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Organic Keto Diet – Is Organic Food Necessary on Keto Diet?

Hi everyone is the Denise back with Keto
with the Denise and today I want to talk about a common question around organic
keto diet do I have to eat only organic foods on the keto diet let’s talk about
that because I think it’s very important a lot of people when they’re first
starting off feeling like they’re failing their keto journey because they
are not eating organic foods and things like that the answer simple and short is
no you don’t have to only eat organic okay but let’s take a look at it
I always tell my clients start where you are the most important part is to start
start your keto journey so wherever you are the most important thing is that you
eat keto friendly foods we have a link in this video that you can download so
you can see what a keto friendly food so when you stick into that and focusing on
high fat moderate protein low carb and getting in your veggies that’s where you
start and you’re going to see changes you’re going to see improvements in your
health just starting at that point okay now because you’re on a journey to a
better lifestyle and that’s what’s important you want to begin to start
eating cleaner getting a better selection of foods why because your body
is going to even respond a lot better as you incorporate cleaner eating and let
me tell you what makes this really really doable intermittent fasting yep
you guessed it intermittent fasting is the game changer in a lot of ways not
just in your body but in your budget too why because you’re not eating as much so
you have now a limited need for all of the foods that you were eating when you
were doing three meals a day but when you start incorporating intermittent
fasting two meals a day one meal a day you’re not having a shot for as much
food so you can now put the monies that you’ve saved towards eating cleaner
organic foods pasture-raised food you’ll hear the grass-fed
election uncured if you’re liking bacon or some of the deli turkey meat or
things like that deli meat needs to be uncured that’s that processing not as
money not the preservatives and nitrates and nitrites in that stuff while caught
when you’re dealing with all your seafood non-gmo meaning is not
genetically modified and that’s when you have a whole lot of stuff going into
those foods and you still want to select non-gmo it’s a cleaner version and then
gluten-free so you’re not dealing with all the grains and that’s what you’ll be
doing on there keto friendly food list so you’re already there you’re saving
because you’re doing your intermittent fasting you’re now able to incorporate
and by the way you might incorporate some of these foods but maybe not
everything organic that’s your call but just know that as you take your journey
start to eat clean because the end of that journey is better health that’s
what we’re after will you obtain better health by not eating clean you will but
we want to make sure that you’re giving your body every opportunity to heal
itself with the cleanest versions of food okay but most importantly start
where you are with the keto friendly foods because what we want is the ideal
weight eliminating elimination of chronic health conditions prescription
medications all of that better sleep increase all of those things that you
get from being on a healthy keto journey so when we say healthy keto organic keto
that simply means that we’re putting in cleaner foods in our bodies but you can
still do keto with eating keto friendly foods focusing on your high fat moderate
protein and low carbs okay thank you for watching hi if you haven’t subscribed to
my channel already go ahead and click that subscribe button
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content like this thank you again for watching

Randall Smitham



  1. greed Padilla Posted on September 8, 2019 at 1:13 am

    Love the vids

  2. Lrothtube Posted on September 10, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    Denise, I want you to know I’m on my SECOND day of keto, ouch, I want you to know I have watched at least 10 of your videos at least once and will continue to view them over and over …I LOVE your delivery, I find you completely inspiring and EASY to understand , thank you for keeping information concise and easy to follow.. I seen your vid when you were heavier and I thought you were super pretty even being bigger, I am a 58 yr old woman and I am 247 lbs at 5 6 and I am inspired to really do this lifestyle, thank you for EVERYTHING!!