March 29, 2020
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today I’m going to share with you guys
my favorite way to cook a steak and that’s to cook it in the sous vide
produces the most juiciest tenderest restaurant quality steak that you can
imagine it’s perfect every single time it’s easy to use it’s foolproof because
you can just leave it in the water back for a couple hours come back and finish
it off and the three ways I’m going to show you to finish off the steak is one
we’re going to grill it the second one we’re gonna pan sear it and the third
one we’re gonna blow torch it so if you want to learn how to get the best steak
ever and keep watching using us to vide to cook your steaks used to be something
that only high-end restaurants did but now there’s a ton of companies out there
that are selling an immersion cookers do the home cook so it’s really easy to do
at home and the benefits of cooking it in a water bath with an immersion cooker
is that it cooks it at that desired temperature it gets it up to that
perfect medium-rare temperature of say 131 degrees and it maintains it it does
not go any higher it does not go any lower as opposed to cooking your steak
in the oven or on a grill or in a pan it’s just really hard to maintain that
perfect temperature and really easy to overcook or under cook your meats with
using the sous vide you don’t have to worry about that at all this is really a
foolproof method the first step for making your sous vide steak is to
prepare your water bath and I use a big tub like this I’ve purchased this off of
Amazon I’ll have it linked down below on where you can get this it’s not
necessary to get a big giant plastic tub like this you can use a stockpot or any
large pot that you have any vessel even I think you could even use a cooler if
you wanted but I like this just because it has square side so I can clip more
proteins around the edges as it goes like a round round pot you might not get
as many bags of protein in here as you’d like you want to fill the tub up with enough
water so that your sous vide immersion cooker reaches and it’s fully submerged
and so that all of your bags of protein every nook and cranny is fully submerged
in the water too and I’m using warm water this will actually help speed up
the process a little bit of getting the water to your perfect temperature once you have your water bath all set up
now it’s time to add your steaks and you can use two different methods to adding
the steaks to bags some people like to use a vacuum sealer to add their
proteins too some people use ziplock bags I like to use a ziplock bag just
because I find that easier I have gallon ziplock bags all the time
one of the benefits of using a vacuum sealer is that you’re sure that nothing
is going to be leaking into your bathwater one of the disadvantages is
that sometimes it can mush all of your proteins together so when you do bag and
make sure that you bag them vertically instead of horizontally because
sometimes that when it starts to compress the air out everything just
gets mush together and you don’t get even cooking all around with a ziplock
bag you don’t really have that issue you can still get most of the air out again
I recommend putting your stakes in vertically rather than horizontally if
you’re putting in more than one it’s taken at a time just so that doesn’t lie
down on top of each other and you won’t get even cooking and there’s a special trick to getting
all of the water sucked out if you’re using a ziploc bag
basically what you want to do is have the bag open on the top just a little
bit open like about an inch or two open not fully sealed on the top and slowly
submerge it down into the water the water has it sinking it will push that
extra air up and then you just seal the bag if your bag starts to stink and you
successfully sucked out all the air if it floats it still has air in it
so do the whole process again and next we just clip our ziploc bags to
the side of the water bath you can use clothes pens binder clips whatever clip
that you have that’s gonna hold on tight to that ziplock bag now to get a
perfectly cooked steak to your desire you can use this temperature range for
rare steaks set it from 120 to 129 for medium-rare you’re gonna do 130 to 135
for a medium it’s gonna be 136 to 144 and if you like a done steak don’t even
bother with sous vide cooking because there’s really no point you just cook
the hell out of it on the grill or on the pan I’m gonna let these steaks cook
for one to two hours it all just kind of depends on the thickness if your steak
is around an inch thick then you want to let it cook for like an hour to an hour
and a half if it’s thicker if it’s like two inches thick then I’d say let it go
for like two hours two and a half hours you really can’t overcook a sous vide steak
it’s always going to maintain that internal temperature that medium-rare
temperature if that’s what you’re going for the longer you do cook it it can
start to get more tender and mushy and start to dry out the meat but that
really doesn’t happen until you’ve let it sit in that water bath for more than
like three to four hours once the steaks are finished you want to remove them
from the water bath and they’re gonna look disgusting like look at this nasty
gray color this does not look pretty at all it’s going to taste good and it’s
going to have that beautiful pink color inside but the outside is disgusting so
we need to finish the steak off so like I mentioned before I’m gonna cook it
three ways I’ve got three steaks here so one of them I’m going to grill the
second one I’m going to cook on a pan and the third one we’re going to
blowtorch it but before we do that we need to do two steps the first step is
to dry off your steak Moisture is the enemy when it comes to grilling or pans
during the steak so you want to Pat it dry completely and then our next step is
to cool it off so we’ve already cooked our steak to our
desired temperature if we throw a steak that’s 131 degrees right on to the pan
or right onto the grill it’s going to heat up faster
and what doesn’t give us enough time to get that beautiful golden crust on the
outside so I recommend refrigerating at first
for 10 minutes this will just kind of cool it off a little bit just to buy us
some time so that we can cook it on the grill or on the pan or torch it for an
additional 1 to 2 minutes on each side so it could be 6 on the grill I’m just
literally putting them on the grill this is a high heat grill we’re going to cook
them over to direct heat and cook them on all sides for about one to two minutes
until it has that beautiful golden crust for the blowtorch method we are taking a
blowtorch with a can of propane and we’re just going to sear it all over the
outside with some heat again cook it for one to two minutes on each side and for the Pansear method I’m going to
be using a cast-iron skillet you can use whatever skillet you want I would use
something maybe aluminum based or cast-iron avoid a nonstick skillet
because we do want to get a beautiful crust on the outside
I’ve added some oil down this is just a neutral oil I like to use olive oil and
then I’m putting in a couple tablespoons of butter too just for some flavor and
I’m going to cook this on both sides for about two minutes and then continue to
spoon the butter and oil mixture over the top just to add a little bit more
juiciness and flavor to my meat and here’s our finished products they
all look beautiful inside it’s the perfect medium-rare color and honestly
they all taste amazing I didn’t have one that really stuck out over the other
they all taste really really good in terms of flavor
some people do say that when you cook it with that to a blowtorch at the end that
it can have a little gassing this flavor of like that propane not gassy fart
but gassy from the propane but I didn’t notice that at all I hope that this video inspired you guys
to explore the sous vide cooking you can use it to make other proteins as well
from chicken and fish you can even use it to cook vegetables I’ve even seen the
people use it to cook dessert it’s a great way to meal prep your proteins for
the week you can cook all of your protein in the sous-vide on a Sunday
night and then each night that you want to have that protein be it chicken or
steak throw it back in the sous vide for thirty minutes and then finish it off on
the grill or pan sear it visit my website quito focus calm for more tips
on how to cook with the sous-vide give this video a thumbs up if you’re going
to try cooking the sous vide method and have a good one

Randall Smitham