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Paleo AIP Diet: What Should I Eat?

So I’ll make this quick but it’s a very
important point to remember in the Paleo AIP Protocol and the idea of being a
Nutrivore right? There’s many different there’s Carnivore, there’s Frugivore, there’s
different things right but being a Nutrivore and the emphasis the incredible
important emphasis on nutrients first yes we need to worry about the fats
proteins and carbs and everything but micronutrients come first and the idea
that we need a high nutrient to calorie ratio right people talk about what’s
your fat to protein ratio of fat to carb ratio protein to whatever ratio omega-3
to omega-6 ratio but we need to remember about nutrient to calorie ratio so we
want high-nutrient low-calorie foods the more we fill our diets with that the
more we’re getting all the micronutrients phytochemicals
antioxidants every little thing that we need in order to heal and thrive on this
diet and lifestyle so I just I had some notes that I wrote down about that I
want to share with you from the book which I always have with me I love this
book if I remember I’ll put a link down below but that’s the name if you want to
find it on Amazon somewhere but yeah high micronutrients foods and when people
wonder what to eat so I’ll give you some of them highest nutrient foods and you
can decide and play around with that and create your plate and your day out of
this so… liver and organ meats I know some people I really don’t do well with
the taste of liver so I’m gonna share a recipe that I use to include it
throughout the week and it’s actually really good
so liver and organ meats… variety is huge there if you can quality is very
important please please please seafood especially shellfish but also fatty fish
so if you can get wild caught salmon or any other wild caught fish and shrimp
from good places good quality and that kind of stuff that’s gonna be incredibly
healing for you so anything like sardines and all that kind of stuff is
also a good option so just look around and see what you can find and I’m going
to share more on seafood and the things that I do. Vegetables and
specially leafy greens so maybe I’ll do a video about that separate but there’s
so much in that that we need in order to heal and give our body the nutrients
and micronutrients and everything that it needs to heal cruciferous vegetables
like cabbage broccoli kale and all those same thing very very healing for us
specifically with autoimmune conditions so you might want to include more of those
and mushrooms and now currently I’m not doing as many mushrooms so I do take
reishi to help me with sleep and I have lion’s mane but in terms of eating
consuming mushrooms I haven’t been lately so this is a good reminder for me
because I love them and I know they’re very good so mushrooms and then it says
to ensure a nutrient-dense diet eat these foods liberally so the higher the
nutrient concentration in foods the more beneficial will be for us so if you can
spread those out throughout the day throughout the week the ones that I
mentioned that should be the foundation of our diet so a little bit of fruit on
the side too that will be beneficial and then starchy vegetables and all these
other things we need that we need those also for the calories making sure we’re
getting enough calories, like the olive oil I didn’t mention that there are things like that
that are beneficial for us but those thinsg that I mentioned you want to make
that the foundation of your diet so please remember that being a Nutrivore is a good reminder to to make sure that we’re including that we need that
to heal we need that to heal it’s a beautiful reminder for me because
sometimes I’ve done so many diets and so many approaches and every freaking
Theory out there to try and see how my body feels that now it’s like I want to
commit to this I want to commit to this because
I know if I just do this for three weeks it’s not gonna be enough for what my
body needs I need to remove all triggers and remove everything that
might be causing inflammation but at the same time add the things that my body
needs to heal to lower the inflammation heal rebuild and thrive and do amazing
on this diet so I hope that helps I’m gonna be sharing so much more about my
journey with this diet so if you want to stick around subscribe somewhere in here
I don’t know what side that’s on I forget please give it a thumbs up if it
helped if there was anything here that helped please that helps my channel and
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would mean a lot so I really hope that helped. Have an amazing day=)

Randall Smitham



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