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Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to
Ancient Medicine Today brought to you by And I am here with, I was going to say old
friend, but I’m going to say a young friend, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. She is a medical doctor, board certified in
family practice and runs a center for new medicine in Orange County, California. And we’re excited Dr. Connealy, to have you
here because we’re going to talk about something we’ve never discussed but is so critical today
and throughout history. We’re going to talk about “Preparing Your
Body for Pregnancy.” I’ve often said that people should take classes
before they have children, not just physically but I think spiritually and mentally as well. But tell us why we need to prepare our, well,
“we” meaning the female population needs to prepare their body for pregnancy. I know it sounds like it’s obvious but in
your mind, why is it so important and what would this change in the health of our children? Dr. Connealy: Well, if you look at the statistics
of children today, first of all, autism. Autism used to be in the ’70s, one in 2,500. Now, in boys it’s one in 34. If you look at asthma, you look at diabetes,
you look at mood disorders, we look at obesity, we look at the other disabilities that we
just kind of clump in as learning disabilities or visual disabilities, auditory disabilities. But children today are plagued with illnesses
that shouldn’t happen. I used to tell patients, “You have a warranty
into your 40.” Now I can’t say that because our children
are being plagued with so many illnesses that if we, as women and men together, prepared
for this wonderful miracle, the outcome would be significantly different. And they’ve actually done studies on this
now. So they’re showing that the health of the
mother is transmitted to the baby. So I want you to listen in because this is
valuable information. Jordan: Absolutely. And I know throughout history, native cultures
had a special diet for the husband and wife to be, the parents for a pre-conception type
program, and they would eat certain foods after they were married that were rich in
nutrients, help the body detoxify. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. So if you are someone of childbearing age
or if you are trying to get pregnant or even if you are pregnant, it’s important to prepare
your body for pregnancy. And here’s the good news, if they follow these
tips, females are going to be healthy in general. So we’re going to get started right now. Number one, Dr. Connealy, what is a pre-pregnancy
detox? What does this look like? And give us some specifics. Dr. Connealy: Well, people look at detox and
they’re just like all overwhelmed, “I’m not going to feel good, this is going to be awful.” But actually just simple little measures. First of all, we know that the toxins in the
mother transmit to the baby. They’ve done studies on this and proven this
in the umbilical cord analysis. So the first and foremost thing you can do
is detox your mind. Get your mind ready and be so happy, and joyous
for this brand new miracle that’s going to happen. Number two, you need to eat foods that nourish,
strengthen, and heal your body. Buying everything organic and fresh. Do not buy things in a box that are packaged,
there’s so many chemicals on the label that you can’t read them. So that’s a simple little thing besides doing
other things that you can do. Like for example, you can do a liver cleanse,
you can do infrared sauna, you can do skin brushing, can do a kidney cleanse, you can
do bath detoxes. There’re so many little things that you can
do and guess what, not only are you going to prepare for this incredible miracle that’s
going to happen but you are going to feel amazing if you detox. Jordan: Awesome. And what we want to say is, we’re going to
talk about nourishing the body in just a moment, but a pre-pregnancy detox could include, as
you see on the screen, consuming juices. Dr. Connealy mentioned a liver cleanse, wake
up in the morning and simply squeeze half a lemon into your purified water, that will
begin to cleanse the kidneys, and the bowel, and the lymphatic system. And taking a detox bath, maybe Epsom salts
and some essential oil of lavender. Anyone can do that but especially someone
who is looking to detoxify their body pre-pregnancy. And you mentioned all the diseases that are
on the rise in children. Your child’s life and health can depend on
what you do. Number two, nourishing your body. So Dr. Connealy, tell me three foods that
the women watching can consume that will help nourish their body for pregnancy. Dr. Connealy: Well, fats. People think, “Oh, fat makes you fat.” No. Actually, fat makes you thin. And so the best fats, coconut oil, olive oil,
avocados. These are amazing fats and why do you need
them? Look, this is one cell and you have trillions
of them. And the wall of every cell in your body is
made of fat so that’s why you must eat the fats. The second thing is you need to eat lots of
fruits and vegetables. For example, green, green, green, broccoli,
brussel sprouts, zucchini, he mentioned juicing before. I drink ten ounces of juice every single morning. Because a lot of people are really not good
at eating vegetables, but if you just do six, eight different vegetables in a juicer or
a blender, you’re going to get them down and they taste amazing. And immediately, within 15, 20 minutes, you
feel these active nutrients working in your body. The other thing that people don’t really realize
how magical, is spices. Just adding spices, all different things,
whether you do curcumin, you do rosemary, you do sage, all of these different spices
have unbelieveable . . . you can put like five different spices in different things
that you’re making. And so the food you eat . . . everybody wants
energy today, right? How are you going to have energy if you don’t
eat energy? Jordan: That makes sense. So we’re talking about good fats. We talked about coconut, we talked about avocado,
we talked about omega-3 fats and fatty fish. Number two, we talked about juicing particularly
getting greens in your diet, and number three, spices. We mentioned the importance of multicolored
spices and how powerful they are for protection of the body both in the anti-oxidant potential
and their ability to fight germs and fight aging. All right. Address your personal environment. So how does a personal environment affect
a mother or mother-to-be and ultimately the child? Dr. Connealy: Well, everything, wherever you
work or wherever that you live affects you, okay? First of all, indoor air pollution is worse
than outdoor air pollution. So we’ve got to do things that purify air. You can do that with plants, you can do that
with aroma therapy, and you can do that with a purifier. Now, also people don’t think. Almost everything that we come in contact
has toxicity. You sit on your sofa, you work in your kitchen,
your water is toxic unless you buy a water purifier which everyone should absolutely
do. Your foods, all the foods of lots of today’s
world have toxicity. All the chemicals that women love to lather
all over their body. Your skin is your largest organ in your body
and it’s absorbing all of those things. Think about when you’re taking a shower, the
showerhead. Just think, there’s all the pharma in the
water today, pharmacology in the water, not to mention the chlorine and fluorine. So from the moment you wake up in the morning,
being mindful of everything. Now, I’m not saying you have to change everything
overnight. Little by little you can make changes. Because a lot of people are so overwhelmed,
“Oh my gosh, I’ve got to change everything overnight.” No, little by little, just like how you store
your food left over. You should be using all glass. What do you cook out of? Do cook out of aluminum pans which we know
is toxic? Well, you’ve got to cook out of steal or out
of, there’s a company called Le Creuset that is healthy for you. So just start paying attention and educating
yourself. Education is power to change your life. You understand the why, where, when, and how
of what you’re doing. But this is a huge, huge thing and it’s amazing,
small changes make huge differences. Jordan: Well, I’m Jordan Rubin here for Ancient
Medicine Today brought to you by And we’re here with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy,
medical doctor, board certified in family practice. She runs a center for new medicine in Orange
County, California, and you’re getting a free consult. So if you’re a woman out there who wants to
prepare your body for pregnancy, you need to tune in or send this to those you know
and love. I’m going to talk briefly, or I’m going to
let you talk about mental preparation but then I have a question for you that’s not
on our slides today that I think some people might be thinking about. Because we’re talking all about preparing
for pregnancy on behalf of our child. We want healthier children, we want them to
not struggle with diseases of the body, mind or otherwise. So this is really, really important. You talked about detoxifying, nourishing the
body. We talked about addressing the personal environment
which is really taking stock of everything you have around you and on you. Number four is mental preparation. What role does mental preparation play in
preparing your body for pregnancy? Dr. Connealy: Well, today we know that how
we think affects every single cell in our body. So whatever the story you’re telling yourself
every single second of every day, it’s directing the cells in the DNA. It’s actually affecting the energy of the
water of the cells that bathe in your body. So it’s critical whatever illness, whether
you’re preparing for pregnancy or you have something else, that how you think is how
your body becomes, and you get what you expect. So this is a miracle that’s going to happen. Literally, if you’ve never had children, you
will understand that the first 24 hours after that baby comes is the most amazing experience
that you could possibly ever imagine and then the days to come. I have lots of children so I know that experience
and if you talk to anyone who’s had children, it is outrageously life changing. So you want to say, “You know what, I am so
excited, I am so peaceful, I am so happy about this miracle that’s going to happen.” Because if you are frustrated, if you are
stressed, if you are having marital discord, you’re having work problems, family problems,
all of this information, its information gets transmitted to the cells. And happy thoughts make happy chemicals. Jordan: That’s awesome, and we know that when
a woman is pregnant, especially for the first time, there can be some fear and anxiety especially
regarding a labor and delivery. But we want to speak positive. I really do believe that you speak what you
want, not what you don’t want. I’m going to ask you a quick question. We’re talking about today preparing your body
for pregnancy and there are women out there, I guarantee you, that are saying, “I’d love
to prepare my body for pregnancy but I haven’t been able to get pregnant.” So I just want to confirm that what we’re
sharing is also critical to fertility. I think we’re seeing an epidemic, if not a
pandemic of infertility today. I remember 10 or 15 years ago, somebody said
that if we didn’t have the help of medical procedures, we would not necessarily be going
extinct but we would almost be an endangered species regarding how frequent infertility
strikes us. So would these principles we’re sharing, or
these keys, be effective for someone trying to get pregnant who’s had challenges? Dr. Connealy: Well, that’s a great point because
they’ve just come out that fertility rates have dropped about 50%. And it’s caused because we have something
called endocrine disruptors. Endocrine means hormone, hormone disruptors. For example, plastics. Plastics contained phthalates. Phthalates are endocrine disrupters. There are lots of endocrine disruptors in
the environment. There’s hundreds of thousands of chemicals
because they aren’t allowed . . . they don’t necessarily test every single chemical and
not to mention this synergistic potential of all of these chemicals. So they’re wreaking havoc in our daily lives
and in our bodies, not only in mothers, also in infertility, and all of the illnesses that
we’re plagued with today. Jordan: Wow. So what we’re saying is that not only will
these keys help you prepare your body for pregnancy on benefit of the child, on behalf
of the child, but if you’re someone who is struggling with infertility, I’ve seen a lot
of great results by balancing hormones and removing what Dr. Connealy called endocrine
disruptors. So folks listen, if you’re somebody out there
who wants to prepare your womb or if you’re someone who just wants to be healthy enough
to consider having a baby, don’t wait till you’re trying. Don’t wait till you’re pregnant. Make sure that you prepare your body not only
for the baby’s sake but in order to have a healthy baby. So Dr. Connealy, why don’t you, for the audience
today, give a recap on four keys to prepare your body for pregnancy. Dr. Connealy: All right. So first of all, start cleansing, start purifying
your body. There is single no greater thing that anyone
can do whether you’re preparing for pregnancy or living every single day. So start with that. Start thinking about all the foods that you
are eating. How is it helping? How is it making a phenomenal cell? Then you’ve got to eat the foods, you’ve got
to eat a rainbow of food. You got to have great fats, great vegetables,
good proteins. And then you’ve got to look at everything
in your environment from the time you wake up, what are your thoughts? Number two, how are you taking a shower, the
water, your eating, how are you cooking, the foods that you’re eating, what are you storing
your food in? What is the air that you’re breathing in? And when you go to work, is the furniture
outgassing chemicals? But you can do things. I tell hairdressers, “Listen, invest in a
purifier in your salon if you’re going to be a hairdresser.” Then you’ve got to prepare your mind. We all need to prepare our mind for whatever
the outcome we’re looking for. So you can do it, I know you can. Jordan: That’s awesome. So not only are we helping women of childbearing
age prepare their body for a healthy pregnancy but also preparing your body for a healthy
life. I bet Dr. Connealy that somebody who does
a detoxification program nourishes their body, addresses their personal environment, and
mentally prepares has less chance of postpartum depression, and takes off some of the baby
weight. Because these are things that women are concerned
about. Not only delivering a healthy baby but how
am I going to look afterwards? When am I going to get back in shape? And so I think all of this can make a difference. And I want to mention Dr. Connealy has a brand
new book called “The Cancer Revolution” a groundbreaking program to prevent and reverse
cancer. This book is not just for someone who’s been
given that dreaded diagnosis but it’s for anyone who wants to live a long and healthy
life. So Dr. Connealy, quickly, what will people
learn from “The Cancer Revolution” and why is it different than other cancer books? Because there are several out there and this
is, I believe, something you’ve been working on for a long time, a bit of your life’s work. So tell the audience why someone can benefit
from the cancer revolution for themselves and for someone they love. Dr. Connealy: Well, that’s a great question
because it is titled “The Cancer Revolution.” But there are pillars of health that we all
need to follow and I didn’t make the rules. The rules are part of Mother Nature. But all the things that I talk about in the
book, whether it’s the mind, whether it’s detox, whether it’s exercise, whether it’s
sleep, water, all of this valuable information and how to do it. I talk about a whole category on juicing,
whole category on eating and recipes. So whether you have cancer or not, that is
beside the point. This is a book on how you get healthy, not
if you get cancer, the cure for cancer is prevention. I talk about prevention in the book. And then if you get diagnosed with cancer,
you say, “Oh my gosh, what am I going to do?” But people don’t realize from one cancer cell
to a tumor takes ten years. That means we have ten years of health opportunity
to prevent cancer. But once you get it, you have to say, “Why
did I get this diagnosis to begin with?” And so you’re going to unravel lots of different
things. Don’t think that just surgery, chemo, and
radiation is going to eradicate and eliminate the cancer. Because you never addressed how you got there
to begin with. Ten years of stuff, you’re going to be unraveling
for a little bit of time and the book tells you how to restore health, harmony, and balance
to your body. Jordan: Excellent. For more information visit I’m Jordan Rubin for Ancient Medicine Today
with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. She operates the Center for New Medicine in
Orange County, California. And we’re going to do some upcoming programs
throughout the next few weeks with Dr. Connealy. So stay tuned and as always, tune in to our
next program, subscribe to this channel. And if you know someone who wants to be pregnant,
wants to prepare their body for a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, and a healthy life,
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Randall Smitham