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Nutrition While Pregnant (Q&A 43)

[Adee] This episode is for the girls for women and things that they have to focus on a little bit more than men we’re talking
about pregnancy and breastfeeding and a little bit more This is a pretty difficult question so it really depends on who you are and what your individual
preferences are and needs are in general through pregnancy you’re going through a
rollercoaster of emotions so not just emotions but your hormones
are changing your body is being used to serve the life of creating life for
somebody else so if tracking your food is going to be
super high pressure for you and it’s going to make you feel like you know if
you don’t hit your macros or if you do it’s going to be something that is a
little bit more pressure or makes you feel like a failure then it’s definitely
something I would tend to avoid a lot of people in the first trimester feel like
they don’t have any energy they get nauseous or it can experience vomiting
so I definitely wouldn’t necessarily suggest being so focused on tracking
your macros while you’re in your pregnancy because there could be times
where you just might not get it in you might be craving certain things over others there’s tons of food aversions that come in during pregnancy
just to the smell of certain food items can make you sick so I wouldn’t put too
much pressure on yourself to make sure that you’re hitting a
certain amount of macros and tracking your food so precisely but it might be
worth it working with a coach to be held accountable to make sure that you are
not taking things too crazy overboard or really understanding what’s happening to
your body as you’re changing through your trimesters and at work and
against gravity we do have a pregnancy program that’s going to be coming out in
the near future so keep your eyes peeled for that not necessarily putting too
much pressure on tracking your food but helping guide you through the experience
of the beauty of being pregnant and creating life and all that is to be expected with your nutrition in that experience After giving birth especially if you’re having your first child your life kind of gets flipped upside down
now your priorities to take care of this new life and if for those of you that
are breastfeeding that’s going to be a priority as well so if you’re ready to
track your macros again and then that’s absolutely amazing but if you’re not and
you’re really just focused on getting enough food to have a
continued milk supply then that’s totally okay too the thing is listening to yourself and your own intuition and what works for
you is the best thing for you in this period of time you know exactly what’s
right for you so tapping into that and knowing that those are gonna be the best
steps to take for you and your baby is really important if you are tracking
your macros it could be a great thing to do to make sure you that you’re getting
enough calories to have that continued milk supply suggested to get between 300 and 600 extra calories on top of maintenance to have that continued milk
supply so tracking your food can be helpful in that scenario also for people
that are looking to get that baby weight off it’s a consistent way of data
collection to notice you know those trends that are going down over time but
I wouldn’t rush anything take your time to enjoy your baby and be present with them because this is this smallest that they’ll ever be so enjoy it So we’re going on a tangent now this has nothing to do with breastfeeding or pregnancies
because I wouldn’t suggest measuring your belly in pregnancy unless you
really want to and you’re curious to see the growth but if you’re just
tracking your macros and you’re looking to see the measurement changes over time whether your waist is getting smaller or larger your hips are getting smaller or
larger as well as your bust getting smaller or larger the biggest
suggestion would be to measure yourself in the same spot every single time
consistency is generally more important than accuracy so what I would suggest is
for your hips it’s going to be from the widest section of you that’s where I
would choose for your waist it’s going to be in the smallest section of you
above your belly button and then in your bust it’s going to be in the middle of
your chest what’s most important again is just doing it in the same spot every single week so that you can monitor changes over time Thanks for tuning into our episode all about the ladies and for those of you that are pregnant or
looking to get pregnant look out for our new program that’s going to be coming
out soon

Randall Smitham



  1. Marette LeBoeuf Posted on October 28, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    I’m super excited for this, since I was on Team Wag before I got pregnant and then obviously before you had this program I stopped. I’m working as a nutrition coach now, and would love to be involved in this project!