April 5, 2020
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Hi guys it’s Petrina your go to girl for learning
how to make Fit work in a crazy, busy world and today I have a very special guest, my
son Spencer, who is a potato chip officianado. We need to do a little review on Quest Protein
Chips ‘bompopabom’ I bought some salt and vinegar and this is why Spencer is here because
he loves salt and vinegar chips don’t you? Spencer: Yeah I do. Petrina: So this bag of chips totals 120 calories
and a whopping 21 grams of protein, I’m going to put the nutritional information to the
side so you can check it out and we’ll lure out Spencer’s gorgeous face for just a comment…
there are not many ingredients in these protein chips, there’s a protein blend, dry potatoes,
corn starch, high olayic sunflower oil and the mysterious natural … so let’s see how
these chips taste, they look okay, let’s show them to the camera. They don’t look like a
standard chip, they’re short, smells very vinegary, you ready choose (Eating) It’s very
salty and vinegary, that’s the main flavor, you like them? Spencer: Yeah Petrina: To me they don’t really taste like
a potato chip, there’s a greeny, kind of… oh my eyes are tearing up. Spencer: This is a good amount of salt and
vinegar but not enough chip. Petrina: I’m not sure about these, yes they
only have 5 grams of cabs and 21 grams of protein but they definitely if you’re looking
for like actual potato chip flavor, I don’t think you’re going to be satisfied with these
and they are expensive. You can get a case of 8 different single serving bags for $17.94
at Janesee right now, which would break down to about 2.24 per 1 single serving size bag.
That’s a lot of ‘dough’ for protein chips. So that’s it I guess we give… well Spencer: It’s like 75% Petrina: Alright so we’re not committed to
a full thumbs down but we’re definitely not able to thumbs up for the Quest Protein Chips.
That’s it as always if you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected],
you can check out my crazy, sexy, cool website over at PetrinaHandFitness.com an Spencer
is getting uncomfortable or you can sign up for absolutely free fitness coaching with
me at MakeFitWork.com. That’s it, take care, have a great day. Spencer: Bye (Closing) (Opening) Petrina: Hi guys it’s your goto girl Petrina
(Laughing) Spencer you just look so stiok… so this chick… I mean if you’re craving
something crunchy and I’m incredibly thirsty right now. Spencer: You had 1 chip, why are your eyes
watery. Petrina: (Laughing) I don’t know but it’s
scary, like with many dieting chips, there’s a lot of air in it. Spencer: They applied the air Petrina: (Laughing) go to pay for the air

Randall Smitham