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Optimize Your Nutrition – Maximum Health Part 4

– Real food. (upbeat music) So if you’re eating the
standard American diet, the sad diet, they like to call it. And it’s pretty fitting. Lots of carbohydrates, lots of sugar, pizza fried food, all this. You’re just gonna die early, there’s no getting around it. if you wanna actually heal. and that because this stuff. Look when you wanna heal, think of this, you’re
getting quality sleep because you wanna heal,
you wanna repair yourself. And what are the things that
you’re giving your body? Damaged proteins, damaged fats. Different, just crappy materials that nobody should even
build their house out of, even the three pigs were better using their straw and such. So, you want your house made of brick, you don’t want it made
out of straw and sticks you just don’t. If you give it bad materials, and you don’t give it any good materials your body isn’t stupid,
your body’s not gonna go, “Well, we’re just gonna
sit around and wait for “some good materials, I’m
sure some of them will come.” No, they’re like, “Look, we don’t know “if these other materials
are gonna come by, “so we better try to build this house “out of the stuff that we’re given, “even if it’s tin foil.” And it will build it, and it will fail. And you’ll have wrinkly skin that’s really thin and if you get a cut, once it heals and you’ve got the scars, the scars are not gonna heal properly, the scars aren’t gonna go away. The stretch marks won’t go away, you know whatever you’re doing to heal. And this is just on the
outside of your body, think about what’s going on on the inside. It’s a huge deal, you need to give your body what it needs. So, no more of this processed crap, I mean if we’re talking
about the five steps to heal, not the five steps to get by. So, if you really wanna heal,
and if you’ve taken step one and have committed yourself to this, then just eliminate that
crap, eliminate the sugar. Eliminate McDonald’s, you
don’t need to go to Taco Bell, you need to go to to someplace
that that can give you real fresh food, your farmers market. Go to your farmers market, if it’s local I mean how long has it
been since the stuff that’s in your grocery store was picked? And you’re thinking
you’re getting fresh food, that’s two weeks old, that’s had to travel. How long does it take for
something once it’s picked, to start to rot? And how much nutrients
do you think it’s got by the time it’s starting to rot? That’s you, get rid of all those toxins that you’re getting
from the grocery store. As a matter of fact, try to stay away from the grocery store. A grocery store is not
the best place for you to get your food. You need fresh, fresh real vegetables. If you’re a meat-eater and you eat meat, eat stuff that it was intended to eat. As a cow it’s intended to eat grass, if it’s chickens they’re meant to be out in a pasture somewhere
eating bugs and worms, not corn, chickens don’t
eat corn they eat bugs. You give carnivores grains,
they don’t turn out so well you have to give them
a bunch of antibiotics because they’re sick all the time, that’s not what they’re meant to eat that’s not where they get
the stuff that they need, they’re intended to eat a certain thing and you have to let them eat that, but you wanna make sure
that you’re taking in real, whole foods, unprocessed foods, just like if you can just pick
it from somewhere and eat it. Minimal preparation, you don’t
wanna overcook your food, you don’t want your food
to go over 130 degrees, that damages your food. Some food you can you can
do a little bit higher sometimes you can do
it a little bit lower. Don’t burn your food because
then you need other nutrients to quench the toxins you
created from burning it, so it’s kind of a trade-off there. The less processed, the
less cooked your food the better the nutrients are gonna be especially with fats, don’t fry your food. Look at a map of the US and down south, the staple of their diet
is fried, fried, fried. Fried everything, well
they’re dying off quicker than anybody else, you’re
made out of the stuff that you take in. So if you’re taking in
a ton of damaged fats that stuff is toxic, you damage fats that’s toxic, you need nutrients to quench it. You need nutrients to flush it, be careful what you take in. Take in the good leave the bad. And so now we get to supplements. Supplements, we all need them. Why do we need them? Why can’t we just why can’t we just eat like the most immaculate diet ever? Because we don’t live
102 hundred years ago, it’s a toxic, toxic environment today. Almost everything that
we’ve got out gases, excuse me. Nearly everything that we buy out gasses some sort of toxins, it was
made with some sort of toxins. The soils are diminished
in the amount of nutrients that they have, and the
minerals that they have now. The water that we take is toxic, the water that we take from
other places if not toxic, it’s demineralized, so then
we gotta put minerals back in the water, we’re not
getting the nutrients that we need anymore. We have to take certain things in. And when it comes to certain things, certain antioxidants and sunlight which we’ve been told to
stay away from the sunlight, so most of us are sunlight deficient, we’re vitamin D deficient. Magnesium, there’s not
there’s not enough magnesium in our soil anymore, for
us to ingest enough food to get enough magnesium, you have to take magnesium,
you have to take iodine because we’re not eating fish properly. We should be eating more fish. And then we gotta be careful about the fish that we eat, you see. We’re not living 200 years ago, we just don’t have the stuff in our food, we don’t have it in our soil, so it’s not gonna be in our food. So you gotta supplement. Start with that magnesium,
get your magnesium up, 600, 800 milligrams per day. Don’t take it all at once, or you’ll be having disaster pants, just like vitamin C which is the next one I’m gonna talk about, and the final one that I’ll actually talk about here. So vitamin C, 99% of the animals on our planet make their own vitamin C. You don’t make it, I don’t make it, guinea pigs don’t make it,
primates don’t make it. Some species of fruit bats don’t make it and a handful of other things
out there don’t make it but every other creature
on the face of our planet makes its own vitamin C. And it doesn’t just make a little bit like our 60 to 100 milligrams
that they say that we need just so that we don’t get scurvy, and that’s all the vitamin C we need everything else just
gets peed out they say. Well, that’s kind of interesting because all the other animals
on the face of our planet make about a 100 times
more than that every day, their livers produce about anywhere from 3,000 to 12,000 milligrams comparatively to our by body weight to a human. So, obviously a mouse doesn’t make 3,000 milligrams of vitamin C but when you do it by weight, it ends up being like that, if that was the human equivalent. So, anyhow 3,000 to 12,000
milligrams of vitamin C compared to the 60, they say
that an adult woman needs that’s just laughable, that’s laughable. We’re talking about every
other species on the planet, they even say that the Apes
over in your local Zoo, they get 6,000 milligrams per day, but they say you don’t need that. Well, they’re getting
sick less than you are, why is that? And you’re not seeing sick animals dying at the rate that we are, I mean one in two children
has a chronic disease now, one in two? What is that? What is this? This is crazyville. One in two, that’s just unthinkable. Okay they get 3,000 to 12,000 milligrams per day, when they’re healthy. Now here’s the kicker, when we’re sick we may eat an orange or two, when they’re sick they boost
their production of vitamin C by up to 10 times the amount
that they usually make when they’re healthy. So if they’re a regular goat, a basic goat will make
about 10,000 milligrams of vitamin C, that goat gets sick, that goat gets injured, that goat you know eats some poison. If it’s bought or or if it gets just too stressed out, its body produces more vitamin C it knows it needs it, so it produces more how much more? About 10 times that amount about 100,000 milligrams of vitamin C will come out of a goat’s liver. Because its body is
smart, it is not stupid. It will supply what it needs, our bodies don’t make
things that they don’t need. Our bodies can’t make it, it
requires us to go and eat it but there’s not enough,
we’d have to eat 20 oranges to get enough vitamin C. We can’t eat 20 oranges every day, I mean that we’d eat only oranges, we’d be deficient in everything else except water and oranges. So we have to do that, we
have to supplement vitamin C. Go out, just get a bottle of regular vitamin C not all these fancy things
with the acerola cherries and all that other stuff, you don’t need ground-up acai berries or anything like this, you just
need good old ascorbic acid vitamin C, the same C6H806 molecule that the same little left-handed molecule that all the other animals
make in their livers. That’s what ascorbic acid is, yes people are like, well
that’s just not natural because when it’s made in a plant, it’s just this little
part and they’ve got. Yeah, but we’re animals were not plants so we don’t build it that way. Animals make it the way we eat it. Animals make it as ascorbic acid, and that’s the way we
should be taking it in, we can take it in, we
can make it that way. Oh my goodness, we can
do this and it works. So go down to your local pharmacy, grab yourself a big ‘ol bottle
of ascorbic acid tablets 1000 milligrams, 500 milligrams whatever. if you don’t like tablets, you can get it in powder form. Teaspoon and in water
or some juice mix it up, with a lot because it you
know and just drink it down. Wash your mouth out with water after you’re done though
because the the acid can eat away the enamel of your teeth, you just wanna swish it down, and then just chase it what’s
with some water or something but if you’re one of the rare people who does have some issues, where you know if you eat
if you drink ascorbic acid your stomach feels a little whatever you can get sodium ascorbate instead, you can get that in powders,
you can get that in tablets. Don’t take calcium ascorbate because you don’t need the extra calcium, but yeah about 3,000 to
10,000 milligrams per day when you’re sick boost it up, don’t take it all at once by the way because you’ll get disaster pants and have to run to the bathroom. We don’t want that, we don’t want that, we don’t
wanna run to the bathroom. (laughing) So just take like you know one or two if two gets you gassy
or makes you wanna go go to the bathroom, or
something cut back to one. You know nobody should have any issues with 1000 milligrams of vitamin C, if you do have issues
you’ve got gut flora issue and you need to take care of that first. But one tablet 1,000 milligrams take it about three hours
later take another one, if you can take two,
take two six hours later take another another two, just do it every six hours. Anyhow thank you for
sticking with me this long I’ve run way long here I did
not mean for this to be so long so I love you, thank you for staying if you’re still here. I hope you come back after this (laughing) But yeah, take your
health in your own hands, just remember number one, state of mind. Commit, get committed on this, it is so, so important that
you just commit yourself and just go. If you wanna be healthy,
make yourself healthy and think healthy. (upbeat music)

Randall Smitham