March 29, 2020
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Eric Bakker…back and thanks for coming back. Are you guys on keto? Keto is great for so many people, but be careful. I just read an interesting study that was
conducted by an associate professor at a University in British Columbia. I think this was published in March this year,
where… I mean, keto is so popular now. It’s used to treat Type II Diabetes. It’s also used a lot to help people lose fat. They consume relatively large amounts of fat,
smaller amounts of protein, and then little amounts of carbs. It’s something 10, 15% carbs. What they did is, they got a bunch of nine
young men. They put them on a strict keto for 10 days,
but then they gave them a 75 gram dose, which is equivalent to a soda drink, or a small
plate of fries. They gave them to these guys to see what would
happen. They particularly gave this with interest
to see what would happen with their blood sugar regulation and dis-regulation after
all those days of minimizing carb. To their horror, what they discovered was
a massive spike in inflammatory markers. The professor, through the study, said he’s
got a grave concern for people who have cheat days on keto. Many people will do this. They’ll have six or seven days where they’re
a good girl, and then they’ll have one day where they’re a bad girl, and they’ll eat…
or bad boy, and they’ll eat whatever they want. They’ll blow out on carbs or different foods. Many people do this. Unfortunately, you can’t do that so easily
on keto without damaging the blood vessels. The study revealed that these markers can
actually quite seriously cause inflammatory damage to small blood vessels if you ping
them with a hit of carbohydrates. This is my concern. If you have people on a strict type of diet
for long, they’re going to break out and go crazy after a while. They’re going to binge on stuff. My experience of decades of working with people
with weight and nutrition, I’ve found that novel diets just don’t work for the majority
because most people think I’ll get rid of the weight, but they’ll put a… Oh, there goes my glass of water. But they’ll put it all back on again after
they finish their diet. That’s what happens. See how enthusiastic you can get? So, just be careful. If you’re going to be on a diet… Uh-oh. I’ve got water everywhere now. If you’re on a diet… I’m dripping wet now. If you’re on a diet, you need to stay on the
diet and sit… I’m going to get a towel. Oops. Thanks for tuning in. I think you get the point. Thank you.

Randall Smitham