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Paneer Lentil Rice – Dinner : Bodyweight Beast Mode |  Paneer Dal Chawal Nutrition

Hey ! What’s up warriors, it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist And welcome to body weight beast mode of tofu lentil rice recipe I have already cooked 190 gm of brown rice In this meal, brown rice is the main source of carbohydrates The role of carbohydrates is to produce energy in our body Next we have curd which we are going to use One thing which you have to note in this program Please do not eat anything which will cause upset stomach. Specially street food or junk food. Whatever you are consuming and you are unable to digest it then you may not be able to build muscles efficiently And the results which you are expecting in fifty six days will get hampered So kindly keep that in mind And when we are talking about muscle building then we will talk about tofu Because tofu is main source of protein in this meal The primary function of protein in our body is to build muscles So protein is essential for muscle building So tofu contained in this meal is helping you achieve your muscle building goals Next is chickpeas which is also known as garbanzo beans Chickpeas is the source of carbohydrates and chickpeas even contains very good amount of fiber Next we have Kidney beans Kidney beans contains important vitamins and minerals like iron and folate along with this we will consume half lime lime contains anti-oxidants Now what does anti-oxidants do ? Anti-oxidants helps us in fighting against diseases Next we have Coconut milk or we can use cooking coconut oil which is healthy source of fat Most people in India have a myth that If you consume fat then it will accumulate in your belly and as a consequence you will become fat This is absolutely incorrect thing told to you and it’s a complete myth going on in India Let me tell you that fats is essential macro-nutrients like protein and carbohydrates You should know that there are three macro-nutrients Protein , carbohydrates and fats These three macro-nutrients are like tripod stand of fitness If you try to remove any one of them Then what will happen is tripod stand will lose balance and finally collapse Similarly All three macro-nutrients in any program or any diet you have to balance perfectly so that you will get proper results Next we have with us Coriander leaves or cilantro If cilantro is available near your market then you can use handful of it in this meal Let’s prepare the meal now Tofu lentil rice is ready which is completely vegetarian which is also 100% vegetarian and contains no supplements I haven’t used any sort of protein powders in this recipe This is called real food. Let’s meet again in last meal of the day which is before bed recipe You should know that each and every meal is important for you Each and every meal is taking you towards your goal which is to build muscles in fifty six days It’s driving you towards your muscle building goal So kindly do not miss any meals and you have to follow the diet exactly what I have mentioned to you Please watch all the recipe videos and refer to PDF which is in the description box Peace. This is Amit, signing off.

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