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Quest Protein Chips – Keto Convenience Food Reviews by Cara

hi I’m Cara from Health Home and Happiness
and I’m reviewing some of the packaged
keto food or the keto junk foods that I
find acceptable enough to keep it in my
own kitchen and I do try to give my
daughter some treats she’s on the
ketogenic diet for neurological issues
and I tried to give her some treats so that
she can kind of still feel like she’s a
normal kid while also having the healing
benefits that she really needs to be on
keto right now so what we’re talking
about today is quest chips and of all of
the things that I’m reviewing
ingredients wise these are probably my
least favorite but taste wise and for
kind of what they can offer for my
daughter feeling included with her peers
these are really good so I include these
in her lunches on Fridays and then if we
do taco salad bowls as a family she and
I both used quest chips because we’re
both on keto my boys are not and so
these are her they taste like ranch like
when you eat the or when you first put
them in your mouth they taste like those
Doritos with the ranch coating on them
and that’s really good and then but the
chip part is made of like milk protein
isolate whey protein isolate which you
know like to get a chip looking all open
for you so like to get these are
normally bigger when they come from me
Amazon but somebody got into my cupboard
and they got a little bit crunched but
nothing to get a chip looking thing out
of milk protein you know it’s gonna be
processed and that’s what I don’t love
about these but they really don’t have
anything super bad in the ingredients
label so these are something that I use
she gets them about once or the most
twice a week to help her feel included
and to make keto a less restricted diet
for her taste wise I’d give these a 10
like taste wise they look good once you
bite into them and you’re expecting like
tortilla chip and you get some kind of
bland almost chip like texture they’re
weird texture wise once you’re chewing
them but it does kind of like give you
action of eating a chip it’s just not
gonna like 30 tips almost dirtiest tasty
and sweet in your mouth and these don’t
they just kind of taste like the same
throughout and so I wouldn’t say they’re
bad I wouldn’t say they’re an exact
replica of tortilla chips they
definitely serve a purpose in my house
as if you’re gonna eat perfectly squeaky
I can’t remem them if you need something
to kind of be a little bit of a
compromise food without kicking you out
of ketosis I definitely recommend them
so I invited them on subscribe and save
on Amazon so this is something that does
fill a purpose in our house I’m glad
they’re out there I’m glad that I can
stick these in my daughter’s lunch
occasionally kind of when she needs a
boost of morale because she’s eating
differently than her peers and there’s
something that I think is probably worth
trying if this is if you kind of have
the same similar problems to what I did
and you could see this working in your
house so quest protein chips is what we
were looking at today

Randall Smitham



  1. The Keto Komic Posted on September 23, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    I reviewed the nacho variety a few days ago. Great video!