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Phosphorus and kidney disease – Grocery shopping

(upbeat music) – Hi there, my name is Laura Cochran, and I’m a registered dietitian. If you have kidney disease,
you may already know to watch the phosphorus in your diet in order to avoid problems,
like heart disease or weak and brittle bones. This video will explain the connection between phosphorus and kidney disease and give you tips on how
to manage phosphorus. Navigating the grocery store
for a low phosphorus diet can be intimidating, but
all it takes is the right shopping strategy. So, let’s play a little game of… (game show music) (applause) Everyone with kidney
disease has a different diet depending on their body’s needs, but there are a few
common keys to success. Develop a list of brands and foods that are low in phosphorus,
and keep that handy when grocery shopping. Your dietitian can help put this together. Meet Lisa, she has kidney
disease and is on dialysis. She is going to walk us through
how to pick the right foods to maintain a diet that
is low in phosphorus. – Thank you, I’m excited to be here. – Okay Lisa, first question. If I am selecting a vegetable
side for dinner tonight, should I pick asparagus or potatoes? – Asparagus. – Correct. Potatoes are high in
phosphorus and potassium, so you’re gonna want to avoid those. Next question. Should people living with kidney disease have a diet that is high in dairy? – No. – That’s right. Dairy products present a triple
threat to kidney patients, since they’re high in phosphorus,
potassium, and calcium. Last question, Lisa, for all the marbles, which of these is not
a phosphorus additive? (dramatic music) – None of them, they’re all phosphorus. – That’s right. When reading a nutrition label, phosphorus won’t necessarily
be labeled flat out. Anything including “phos” is
most likely added phosphorus, which the body absorbs. You win. – I win? I’ve never won anything
before, this is life changing! – It sure is, Lisa, it sure is. (horn music) Grocery stores can be intimidating when you’re on a limited diet. Let’s take a walk, and I’ll
show you some tips and tricks on where to find kidney-friendly foods. It may seem overwhelming to identify which foods you can or cannot eat, but I have a few tips for you. – Oh no. – Is that her? – Derrick, grab a mop. – As a good rule of
thumb, fresh food is best. Avoid processed foods whenever possible, since phosphorus is often added to these. Processed foods have
been changed in some way during preparation, and you
will often find these foods bagged or boxed, like
cereals, frozen dinners, and frozen meats. Processed foods have higher
levels of fat, sugar, and salt. So, you should limit or
avoid eating these foods. You’ll want to limit the time you spend in the middle section of the store, because this is where you’ll
find most processed foods. Luckily, almost everything here
will have a nutrition label. Let’s see here… Phosphorus is not required
to be on the food label, but you can find the added
phosphorus in the ingredient list of packaged foods. Avoid foods with a phosphorus
additive in the first half of the ingredients list
or foods with two or more types of added phosphorus. Most of the stuff here is
packed with phosphorus. Canned goods, frozen
dinners, and frozen meat. I always tell people to spend
the majority of their time in the produce section
to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables that are low in phosphorus. Limit the time you spend in the
middle section of the store. This is the danger zone
for kidney patients. It can be challenging trying to identify the right foods to eat
to maintain a healthy phosphorus level. Have a conversation with your dietitian, and ask them to help you develop
a personalized meal plan. (upbeat music)

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