March 28, 2020
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Prisoners boast of ‘HMP Toby Carvery’ roast dinner in illegal jail footage

 Brazen prison inmates show off their “HMP Toby Carvery” Sunday dinner in illegal footage recorded inside a jail   The video clip which was taken at an unknown jail features a man with a Liverpool accent heard saying “HMP Toby Carvery s***hole” as he reveals the food on offer, the Liverpool Echo report s  The phone pans across the hot food while one of the prisoners describes what is on offer  The man with the Scouse accent describes each tray and mocks some of the items which have been cooked by other inmates    Another inmate is heard laughing in the background.  When demonstrating a large pile of what appeared to be chicken legs, he said: “You’ve got pigeon here, you’ve got jock spud, bit of onion gravy, Yorkshire pudding and dog food.”  The video displays the vegetarian options as well, showing vegetable curry and rice if they do not want a Sunday dinner    The Ministry of Justice has previously said it will “never tolerate” mobile phones in prisons, but illegal footage is becoming more common  The department in fact invested £10million to install in-cell phones in 20 prisons in England and Wales in a bid to scourge the rampant flow of illegal mobiles and reduce tensions on wings due to phone call wait times  Ministry of Justice and HM Prison and Probation Service Research entitled The Demand for and use of illicit phones in prison revealed that during 2013, 7,451 illicit mobile phones or SIM cards were found  In the 12 months to March 2018, there were 10,643 incidents where mobile phones were found in prisons, a 15 percent increase on the previous year  In March 2018, a former prison worker said: “They [mobile phones] are a huge problem – they make getting any kind of contraband in very easy  “They can sit all night with unlimited access to the internet and make voice calls  “The big part of being in jail is you are cut off and denied your liberty. With the spread of mobile phones that’s completely irrelevant  “It’s difficult to keep order in jail because staff are outnumbered. If prisoners don’t take the authority seriously, it makes a joke out of the whole system  “People see [videos posted on social media from inside jail] and they are less frightened of jail, they think their mates are having a whale of a time ”  The Mirror Online has contacted the MoJ for comment.

Randall Smitham