April 5, 2020
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Planning Ahead for Weight Loss Success

– Do you think the most successful people
in the world stumbled upon
their success by accident?
No, of course not.
It doesn’t matter who
you are or what you do,
whether you’re losing
weight, starting a business,
or going to school, success
comes with getting up,
doing the work every single day.
It’s sitting down, making
a plan, and sticking to it.
I have a free resource to
help you plan for success.
Download my Code Red Lifestyle
Guide in the link below.
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Set aside a time to plan your week ahead.
Write down every meal and
then write a grocery list
to keep you from getting distracted.
Planning is just key to the
success of this program!
You’ve got to think ahead.
The problem is if you don’t plan ahead
and if you don’t have
something planned out for meals
and what your strategy is gonna
be for you and your family
for the week, you’re gonna get caught
where you don’t have a
plan, everybody’s starving,
including yourself, and
guess what you’re gonna do.
Beep, boop, boop, beep, boop,
“Yeah, hey Domino’s, can
you deliver a pizza?”
Happens every time.
When you are not in control,
if you do not have a plan,
you will go down the wrong path.
Write down your schedule
and any risk of a trigger
throughout your day and your week
or a situation that’ll
make you want to cheat.
Look, make sure that you ahead and see,
are there gonna be any stumbling blocks?
Are there gonna be any roadblocks?
Are you going to a conference or a meeting
and it’s gonna be riddled with just donuts
and junk food and crap you don’t need.
Eat ahead of time, bring your
food, have a plan in place.
Don’t fly by the seat of your pants,
that is a recipe for disaster.
Whether it’s a work
function, a family outing,
or hanging out with friends.
Look up the restaurant menus
in advance if you have to.
Make a solid plan that will
help you stick to your goal.
Many times I have called
restaurants for my clients
and asked them the details of their menu.
I’ve looked through their menu online
and if I don’t see something
that’s Code Red approved,
I call the manager, I
say, “My name is Cristy.
“I’m a nutritionist, I’ve
got a client coming in,
“tomorrow at noon but I don’t see anything
“that they can have.
“What can we do for ’em?”
And the manager has always
been accommodating to my needs.
You’ll find that people
are very accommodating
if you just ask ’em.
Plan ahead, call the
restaurant if you have to,
be prepared.
It can be tedious work, I know.
But you either can
spend that hour planning
or you’re gonna spend it at
the diabetic doctor’s office
the next morning.
Either way, you’re spending
that hour so be intentional.
If you wanna keep operating a level
where you don’t have a plan
and risk falling off the wagon,
I can’t help you.
But if you want to join the
thousands of Code Red Rebels
that have taken control, lost the weight,
and kept it off, I have a plan for you.
Download my video series called
“The Three Biggest Lies You’ve
Been Told About Weight Loss”
and my Code Red Lifestyle Guide
to get started on your
weight loss success today.
Most weight loss or nutrition plans,
they don’t talk about planning ahead.
They don’t address this.
I don’t know why, I don’t understand
because one of the biggest
reasons Code Red is so successful
is we require that our
clients plan a day ahead
before their day even begins.
Their day must be planned before 8 a.m.
And that way they don’t fly
by the seat of their pants.
This is 100% for their own good.
If you walk into a restaurant
and you’re starving,
or you walk into a meeting
at work and you’re starving,
or you walk in from
work and you’re starving
and the kids or everybody’s
just wanting food
and you don’t have
something in that Crock-Pot
or if you don’t have a plan in place,
I’m telling you right
now that hunger is strong
and you could cave.
Nine times out of 10 you’re gonna cave.
A lot of people just
don’t have what it takes
to stay strong during
the 45 minutes it takes
to get dinner going for their kids.
And a lot of people aren’t
strong enough to turn down
the donuts sitting right in
the breakroom at the hospital.
Nurses, doctors, you know what I’m saying,
that breakroom is full of junk food
and you’ve gotta walk by
that room a hundred times
during your shift.
And if you don’t have a plan in place,
you are gonna cave, I am telling
you it gets ’em every time.
So guys, do not let this happen to you.
Do not derail your weight loss
by going into it thinking,
“I got this.”
Let me tell you something,
you don’t got this.
You need to have a plan,
even I have a plan.
Even I know exactly what I’m gonna do,
even when I travel,
when I’m in the airport,
I know what airport I’m gonna be at
and I know what they’ve got to offer.
And you know what, speaking of airports,
I’ve had clients tell me,
“Hey Cristy, I’m flying
“through Atlanta.”
I get on the computer,
I look up the Atlanta,
I look up which terminal
they’re gonna be in
and what food they’re
gonna be able to get.
“Okay, down three-quarters of the way
“on your right, you’re
gonna see Johnny’s Salads.”
I’m telling you might laugh
watching this right now,
but planning is key and I am committed
to make sure my clients
have the tools they need
for success.
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But listen, I would love
to hear what do you do
to plan ahead.
Is it the Crock-Pot, is it the Instapot,
is it a bento box?
What do you do to make
sure that you are on track
and stay on track throughout
the day, no matter what.
Comment below and I’ll
see you in the next video.

Randall Smitham