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Pruvit Keto OS In Canada 🍁 Keto OS Products Explained (2019)

Finally, Keto OS products are available in
Canada. So what I’m going to take you through today
is the differences between them, and being a Canadian how you can order them. Hi guys, my name is Raj Patel, I am a Keto
coach from Am super excited Keto OS by Pruvit is now
direct shipping within Canada. I am in Toronto area from Ontario Canada,
so this is a super exciting for myself and for all my clients as well, so I’m going to
take you through what products are available here, where the warehouse is, and the benefits
for us Canadian. So all these products are available in Canada,
I am going to start off with this one here, so this is Keto OS 2.1 orange dream taste
like orange dreamsicle. It’s fantastic all these products have Beta
Hydroxybutyrate with ketones to put your body to a state of ketosis within one hour. what this one has its additive is MCT so pumps
up your fat give a great clean energy as well, so this one here comes in caffeine free and
caffeine version has less than a cup of coffee of caffeine in each serving. This one here is Keto OS 3.0 is the next one
after that. This one is great for people with sensitive
stomachs it does not have MCT in it, but it’s a Prebiotic so it’s great for digestion and
absorption of the product, as well as this one here, is also dairy free that one has
a little bit dairy you want to join in it so this one is great for people with sensitive
stomachs. The last one, these ones here is Keto OS Max,
so these are my favorite. This one is Maui Punch fruit flavor, and this
one here is Swiss Cacao, too weird name but it comes in a chocolate flavor typical hot
chocolate, to be honest. These are two of my favorites these ones here
also obviously have beta hydroxybutyrate the ketone in it common caffeine free and caffeine
version, but this one here has branched chain amino acids in them. Help in retaining muscle and building
muscle as well as they were 40% better uptake, so the 40% better uptake is because it has
a new blender Beta hydroxybutyrate in it, so again this is an evolutional product, they
keep coming to a look better and better every time. The last one is Keto Cream, so Keto Cream
is a healthy way of adding fats to your diet especially if you’re on Keto diet, so what
this will do is replace your bulletproof coffee in a simple packet form, so come in a packet
like this tear it open pour it in your Tim Horton’s coffee because we all love Tim
Horton’s some people like Starbucks, but whatever, so pour it in there mix it up drink
it, and it tastes great has a hint of coconut 15 grams of fat immediately added to your
coffee. Now there are two different types of packaging
you’ll see this kind, and this is kind. This is a newer kind so this is the one you
probably may be seeing if you order and the packaging went from this to this it’s just
a slender packet that’s only difference it helps in saving shipping and they’re using
less paper. now for us Canadians the big thing is where
is been shipping from because before it’s shipping from the US, and it was just atrocious,
so now it’s shipping from within the saga there is a big warehouse in saga that I get
shipped out from across Canada, and the great thing for us is actually our shipping is pretty
cheap, so I like I’ve shipped out a lot of products, and a lot of my client used the
POS, so the shipping that Pruvit offers is it starts from $5, so if you’re in the GTA
area five bucks, and you get the product within two or three days usually which is fantastic
across the country always to the west coast it goes around to $8 to $11 for shipping, so
it’s not bad at all we’re Canadians usually get hammered for shipping when you order online. So all these photos are available online at
the Canadian site if you go to,I can direct you to the Canadian site to ensure
you order the right one, so get shipped out of the Mississauga, and not the US if you’re ready
to purchase Keto OS in Canada or you want to learn more contact me at or email me
directly at [email protected], and I’ll help you find the right product for you. these products are great they help with any low carb diet or ketogenic diet and if you are looking for more ketogenic information or
ketosis diet plan check out my site have diet plans, the Keto coaching as well obviously
the ketosis product so hit me up and let me know how I can help you and let’s get healthy together.

Randall Smitham