April 8, 2020
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Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars: Cara Reviews Keto Convenience Food

hi Cara from Health Home and Happiness I have been showing you some of the packaged foods that I use on keto I do have my daughter on keto for neurological issues and so a way that I found that it kind of works my boys are not on keto and my daughter is is that she has some like keto treats that she’s allowed to have that they aren’t and that kind of like evens the playing field a little bit so she doesn’t feel left out it’s like she gets this but they get that and it all kind of washes out cuz I know like as a mom it can be kind of tough telling her that she can’t have stuff that she wants that they are allowed to have but also I don’t want to unnecessarily restrict their diet like they have to be polite and they obviously can’t rub it in that they get to eat stuff but I don’t need to necessarily have everybody on keto all the time so these are one of the things that I use for my daughter that she loves I like the sea salt and macadamia bars and she really likes the chocolate ones is your collagen first by marks daily apple and their lower carb our carb counts are we can have a higher amount of carbs and a lot of people and so these are let’s look the chocolate one is the one that she likes it has 14 carbs but 6 carbohydrates fiber so it’s 8 grams of net carbs for 230 calories and so this is it’s all whole foods I like the primal kitchen stuff because they have a whole line of keto foods and while this might be too high to fit in many people’s diets it’s something I can definitely fit in her diet it’s made of all ingredients that I trust where so almonds pumpkin seeds grass-fed collagen prebiotic fiber which is cassava root this does make it so it’s not allowed on the gaps diet and I’m kind of like I first was a gaps blogger my daughter’s got is healed and I think that having the prebiotic fiber is actually good for her at this point in her healing journey if you have a really sensitive kid and you’re on gaps and trying to heal their gut this might not be a good choice for you coconut coconut flakes honey which is one of the it just has a tiny bit of honey probably to hold it together and this is acceptable for the gaps diet natural flavors water coconut unsweetened chocolate fair trade cocoa powder cocoa nibs Himalayan sea salt my fruit extract his Lynette macadamia nuts and cashews so you can see this is something that I feel good like she feels like she’s eating a chocolate bar I feel like this is a great compromise they’re not that expensive I am unsubscribe and say from Amazon and it’s something that if I’m kind of in a hurry and she got up late and I don’t have time to make her breakfast I’ll grab two of these and she’ll eat that for breakfast in the car they’re great for she gets one in her lunch on Fridays and they’re just great to take on the tray all are great to take in the car there’s something that I like and then if you look in the reviews you might find they are more sticky because they don’t have the starches in them they are low carb so they stick to the package a little bit more which I’ll show you but we don’t mind so what I do to reduce her frustration because she does have some frustration stuff is I open them for her but you can see like it’s sticking to the package when I do this and so I just open up for her pull it off the package and there’s like a tiny bit stuck in there and I just put it right down like that for her and so really that’s all I do they are more sticky than other things they’re they’re a chewy bar it tastes like chocolate like I use these when I PMS and I need a chocolate fix as well and so I just wanted to give you a review of these we we like them quite a bit I love the ingredients I do like that it has that Braddock fiber refer kind of where we are in our journey right now and this might be something that works well for you so stay tuned I’m going to be reviewing a lot of the keto foods that I tend to not recommend packaged foods but I tend to use some of them in my own house so I’m going to be reviewing some more – I’d love to see you here if you want to subscribe over there and I will link to some things that you might think are interesting over here as well again I’m Kara from health I’m and happiness I do keto and I do it for my Duke Ito myself for mental health and I do keto for my daughter for neurological issues and I’d love to see you around here some more so thanks for joining me I’ll talk to you later

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