March 31, 2020
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– Hey, guys. I’m Jennifer Banz, and today
on Low Carb with Jennifer I’m gonna show you how to make my easy, one skillet, keto butter chicken. It is absolutely delicious,
out of this world, full of flavor dish that
you are going to love and it’s easy to make on a weeknight. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) So, for the butter chicken I’ve already marinated my
chicken in some yogurt. And, so we have some boneless,
skinless chicken thighs that we chopped into bit sized pieces. And we mixed it with
a cup of Greek yogurt, some ginger, some garlic
and some salt and pepper. So that’s been marinating for an hour and now we’re gonna cook the chicken in this large skillet. I just put some avocado oil in the skillet and now I’m just gonna put
these chicken pieces in here and get them all cooked up. (sizzling) I think traditionally butter chicken is cooked on a grill but, you know, an easy weeknight dinner you really don’t have time to get
the grill all ready. And this is just as good in a hot skillet. Okay, we’ve just about
got our chicken thighs all browned, or not really browned, because of the Greek yogurt. But, they’re cooked
almost all the way through but we don’t want to cook
it all the way through ’cause then they might
dry out in our sauce. So, our sauce ingredients
we’ve got tomato sauce, heavy cream, garlic, butter of course, ginger paste, garam masala, smoked paprika, tomato paste and salt. So we’re gonna put all
of that into this pot and first I’m gonna add in the spices, just to kinda bloom the spices, and get them in with the chicken. I’m also gonna add in
the salt and the garlic. And the ginger paste. I love to use this ginger paste. I don’t care if it’s not, you know, traditional it’s the best product. If you use a lot of ginger in your cooking just get some of that ginger paste. You don’t have to worry about keeping big hunks of ginger root in your house. So this is smelling amazing. I’m gonna get this all
stirred up with the chicken. And then we can add the
rest of the ingredients. Okay, now we’re gonna add in the butter and the tomato paste. And get that butter melted in there and the tomato sauce all mixed in there. And this is so good served
with cauliflower rice, make it a complete meal. Got our butter just about melted. And while that’s cooking
you can scrape any brown, stuck on stuff off of
the bottom of the pan. Makes your pan a lot
easier to clean later. And all of that stuff is
just delicious flavor. Okay, now we can add in our tomato sauce. This is just one small can of tomato sauce and you want to try and find one that’s got the least amount
of sugar that you can find. And then we’ve also
got in our heavy cream. And this is almost done. How easy is that? So, we’re gonna let this
simmer for a few minutes. It’s gonna thicken up a little bit and then it’s gonna be ready. Okay, our keto buttered
chicken is all ready and now I’m gonna sprinkle a
little bit of cilantro on top. I mean, how good does that look? Let’s get a little taste of some, let me find a little piece of chicken here with the sauce and I gotta
have a piece of cilantro. I love cilantro. Mm. That is so good. The chicken is so tender in that sauce. I could just drink that sauce. So, keto buttered chicken on a weeknight. This is super easy! Serve it with some cauliflower rice. You can find the recipe in the, the printable recipe link
in the description below, or you can go and the recipe, in full, is down in the description,
no need to click the link. Just go down there and make this and you are going to love it. And, I will see you guys later. Bye.

Randall Smitham