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Perfect Keto • Keto Perform | Review

hello everyone and welcome to my video
where today I am going to be doing a review on perfect keto keto perform in
lemon flavor and in case you don’t know what this product is it’s a pre-workout
that you can use before the gym and some people actually also use this during the
day for when they need to pick me up and if you’re on a ketogenic diet you’ll
know that sometimes you just feel a little tired and need something to help
you get through the day and some people rely on this product for that I
purchased mine online and I paid roughly $45 for 15 servings I was very
interested in the product because I had read so many amazing reviews a lot of
people love the product and felt it was absolutely incredible I had never tried
a pre-workout that was key to approved and I was very excited to do that and I
couldn’t wait to do this review I would have to say the taste is not too bad if
I had to rate it from a 1 to 5 where 1 is the worst 5 is the best I would give
it a 3 it did taste a little bitter not very sweet but I could definitely manage
the taste as far as the mix ability of the product it did mix very very well I
didn’t have to deal with any type of clumps and that was something that I
really was happy about because I know with other products that I have used in
the past dealing with clumping and trying to drink it is not a fun time I
can also say that if you decide you are interested in this product and would
like to try it if you have not had experience with beta alanine this
product does contain beta alanine and one of the effects of beta alanine is
potentially that when you use it you can feel tingle throughout
your entire body and you will be very itchy beta-alanine is in a lot of pre
workouts and I have used them quite frequently in the past and I have gotten
over the beta-alanine tingle to a point where if my pre-workout has beta-alanine
in it and I don’t feel the tingle I don’t feel like the product is working I
don’t mind the beta-alanine tingle at all now my experience with the product I
was able to use it for two days and that was it I felt quite ill from using the
product unfortunately both days my stomach hurt incredibly bad I tried the
first day taking the product a half hour before my workout and I noticed as I was
going through my workout that my stomach just started hurting to a point where I
wanted to leave the gym but I just pushed through my workout because I was
stubborn and wanted to keep working out and I just dealt with the pain that was
with one full scoop of the product the second day I decided to use the product
I thought that the first day may have been a fluke and I decided to cut back
on the amount to half a scoop I used it and had the same exact results I was
really devastated because I wanted the product to work for me but it’s okay
because there are other options out there I did not feel like the product
gave me any energy I think that I may have benefited more from just drinking a
black cup of coffee but if it works for other people then that’s excellent for
them and I’m glad they found something that works I definitely wanted to put
this review out there because I feel though so many people raves about this
product it was almost a little scary to me to
see that I had these reactions but no one else really seemed to have
experienced the same thing so if you do purchase the product and feel the same
way I did don’t worry that makes two of us and I
will not be continuing to use the product I do know that it does also
contain MCT oil and MCT oil is notorious for causing gastrointestinal issues
however I have used MCT oil on its own in the past and did not experience
anything like what I did on the two days that I use the product if you have any
suggestions for any other types of keto approved pre-workout
please let me know I’m interested in trying those out I do have some other
reviews that I plan on putting out in the future and I also want to say that
several of the other products I have used are through perfect keto and they
are a very reputable company and I do recommend them I can say that my overall
review for this product would be a 1 out of 5 stars unfortunately but if you
decide to try it let me know if it works for you I really hope that it does if
you liked the video please feel free to give me a thumbs up if you have any
questions concerns comments you can leave them below you can also reach me
on social media or email me all that information is in the description box
below you can also share and subscribe and until next time I will see you in
the next video

Randall Smitham



  1. Chris collins Posted on February 19, 2018 at 11:16 pm

    Awesome review!!! I’ll give it a try. Keep
    Up the great work!

  2. Andy Spark Posted on February 20, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    I saw the ingredients.
    It looks like too much magnesium 84%
    and as pre-workout (all at once), that could lead to problems