April 5, 2020
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In this short video review, we’re talking
about PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein powder. I think PlantFusion is a great brand that’s
kind of underrated in the plant-based protein marketplace. Unfortunately, their products, or at least
this particular product, is not organic, but it is non-GMO. This here the Vanilla Bean flavor. PlantFusion also makes a chocolate, chocolate
raspberry, cookies and cream, and an unflavored or an unsweetened version. They do all use Stevia. And PlantFusion Complete Plant protein does
have sugar in them from fructose. This particular product here for the Vanilla
Bean has 4 grams of sugar. So it’s be no means ketogenic friendly. The protein itself is PlantFusion’s Amino
Acid Infused Protein Blend, which contains pea isolate, artichoke, sprouted quinoa, and
sprouted amaranth. So PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein is a
pretty unique protein blend, mostly grain-based. But overall it does contain a pretty strong
amino acid profile – right around 4.5 grams of branched chain amino acids or BCAAs. It also has just over 3.3 grams of glutamine. So btween the branched chain amino acids and
the glutamine, you’re getting the nutrients that will help with athletic recovery, whether
you’re looking to build muscle mass, or accelerate endurance recovery from like running or cycling
or things like that. So it is kind of tailored for sports and athletes,
which is one thing I do like about PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein. And it does label the complete amino acid
profile of the product too, so if you’re curious to know exactly what the concentration is
of certain amino acids, that’s kind of a nice feature. All in all, it’s a very simple product. It does take quite good. Unlike a lot of other protein powders out
there, particularly the plant-based vegan options, it tastes a lot more natural. You definitely taste the sugar, but it’s definitely
not an artificial taste like some products that use a little too much Stevia and it kind
of has the Stevia aftertaste. In this case, PlantFusion does a really good
job at balancing the sweetness with a really, really smooth, creamy texture. PlantFusion Complete Protein is really applicable
in a lot of different things. Maybe not so much the case if you were to
buy the chocolate raspberry flavor, which I have not had. It just kind of doesn’t really strike my fancy
but I have had the Vanilla Bean and the Chocolate, and both of those are quite good, so I definitely
recommend those. As for a price, I have only bought these products
on Amazon and usually you can find them in the mid $30 range, give or take depending
on the Amazon seller. Rarely do I ever see it priced over $37 or
$38. Sometimes you can find PlantFusion protein
a little cheaper than that too. It is a pretty good sized tub. This is a 2 pound tub which has 30 servings. And each serving contains 25 grams of protein. So that’s quite a bit of protein compared
to a lot of other products that might have only 20 servings of about the same amount
of protein. In this case you’re getting much greater bang
for your buck. So that’s PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein. Great product. I highly recommend it. Give it a shot. Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. And thank you for watching.

Randall Smitham