours. You’ll be left with loads of sustainable energy, all day long, every single day! It’s super easy to remember if we use this analogy – if we look at our entire day and the energy we need to get through it, we can liken it to building a fire. I use this with so many of my nutrition clients and it really helps to drive home the point. Let’s first look at the kindling. We all remember being kids and having to collect the sticks, the leaves and the paper and these are the things that would get the party started. When you put those on the fire, you light them up That’s when we get the burst and it plays a really important role in getting things going, but this is not long-lasting! So this is where the logs come in, the logs are what catch fire. It keeps a lasting and sustainable fire for hours on end. It doesn’t require tons of maintenance. But what does this mean for your meals? If we look at the kindling on our fire, this is your carbohydrates. This gets your fire started! On their own it’s great, but it’s not sustainable! So we can’t start our day with a carb heavy breakfast like bagels, oatmeal, toast, cereal, donuts. This is why we crash! So kindling is important to the fire, but this is why we want to reach for quality carbohydrates, nutrient-dense, leafy greens, broccoli cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, zucchini and in moderation in-season fruit and quality starchy vegetables. The fat and the protein – this is your hefty log! This is how you start your day and continue burning throughout! If you’re starting your day with quality proteins and fats, this will keep your fire burning! Look for eggs, avocado, quality proteins like wild-caught salmon! Maybe you have leftover proteins from your dinner the night before, or you’re crafting a perfectly beautiful meal replacement smarter smoothie. So you can see that both of these things are super important to having a fire, starting it and keeping it burning all day long! But we have you always remember the power of the log. We cannot build a fire just on kindling! I hope this helps you to look at your meals differently, to plan out your plates and make choices that will keep you from those midday crashes, the coffee runs or needing to snack every two hours! Head to now to check out the full post and I’d love to hear how this works for you if you try it out!

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