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Perfect Keto Product Reviews pt 2 – Nootropic, MCT Powder, Exogenous Ketones and Whey Protein

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
and this is part 2 of our review of Perfect Keto products now as I
disclosed in part 1 all of this was sent to me for free from
Perfect Keto and I am a Perfect Keto affiliate partner which means down in
the description below you’ll be able to find a link with a discount code for any
Perfect Keto product that said no other promotional considerations have been
paid to me and you’re gonna get my honest opinion on all of this stuff the
first product that we’re gonna review is the perfect keto nootropic and the
timing is kind of good on this actually because I’m feeling kind of dull and
dim-witted today so let’s see if this gives me any sort of a mental boost in
terms of macros this has 70 calories 3.5 grams of total fat all of it is
saturated one gram of total carbohydrates less than one gram dietary
fiber 5 grams of protein and as we did in the video part 1 we’re gonna try just
mixing this stuff straight up with water and a spoon I like the smell is kind of
chocolatey it says you’re supposed to start with a half scoop to assess your
tolerance but what the heck let’s throw caution to the wind full scoop this is a
lot like trying to mix chocolate powder with water I’m thinking this is probably
gonna be more of a shaker bottle type of a powder all right it looks like I’m
just gonna have to live with some powder bubbles here there we go I think it has
a little bit more flavor than the chocolate collagen that I tried in the
first video I don’t know I’m not I’m not in love with the flavor on this I think
perhaps if it were mixed with something else maybe put into some coffee
it would be fine probably gonna say straight up in water not a great choice
for this there’s something almost a little bit
plasticky about the taste but I guess for a nootropic I’m gonna be more
concerned about how I feel in an hour or you know whenever this kicks in yeah I
don’t know if you can see this but we got a fair amount of sludge down at the
bottom I would definitely say mixer bottle or blender or dissolved in coffee
if you’re gonna have some of this next we’re going to try out two flavors of
the perfect keto base now this is just exogenously tones that you can dissolve
in water we’ve got chocolate and peach now my thoughts personally on exogenous
ketones is I’m not sure why I need them I’ve been out of ketosis three times
this year each of those times was by choice in each of those times I was back
into a state of ketosis within about three days and probably I could have
accelerated that through the use of exogenous ketones but me personally I
don’t know that it’s necessarily the right product for me I can tell you that
this morning my blood ketones were at 1.4 we will check them tomorrow morning
and tack that on to the end of this video to see what kind of a difference
these two made but for now we’re just gonna try out the flavor and mix ability
I have a feeling this is gonna mix well just because I’m watching it drop out of
suspension already so that pretty much instantly mixed with the spoon I like
that from a convenience factor now the taste that is an unusual flavor and I’m
trying to decide if I like it or not it’s not an enormous ly sweet chocolate
in fact there’s almost like a hint of bitter in there and something that
tastes almost a little bit like cherry to me so it’s almost like a bittersweet
chocolate covered cherry but not a strong cherry so I can’t say that I love
the flavor this either but we’ll see what the
impact is on my ketones let me get a fresh glass and we’ll try out the peach what are you doing you see this look at
this you want some ketones again this looks like it’s gonna mix very well all
the powder fell right out of suspension very easy mix hmm in terms of flavor I
like this much better than the chocolate the flavor actually reminds me of when
you’re a kid I don’t know whether it was the like pink liquid amoxicillin or
whatever that you would get it kind of looked like pink milk and it was a
little bit chalky as a kid that was my favorite flavored medicine I just love
that that’s kind of what this tastes like to me so I mean I don’t know if
that’s a great selling point if if you like that flavor that’s what this tastes
like also if you don’t like that flavor
that’s what this tastes like so yeah definitely I prefer the peach
flavored bass over the chocolate not sure that it’s a product that I
necessarily need as I said we’ll see what my ketone reading is tomorrow
morning next up we have the vanilla flavored MCT oil powder in terms of
macros we’re looking at 7 grams of total fat all saturated 2 grams of
carbohydrates less than 1 gram of protein I have never had MCT oil powder
I’m not sure how it’s gonna mix with water if it’s an oil but I guess we’re
about to find out this is looking like another shaker
bottle type of a powder we’ve got some pretty big clumps and it’s kind of
formed a little bit of a paste here along the spoon all right a little bit
of vigorous stirring there managed to get it mixed in more or less it is not a
real strong vanilla flavor and similar to before I’m getting something that
almost tastes a little bit plasticky to me all right I I don’t I’m not a fan of
this and I would not drink it straight up I’ll have to try it in some coffee
and let you know what my thoughts are then but it
I would not mix this just with water this was not a win for me lastly we have the keto way chocolate
flavor now for whey protein historically my
go-to has been optimum nutrition so let’s compare the macros between the two
of these the perfect keto whey protein has 110 calories per serving four grams
of total fat all saturated three grams of total carbohydrates 15 grams of
protein per serving optimum nutrition has 120 calories 1.5 grams of fat one
gram is saturated 3 grams of carbohydrates 24 grams of protein so
you’re getting 9 more grams of protein in this same amount of carbohydrates
however you are getting the MCT oil in this so from that standpoint perhaps
more of a keto product now I know better than to try and mix
whey powder with a spoon so we’re gonna use a shaker bottle now I’m pretty
familiar with how optimum nutrition tastes so I probably don’t need to do a
side-by-side on these it’s pretty good I would say flavor-wise very comparable
the optimum nutrition I think in terms of sweetness it’s kind of right where I
like it just barely any it’s not bitter at all there’s no sort of aftertaste
that’s off-putting in terms of a delivery mechanism for powder to MCT I
far prefer this to this yeah this is a solid whey protein drink in my opinion
so I’ll be able to give a full summary later on in terms of the effects of the
keto nootropic as well as the two base products and I’ll even try this out
tomorrow morning in some coffee the one thing I know for sure I like
this as far as a protein goes so see tomorrow morning so on the Left we have our vanilla MCT
oil and again this is not mixing all that great
this may be a blender sort of a coffee all right enough of this this is going
in the blender much better and on the right we’ll try out the nootropics that
spoon mixed quite a bit better now i’ve added nothing extra to this coffee no
sweetener or anything here’s the MCT oil hmmm the MCT oil is
vanilla yet when added to the coffee this almost tastes like a cross between
coffee and hot chocolate to me and with no additional sweetener or heavy cream
or anything I like this this this coffee experiment has changed my tune on the
vanilla MCT powder so if you’re looking to add some MCT powder to your coffee
I’m gonna say yes on this if you think you’re gonna mix it with water and I
warn you away from that that was not a good experience now in terms of
nootropic first off let’s talk about the experience when I see people market any
sort of nootropic product is like the limitless pill I find those claims a
little bit dubious I have tried to tropics in the past including all the
various you know rasa Tom’s like piracetam aniracetam there’s a bunch of
them and never did I get the limitless experience
I got an increased sort of focus and attention and found that sometimes even
colors seemed a little bit more vivid to me but certainly not the limitless pill
and the experience that I got from the perfect keto nootropic formula was also
not the limitless pill but I didn’t expect that and they don’t claim that to
be what I did find is that I went from a feeling pretty left
Eric yesterday to really having the focus and attention that I was able to
pound through a couple of videos video editing and some website work and the
time just flew by so I I don’t think that was a placebo effect I think I was
really getting something out of it the thing I didn’t care very much for was
the taste and now we’re gonna see how it mixes with coffee so I’m not getting
that sort of plasticky taste or any of that sort of bitter cherry taste anymore
I would say there’s a mild chocolatey taste to the coffee it’s good I think I
liked the vanilla MCT better in the coffee but certainly putting this in the
coffee covers up any of the sort of off tastes that I experienced so I’m gonna
say that I feel good about both the nootropic formula and the MCT formula
one of the things that I promised I would loop back with you on was the
effects of the keto base or the exogenous ketones took my blood glucose
readings yesterday morning and ketone readings and again this morning
blood glucose went from 85 to 83 so that’s probably still just within the
margin of error didn’t really move my ketones went from 1.4 to 1.2 so they did
not go up again that’s still probably you know within the you know daily
fluctuation that I normally see depending on what I eat so I’m gonna
have to hold off on recommending those at least for now in January we’re
planning a family trip for two weeks and the likelihood that I’m gonna be able to
stay in keto that whole time is pretty slim so I expect him to be knocked out
of keto then and perhaps at that point that would be a good time for me to try
out the keto base and see how rapidly it puts me back into a state of ketosis but
for right now you know I promised you that you’re gonna get an honest review I
can’t endorse those products another little word of warning if you’re ever
trying to do a review where you’re testing a bunch of products that all
have MCT oil in it maybe spread that out over a couple of
days I think I put way too much MCT oil into myself way too fast and for those
of you who are familiar with that experience that means I made about five
trips to the bathroom in the subsequent hour and a half after filming that video
yeah so don’t do that but what you can do is if you are interested in any of
these products use the link in the description below that will get you 15%
off your purchase and if you enjoyed this video click the thumbs up click the
subscribe button and if you want to be notified when I release a new video
click the bell while you’re at it thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



  1. PortCanon Posted on October 30, 2019 at 12:50 pm

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    “..also, if you don’t like that flavor, that’s what this tastes like.”
    Good review.

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  5. Lisa DeAngelo Posted on October 30, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    Hi Steve- you have me intrigued about the nootropics. For someone that does not drink coffee but drinks tea- what flavor would you recommend. Also, if there is an alternate way you would use them l would be curious to hear your thoughts. I am currently using Vital Proteins for my collagen peptides. I did enjoy the Perfect Keto flavored ones but they have natural flavorings and I am trying to avoid those. Thanks in advance if you see this and answer!

  6. Elaine Roede Posted on October 30, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    I use the MCT powder in my smoothie (either chocolate or vanilla) every day and absolutely love it‼️

  7. annette Muzquiz Posted on October 30, 2019 at 1:35 pm

    Very interesting, thank you again for testing these items. It makes it so much easier to make decisions on our end.

  8. Sybil J. Chialiva Posted on October 30, 2019 at 1:37 pm

    Thanks for this, Steve! BTW, do you have an electric pie maker? The kind that makes little individual pies? I can see some of your corndog maker recipes working in a pie maker, but whatever the filling is, it would be great to have crust recipes that are not cheese based, so they don't melt into a puddle in the bottom! ❤

  9. Lynette Young Posted on October 30, 2019 at 2:05 pm

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    I add 1 tsp. of salted caramel MCT powder to my coffee every morning and really like the flavor. I bought some a few months ago and, after 3 days of testing different amounts, found that 1 tsp. was the most I could tolerate without issues. While watching your video this morning I felt bad for you, because I knew what you were in for afterwards.

  13. Deborah Narendorf Posted on October 30, 2019 at 2:48 pm

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  15. Cindy Talley Posted on October 30, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    I use the MCT oil powder (Chocolate) in my coffee every morning. I LOVE it and get it on subscription I use a mini power whisk to mix it in.. Their other bars are great, too – Lemon Poppyseed is good, Salted Caramel is my fave. Not too crazy about the Cookie Dough and I can't wait for the Cinnamon Roll.

  16. tosue1 Posted on October 30, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    Whoa, Steve, really taking one for the team! I was concerned you were having some sort of episode at one point and was glad to see it was tyour reaction to the cat (?) !!

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  18. Sue Mitchell Posted on October 30, 2019 at 3:51 pm

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  19. HazerGore1185 Posted on October 30, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    Great review. A lot of people bash on exogenous ketones, but I find them very useful in certain scenarios. They are incredible for taking my hunger down to zero and helping to make those last few hours of my fasting window more enjoyable. If I have had too many carbs, they are also a quick fix to help transition me back to nutritional ketosis (note it doesn’t hasten this process – I’m not claiming exogenous ketones magically nullify carb intake, but they do blunt some of the negative effects of too many carbs like increased cravings and brain fog). Perfect Keto’s exogenous ketones are only 15 calories a packet so they are suitable for use while fasting (assuming you’re not super strict with your fast – under 50 calories will have minimal effect on autophagy and insulin). They are also great in the morning or before a workout for a quick pick me up. I don’t consume them every day due to the price, but I do use them strategically as a valuable tool in my keto toolbox.

    I also notice exogenous ketones don’t do much for me if my blood ketones are already above 1.5-2. Maybe a little more energy, but I prefer MCT oil for that energy boost especially since it’s much cheaper.

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