April 7, 2020
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Today wanted to talk you
about Yacon Syrup which is a Superfood, specifically this
brand right here. Now this acts as a appetite suppressant
and assists in weight loss. This is a 100 percent pure all natural raw sweetener The syrup is actually drawn from the
Yacon Root which is native to the Andes Mountain regions. This is an 8-ounce bottle and if
you use a teaspoon there’s forty eight servings in here. Now Dr. Oz is talked about this on his show before. This is something that helps to regulate and increase your metabolism
its low glycemic so it’s a great alternative for people who have diabetes and it tastes good which is a big plus. Kind of like a combination between caramel and molasses. lot of people use it in anything that
they would usually put honey or sugar in. I usually mix
about a teaspoon in my coffee or my tea and just drink it
that way and I do that every day And once it’s mixed into my coffee the taste is indiscernible from sugar. You can also get it as a powder but I like the syrup just because it is a lot less hassle to mix in my coffee
or my tea or whatever or just use
whatever I would usually use sugar in. You can see all the nutritional
information here its you know like 0 grams of total fat, saturated fat, and trans fat,
cholesterol. Its is just all in all good stuff. And since it’s a Superfood, go ahead and take a look at all the benefits of Yacon Syrup right here.So if you’re looking for a good natural
sweetener an alternative to sugar plus something that’s been known to help
people trim up their waistline with a lot a great benefits I recommend you give the Yacon Syrup a
try. I’ll put the link down below in the
description. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe and I’ll see you again on Old Nerd Reviews.

Randall Smitham