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Pizza DONUT!? – Eat The Pizza! #5

I love goat cheese more than you, Joe.
Hi, I’m Christian.
I’m Alyssia!
And welcome to Eat The Pizza!
And today we are making pizza donuts!
Pretty exciting.
For one, today is National Donut Day,
and two,
this was actually a viewer request.
Thank you, SinginCherry for requesting that
we make pizza donuts!
So, first, I’m gonna whip up this cream.
Why don’t ya whip up the cream?
Whisp on high for one to two minutes.
Medium high…
Whisp on medium.
It’s becoming a whipped cream.
We do want this to be more of a SAVORY donut.
Goat cheese.
I love goat cheese more than you, Joe!
By the way, I am making this recipe up as
we go.
Two ounces of goat cheese,
into the whipping…
We’re gonna also add a little bit of honey,
a little bit of powdered sugar…
Oh no, there wasn’t supposed to be any powdered
Yeah I think that’s for the…
That’s for the glaze.
we’ll see how it goes, eh?
It needs to be better integrated,
but it tastes really good!
I just get so excited about good tasting foods.
Just a little bit!
Don’t overdo it.
So for the donut,
for the main part of the donut,
we are using these jumbo biscuits, buttermilk,
and these are the Kroger brand because they
were out of Pillsbury.
We’re usually pretty loyal to Pillsbury.
Not today!
I’ve bought more Pillsbury stuff in the
past few weeks from this show…
I’m switching!
I’m switching to Kroger!
It was…it was Kroger.
Was it, though?
I don’t buy it.
We’re pretty much gonna make these biscuits
just normal,
and then fill them like a donut.
To make them look like pizzas on the topping,
we’re gonna add…
And some mini pepperonis!
I do love processed foods.
Into the oven they go!
So now, the donuts are in the oven, we’re
gonna make the glaze.
So, we’re gonna use some suga.
So we’re gonna make this honey glaze,
because we like the flavor of honey with pizza.
If you’ve never tried honey with pizza,
all you’ve gotta do is take your pizza slice,
put some honey on the side of the plate,
dip it,
Should we add a little bit of pizza sauce,
to savory this a little?
Uh, uh why not?
Uh, oh-kay!
And now it’s time for your Pizza Fact of
the Day!
Did you know in 2011, the government classified
PIZZA as a vegetable in school lunches?!
As long as it had two tablespoons of pizza
That’s crazy.
It’s pretty crazy.
Two tablespoons, A, is very small,
B, tomatoes are technically a fruit.
That’s true!
Also, in the Regan administration, ketchup
qualified as a vegetable.
Good ol’ Regan.
*singing* Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza,
pizza, pi-pizz!
Pizza, pi-da-pa, pizza, pi-da-pa, pizza, pi-da-pa,
So we have filled our goat cheese pizza sauce
filling into one of these bags,
with this tip, which I specifically purchased
on Amazon
because it is supposed to be good for filling
Shall we?
I’ve never actually tried filling these
biscuits like donuts,
but from what I read online, you should be
able to take them,
and use a, um,
chopstick to poke the hole,
open it up, and then add the filling.
So let’s just try it.
Alright, should we try to fill ‘em?
Alright, I’m about out of filling here.
Oh, noooo!
Time for a refill!
So now, they’re filled,
and we just have to add our glaze on top.
Looks good!
Looks like a glaze!
And now it’s time!
To eat the pizza…
Oh, wow.
It’s really good.
That’s really good!
You can see the filling,
it’s got fresh basil, tomato sauce, whipping
cream, and goat cheese.
And it’s delicious.
I love the honey glaze!
This is very delicious, I have to say.
Savory donuts are definitely a win, perfect
to celebrate National Donut Day.
Overall, another successful recipe on Eat
The Pizza!
We’ll put it on the website, and I hope
you’ll try it out.
You can check out our website for all of our
recipes, and merch,
and also to follow us on social media.
We are @eatthepizzashow everywhere.
Well thanks so much for watchin’!
We’ll see ya next time on Eat The Pizza.
Don’t mind if I do keep eating this.
Don’t mind if I do more than you. Ha ha ha!

Randall Smitham



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