October 21, 2019
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Some other arguments that people make
for a lower protein diet is, of course, to get the ketones up
a little bit higher, if that’s something
you’re interested in, but also that potentially… I mean we don’t know, but potentially
it could lead to increased longevity. That’s what’s Dr. Rosedale believes. That potentially it could slow down
or make cancer less likely. What do you think about that? First of all I want people to know
that you will probably be in ketosis even on the highest protein diet
you can stand. We have some very high-protein diets where people in these studies were
in continual ketosis even at 30% protein. We have a lot of studies that show that
the amount of protein you eat doesn’t really have a big influence
on ketone levels as long as your carbohydrates
are very low. So I don’t think that ketosis
is a reason for restricting protein. Now as far as the longevity data,
what I haven’t seen is anything to suggest that protein restriction is useful
in an apex predator like Homo sapiens. So we are tertiary
or quaternary predators. We are at the very, very highest level
of the food chain and I haven’t seen any sort of carnivore
or predator data that would suggest
that protein restriction is good for lifespan. I mean I think that we have some evidence
in lower animals. I do think that there’s some evidence
to support protein restriction, but we definitely don’t have human data
at all to support that and we really don’t in predators
like Homo sapiens.

Randall Smitham