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Pruvit MLM Scam?  Does Keto OS really work? Weight loss drinking Ketones is it Ketogenic  low carb

hi I’m Anthony flat and welcome to my
pruvit keto os video in today’s video I’m going to go over pruvit keto os
from both the product perspective in a company perspective and i’m going to try
to keep this video as short as possible although I’m not known for making short
videos i am going to try to go through this pretty quickly but this is just to
give you an idea from my perspective of what keto OS is and what the private
company is from from the products and from the business perspective i’m going
to use the pruvit introduction guide as my my notes here
and if you’re interested in getting this PDF shoot me an email to [email protected] calm and i’ll send you to pruvit introduction introduction guide so here
we go so for things were going to cover today
who is pruvit what is pruvit keto os what is it and where do you get it right so pruvit P R U V I T is just spend on
the words “prove it” I’m not going to get into any detail
there you know who our way prove it is
headquartered dual headquartered in dallas texas and Louisville Kentucky the
products launched keto OS was launched in September 2015 over 5 million
servings have been experienced so in just under a year it’s been out there in
its getting great traction and it’s actually a really good product the company has a number of tag lines
and slogans that I actually really identify with and one of them is you
know we don’t want to sell products we want two people to be inspired to buy
the product and to use the product and participate in the community and to be
part of this whole pruvit movement and they really do live that so
it’s not just you know hype and then them saying you know this is what we
want to do is what they’re actually doing they build products they communicate
very effectively and then they put that out into the community as well and
you’re gonna find as i go through this and in anything you ever hear from me or
see for me I’m always going to give you my
perspective I don’t really care what the company wants me to say I’m never going
to say anything that’s out that’s not in line with the company or
you know what was their mission or anything is but i’m not going to carry
the party line exactly the way you know maybe companies what if there’s
something that I’m not super happy with or something that I see slightly
differently I’m going to certainly tell you that as
well so you can you can look for that in this video or any of my videos you’re going to get the Anthony flat
perspective so what is it we have uh it’s the first exoticness ketone
supplement meaning external you have ketones in your body they are created every time you burn fat
for fuel it’s a natural occurring on a part of
your body and and this is basically just taking an external source of ketones and
ingesting additional ketones into your blood system and how do you do that I’m gonna I’m gonna mix one up here
bottle water pls pot packet this is chocolate swirl you can put it in all kinds of different
water with shaker cups and ice and blenders and all of that drinking water to make some room but I just like drinking out of the
bottle it’s just it’s just easy enough for me so we dump this this packet into here this is about the the consistency of a
talcum powder baby powder it’s actually a real fine powder it’s easy enough to mix and the cool
thing is it it tastes pretty good even just the powder itself is not is
not bad you know it’s like it’s not like taking medicine what you have to get it
all of down before you taste it so anyways bottle of water shake it up and I had one of these
earlier this is my second one of the day and that’s pretty much what i do i take
two of these a day and helped me with my carb cravings and helps me with my sugar
cravings and all that good stuff so when I talk about that in another video so
I’m not trying to sidetrack that but I’m I don’t want to get drawn down on that so anyways first exhaustion this ketone I was inspired by some research that was
funded by the Department of Defense and the office of an 80 and that’s where
this product comes from we really we pruvit or i should say week and I’m
not pruvit but the company pruvit license that actually from the
university of southern Florida and in licensed of the recipe to be able to
make that the ketone product one of the things that I really like is
that it’s back to the lot of science and its independence I’m so if you want to
learn more about keto OS go out in in research ketones in nutrition ketones
and cancer ketones and Alzheimer’s ketones in weight loss there’s lots of research out there and
that’s what I did when I first learned about this am I taking all kinds of
supplements and pills and protein shakes and bars and all of that and I really
thought I was going to be able to prove that this product didn’t do what they
claim to do so I went out there and did a ton and ton of research and i
encourage you to do that as well and you’ll find that there are TED Talks
there are youtube videos or articles or blog part there there are medical journal write
ups there’s tons of research out there on the on ketones ketosis keto OS and
this whole concept of getting more ketones it in your body ok so what is key to les for one of the
big taglines is it’s not a weight loss product and i’ll say that and then I’m
going to say this I’ve been taking key lessons last
October so now that’s a going on about 10 months i’ve lost over 45 pounds
haven’t weighed myself in a few days so I don’t know exactly where it’s at but
it was over 45 and i’m on my way to losing a hundred pounds but I’m trying
to lose 2.2 pounds a week and just kind of consistently lose that I lose that
weight and i use it really for carb cravings and sugar cravings and help me
not get overly hungry i’m eating a ketogenic diet you can
research that as well basically similar to an Atkins or paleo i’m eating
basically protein vegetables and salads and I it a little bit of fruit but for
now also I sugar in certain kinds of fruit
have a lot of sugar and so I’m kind of laying off the fruits for now so
let’s go through this now that I said it’s not a weight loss product of that
loss versus weight loss and that’s the other thing to you put ketones in your
body and helps your body switch over from burning glucose which is sugar
which is what we get from everything else we from all the best food from
anything that is in a bottle of sauce a salad dressing and yes it’s got tons of
sugar in it everything from fast food has tons of sugar and a pretty much
everything from any restaurant other than like a steak or piece of
chicken or piece of fish is going to have a ton of sugar in it into our body
burn sugar if you want it to not burn sugar lower the amount of sugar that you’re
taking in lower the amount of carbs that you’re taking in and then increase the
number of ketones in your body and you do that by taking a ketone supplement or
you just don’t need anything at all eventually you’ll get into starvation
mode and then the ketones will will start to kicking in your start burning
fat that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun
this is a lot easier to drink this twice a day boom I get kicked over into ketosis and
and I remain in ketosis as long as I maintain that low carb low sugar diet
which is not hard for me because i like my protein I like my steak my chicken my
pork chops my fishin all that ok so fast sustained energy I had one earlier today and i’m still
still going i used to get that afternoon law that tired time that sleepy time
because i usually get up early for thirty five thirty in the morning and I
get working then and usually by 1230-1 o’clock I get
tired I basically worked from about 5 30 this morning all the way up and tell
about one almost one o’clock couple hours ago and only reason I pause was
actually had to go eat something to that need anything at all day and I wasn’t
hungry so I went not I had some mistake some guacamole some
boiled eggs and some chicken sausage and just a small protein for answers 5
ounces of each of the proteins and then a whole guacamole our whole avocado and in a couple legs
and that was that was good for me I like those food so that my kind of
sound weird – why’d you combine those i combine those because that’s I don’t
that’s why i like to eat you can there’s lots of other things you can do ok let’s say mental clarity that
afternoon brain fog not being able to get anything done that’s really helped me strength
endurance I don’t know about the strength and
endurance for me because I’m not an endurance athlete i know a lot of people
are I know that one endurance athletes are out there burning over long periods
of time that burning ketones is like burning coals and burning glucose is
like burning kindling so that the the glucose burns very very
fast that’s why you hear people say you need to eat every two hours you need to
eat fruit and you see people when they’re doing endurance races a lot of
times are using those gel packs those gel packs are just a bunch of sugar and
glucose the endurance athletes that are taking ketone supplement a keto OS you
get a longer burn that you stay with a want to augment with some uh glucose
spikes to to get that you know burst of energy but it’s going to come in to go
very quickly and you’re going to want you can have that sugar craving right
behind it so so I’m not under not so sure about the strength and endurance
part but it’s a certainly haven’t been tired and haven’t hurt I don’t work out a lot so that’s the
honest truth there decrease inflammation I definitely see that my knees my back
my arms you know always ate in and i’m not going
to say that I just drink this and also and it all went away but I have noticed
that it’s less and and I’ve been blocking more working on a little bit
and in this is out really helped me from from that perspective as well and
there’s other supplements and things that you can take that are that are good
for I’m your joints and you’re in you’re
being around inflammation but I lowering information was one of the big helpings
go study that by itself you know all this idea that cholesterol causes heart
attacks and meat causes heart attacks and and you know eating bacon cause
heartache that’s not go do your research inflammation causes the heart attacks
the the bacon the cholesterol that stuff cholesterol is needed to feed the brain
unique cholesterol in your body it’s saying that cholesterol causes
heart attacks is very similar to saying fireman cost fires because every time I
go to fire there’s a fireman there go do your own research inflammation
that’s what the issue is it’s our body trying to repair things and in our
system are trying to get those negative things out in some bad things happen in
our bloodstream and it causes a lot of these things but again do your do your
research better recovery mesle excuse me muscle on preservation
appetite control i talked about that a bit Betty button for the better biomarkers
and it’s for anyone who wants wants to be better I don’t know if this presentation is
going to cover it but it also sleep I I thought that was weird you know
somebody’s going to make you sleep better but I started wearing this fit bed and I
noticed that I was Restless you know 10 12 15 times a night and then I was
waking up through four or five times a night and I didn’t even realize that I
kind of realized that i was waking up a little bit here and there because i
would wake up enough to realize that i hadn’t woke up but when i start wearing
a Fitbit really showed me how many times I had been waking up on now taking keto
OS twice a day I sleep a lot better when I have
forgotten to take my key to us and want to have taken it i can definitely tell you that my sleep
was more restless and that’s one thing you’re not you did you know the science
behind exactly why that is I suspect it’s because i have energy
throughout the entire night and I don’t hit a sugar low but you know I’m not a
scientist I’m not a doctor i don’t play one on TV so do your own research but
that’s what i think i think yet in the middle of the night I don’t eat that sugar low because I’ve
got ketones and I’m burning burning fat for fuel so when I have plenty of fat so that’s
that’s no problem there let’s see what else a couple shots of
some people that have lost weight the community that’s a big one lots of
people in the community using all the social media you know it’s important to
stay plugged into a community you know if you think you’re the only one out
there doing this then sometimes it gets hard to just to stay on task or you get
off task to get off track you have a cheat day or you if you
fumble up a little bit it’s a lot easier to get back on the
track if you’re part of a community and they’re there to support you and you
know that other people have also fumbled and had issues my personal opinion was
this is not for me any kind of weight loss diet this is
really a lifestyle change I change over to burning ketones for fuel instead of
glucose for fuel because it’s better for me healthy its base cause needle to lose
weight specifically lose that and in all of the
things that were issues before have either gone away or going away or have
improved dramatically just from being able to eat a healthier
diet not eating that can and processed food but specifically not eating those
sugars and this is what keeps me from craving those sugars I’m having fuel always available readily
available and not needing hit those sugar lolz and then going you know
running around with a bear trying to tear something out the refrigerator get
something to eat I’m so hungry that’s usually what that
is for me and I bet you that’s what for a lot of people when you get that eight o’clock nine o’clock at night you
can just insanely hungry you just got to eat something it’s because you’ve had a
sugar low and in your body’s your body’s craving some some carbs or some sugar or
some energy keto OS the ketones keep me from doing
that so what else there’s all kinds of tools all kinds of events all kinds of
conference calls you know stay plugged in is very important I’m not a raw guy I’m never going to be
the wrong guy will they come out with specials all the
time they come out with some special programs from up from a business
perspective they have you no sign this many people up get this thing and get
that thing they got car bonuses and you know they got all the things that you
would expect to have from a from a a real high power company that’s really
going somewhere but to be honest with you I just don’t
buy into a lot of that stuff i’m just not the wrong guy i’m not gonna go power
call my friends and and tell them that they gotta do this I gotta do it by
friday at midnight they got it got it got it look this stuff is working I’ve been
taking it 10 months now if you want to lose weight
you want to get healthy this is your this is your deal if you
want to improve you be a better you you should definitely check this out if
you want a business that you can honestly I’m promote and talk to people
about it for a real product that’s got some real results and backed by science you know this is it as well but i’m
going to talk to people and if they’re interested great and if they’re not
interested in my job is the plan to see my job is not to push them into
something or to pull them into something if you want to do this you’re in
eventually do this if this is your cup of tea great my my ultimate plan is to lose the
weight I got a hundred pounds to lose have lost 45 I’m well on my way I’ve changed my plan
of phase one I thought I could do it in 12 months it’s gonna take me a little
longer than 12 months but that’s because I haven’t added back in some exercise I
got off my program for you know I did all the things that people do but they
never get back on and I got immediately back on and i’m still going down that
and I’m still losing weight and getting healthy and the big thing is i’m getting
healthier um I can I can tell it in just my body
composition my legs are getting stronger my arms are getting stronger and in
those things are happening if thats for you great it’s not you know no skin off my nose
I’m not the guy is going to be calling you begging you to join and begging you
to do this i’m giving you the information it’s up
to you to decide let’s see so to kind of wrap things up we talked about community content one of the big things is that there’s a
lot of digital media out there that’s available you can get all kinds of
brochures and all kinds of programs recipe books there’s the the native
program I mean there’s lots of tools and you don’t pay for them I know in some businesses that you
actually have to pay for the back in the day you have to pay for the cassette
tapes right and then I guess it probably went to cds and then I don’t know
digital downloads I don’t know we don’t pay for any of the tools they’re all
available they’re all available in your back off as you get a website you get
all of the tools there they keep that stuff updated you can sign up to get text responses
for for you staying up to date with conference calls and different things
are going on and then of course they have some some
annual events and by annual events and training programs really really big in
the education I’m not trying to tell somebody that if
you take this it’s gonna you know this is the miracle drink it’s going to cause
all that your rabbit energy comes out you know there’s too many of those kind
of programs out there and they’re all full of it right there all bs you take
this I take it twice a day I feel better I
operate better my cravings are are almost non-existent we have carbs in the home I haven’t made
my whole family go on a low carb because I’ve got teenage kids and they’re still
doing what they’re doing but i can tell you once dad loses a hundred pounds everybody should pretty much to go on a
low carb diet low carb lifestyle and they don’t know it yet but hey once I once I’ve done it then a and I’m
gonna kind of pretty much make everybody else did it – so this is what it is it’s a good
product you know you if you make a couple
hundred bucks a month would that change things for you to make a couple thousand
extra month with that change things for you and I don’t know is it worth it to you if you think
you’re going to get involved with me and i’m going to call you and tell you to go
round up all your friends and all your family again become over on tuesday
night we’re gonna go and we’re going to get them all signed up that’s it that’s just not me I’m just
you know i’ll talk to everybody under the sun i will you like social media
I’ll utilize the these YouTube videos all utilize all kinds of digital media
tools to reach out to people but i’m planting seeds if you want to get
involved get involved you don’t want to get involved I’m moving on then to the next person
because there’s a lot of people that this product can help a lot of people
that want to do the same things that I’m doing there’s a lot of people that are athletes that want to get better in
their performance and there’s a lot of people generally just just want to be
better and get off of the off the sugar and in the carbs so that’s it if you I’ll leave a link below where you
can join as a customer you can join as a distributor and a promoter and if you
need anything for me send me an email to Anthony Anthony flat calm or leave a
comment below this video and and that’s it I liked the company I like the products
i buy the products if you’re not going to buy the products don’t become a
member because it’s not going to be any good and that’s it take it

Randall Smitham



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