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Plaisir & Diète – PANCAKES LOW CARB (Healthy) #recipe #recette #healthy

hello and welcome to enjoying and dieting
in the same plate
as you could see in the title of the video, we meet
today to cook pancakes
low in carbohydrates and very simple to
do as you can see here
because there will not be many ingredients, moreover
this pancakes are very healthy because I
do not use any processed ingredients
apart from maybe the sweetener
that you can also replace with honey or agave syrup
for it to be really without any processed ingredients
and in terms of calories these pancakes
are very interesting so you can
eat them for breakfast or even snack
as I told you it’s only 360 kcal for a good plate of pancakes
much larger than the original pancakes and low in fat and high in protein
for the ingredients you will need a zucchini, oatmeal, white cheese or yoghurt 0%
two egg whites, unsweetened cocoa powder
as well as powdered or liquid sweetener or
honey or agave syrup
so I take the opportunity to remind you
that all the ingredients are in the link in description down below
you click on the link and you will find a detailed card
who will explain the recipe
as well as quantities
so here it’s very simple, you peel the zucchini
and then when you peeled the zucchini,
you cut it into pieces
so for zucchini here it is a
little zucchini
then you will add the oats, white cheese
and then you’ll add the cocoa as well
as the sweetener
now you’re going to put it all in the blender or in a bowl with ahand mixer
to make it a pretty liquid texture
then you will let stand 10 minutes and remix because the oatmeal will absorb the water
now you heat a pan or
here a pancake plate
you put a little oil on it and with a paper you rub it
to put oil everywhere on the plate
and you’ll do this every time you cook the pancakes so they do not stick
then you put the dough,
here I chose to make mini pancakes
so I have more of them and as you will see after there will be a larger amount
that normal pancakes because normal pancakes for that number of calories you will not have much
so here I’m going to do twenty or even thirty pancakes but in several times
be careful because those pancakes
take a lot of time to cook
because do not forget that there is zucchini in it
as long as I think about zucchini, it
does not taste at all in pancakes,
do not worry, you will see with sweetener and cocoa it will taste like chocolate pancakes
and very smooth thanks to the zucchini but without the taste of zucchini because it is bland
so here at nearly 2-3 minutes
you turn them over and once they are
all returned you leave them one more
minute to 2 minutes cook
and then you put it on a plate
I have some advice to give you, these pancakes
are better cold because
when they are cold they are more compact and more mellow
while when they are hot they can be quite brittle and too soft…it’s less pleasant but still good
here are some examples of
presentation that I did with these
I let you do as you choose,
be creative !!
and here they are pretty crazy examples because I use ingredients not really common in a diet
but you do what you like …
I hope you liked this video, if it’s the case you canhit the like button and even subscribe to the channel
see you next time for another recipe and another video !!

Randall Smitham



  1. Monsieur M Posted on April 11, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    Je viens de découvrir ta chaîne, je me suis abonné directement vraiment super concept
    J’espère que tu aura plus de visibilité, en tout cas continu 🙂