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How to cook pheasant eggs difference between pheasant and chicken eggs are pheasant eggs safe to eat are pheasant eggs good to eat how to cook pheasant eggs compare pheasant eggs to chicken eggs hi it’s AlaskaGranny I have been helping one of my neighbors with his pheasants in exchange for some fresh pheasant eggs today I am going to show you the difference between a pheasant egg and a chicken egg and how to prepare them the easy most delicious way as a simple yet perfect fried egg I have some cage free chicken eggs versus some fresh pheasant eggs you can see the chicken eggs are larger than pheasant eggs I am going to crack the chicken egg into a dish so you can see the size and yolk and albumen or white of the chicken egg now I am going to crack the pheasant egg you can see the pheasant shell is harder the shell is green and a little blue on the inside the pheasant egg has a large yolk for its size and a smaller amount of white or albumen larger yolk to white ratio in a pheasant egg the chicken egg is larger and also seems to have more albumen or white than a pheasant egg to make a perfect fried egg whether it is a chicken egg or pheasant egg heat your pan to medium heat add a tablespoon of butter now slide your chicken egg into the pan into the melted butter add 1 tablespoon of water and put a lid on it which allows the top to steam while the bottom browns in the butter the egg is frying set your timer for 30 seconds and your egg should be perfect cook it longer depending on how well you liked your yolk cooked. slide your egg onto a plate and you have a perfectly cooked fried egg now do the same with a pheasant egg in a pan over a medium heat add a tablespoon of butter slide in the pheasant egg add a tablespoon of water place on a lid the lid will steam the pheasant egg the top of the pheasant egg while the bottom of the pheasant egg cooks and browns in the butter after 30 seconds remove the lid and slide your pheasant egg onto a plate delicious tasty pheasant egg versus chicken egg how to fry a pheasant egg how to fry an egg perfect fried egg recipe how to cook pheasant eggs dip with toast you can see the perfect egg yolk in the pheasant egg and the chicken egg look how delicious the fried pheasant egg is the chicken egg and pheasant egg are both delicous first a bite of the chicken egg now a bite of the pheasant egg the pheasant egg has a creamier yolk seems creamier thicker the yolk to white ratio seems to be higher rate of yolk in pheasant eggs who can’t love more yolk my family favorite way to enjoy fried egg is with toast points compare pheasant eggs to chicken eggs make some toast cut it into triangles dip the toast into the chicken and pheasant egg yolk dip and enjoy they are both tasty and delicious very good how to cook pheasant eggs pheasant eggs compare to chicken eggs if you have a chance to enjoy some fresh pheasant eggs do it they are delicious nutritious and easy to prepare you will need more pheasant eggs per serving than chicken eggs as they are small how to eat pheasant eggs are pheasant eggs safe to eat learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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