February 23, 2020
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Eating well is
truly the best form of health and preventative care. But the lifestyle of most
busy urban professionals involves processed foods
and restaurant takeout. Sitting at a desk much of the
day with a never ending to do list that causes
stress and anxiety. Thankfully, there’s a
food revolution happening. Consumers are demanding
healthier, cleaner options that support their health
and wellness goals, not sabotage them. I’m Caroll Lee, founder
of Provenance Meals, an organic prepared
meal delivery service designed to help
busy people look and feel their best. We make it easy to prioritize
your health every day of the week. Our meals are made with nutrient
dense whole food ingredients, free of gluten, dairy,
refined sugar, preservatives, chemicals, and all the
other inflammatory triggers that are so often found
in the modern diet. No subscription or
cooking is required. It’s just real food, designed
by nutrition experts, prepared by health
supportive chefs, and delivered to your
door ready to eat. That is an encrusted avocado
with sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. You know I keep
talking about this because I’m slightly obsessed. I’m going to open the
bag right now so you can see what I got this week. Whoa! I started Provenance
seven years ago. We’ve bootstrapped this
company to success. Profitable since 2014
with sales numbers that have continued to
go up year over year. We’ve never taken outside
capital from investors, and we’re so excited to
open up this opportunity to our early supporters. We’re ready to scale and
take Provenance nationwide. To do this, we need to invest in
bigger facilities, more staff, and increased marketing spend. We know that there
are people outside of New York City who need
and want this service to improve their lives. We invite you to join our
mission, invest in Provenance, and let’s help people
across the country realize their true health
potential through the power of food as medicine.

Randall Smitham