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Quick and Easy Pan Fried Pork Chops : 3 Ways – Panlasang Pinoy

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy. I’m Vanjo Merano. I have a question for you
Do you like Fried Pork Chop?
Great! Today, I’ll show 3 ways to cook Fried Porkchop
here are the ingredients
porkchop, 3 pieces
panko bread crumbs, this is a Japanese bread crumbs
all purpose flour or “harina”
Knorr SavoRich Pork Liquid Seasoning
aside from these ingredients, we also need cooking oil
here is the complete list of ingredients with their respective measurements
are you ready? Let’s start!
First is marinade the pork. We only have 1 marinating ingedient
This is the Knorr SavoRich Pork Liquid Seasoning
Placed in a bowl
the porkchop is placed in a clean plate
instead of pouring the marinade, we’ll use basting brush on the porkchop, just like in BBQs
use the marinade and brush it on the the porkchop
it’s that simple
we’ll do this in the 3 porkchops
I’ll show you 3 different ways to cook the porkchops
after applying the marinade, flip the porkchop
repeat the step on the other side
we’ll also brush the marinade
it’s very simple
it’s very convenient because we are using 1 marinating ingredient only
after brushing, set it aside for a minimum of 15 minutes before cooking
but setting it aside for a longer period of time can make the porkchop absorb more flavor
first is the basic fried porkchop. This is the simplest way
preheat pan with cooking oil
this is the usual way of frying the porkchop especially for those who are in a hurry
once cooking oil is hot, put the marinated porkchop. The special thing here is we used a very flavorful seasoning
it will surely be very flavorful and rich
I’m cooking this in medium heat for 30 sec then adjust to low heat
I’m using splatter screen because the oil splatters due to porks moist
after 7-8 min, flip the porkchop
the outer part has a good brown color, not burnt
but the inside is still moist. Let’s repeat the step on the other side
then we’ll trasfer the porkchop on a clean plate
it’s very easy to fry the basic fried porkchop
drip the excess oil
then let’s set aside
let’s do the second one
The second way is called Flour coated fried pork chop
because we’ll use flour
crack 1 piece of egg in a wide bowl
then beat the egg
just make sure the egg is beaten well. Egg white and yolk are blended well
then get wide plate
this plate is for the flour
let’s put it on top of the wide bowl
here goes the flour, scatter it
here’s the idea:
scatter the flour because we’ll dredge the porkchop here
make it wider because the porkchop slice is wide, so it’s easier to dredge
get the porkchop
here’s the plate with flour, dredge one side
then the other side
make sure it’s fully coated. If not, try flipping it again and do the uncoated parts
shake the excess flour, we don’t want too much flour
dip the porkchop in the beaten egg
dip it and make sure it’s coated with beaten egg
then dredge again in the flour
repeat step 1, dredge again
now we’re done, we’re ready to fry the porkchop
preheat pan with cooking oil
put the porkchop once cooking oil is hot
I fry each side for 6 minutes in medium heat
if your porkchop has bones, you’ll notice blood coming out from it. That’s alright we’ll do something about it
flip the porkchop
fry for 1 minute
so we can solidify and stop the blood from coming out from the bone
then let’s continue frying the previous side
it’s important to fulfill the 6 minutes frying each side
after frying for 6 minutes each side, so a total of 12 minutes, remove the porkchop
transfer to a clean plate with paper towel to absorb excess oil
third way is the breaded fried pork chop
we’ll use bread crumbs that’s why it’s called breaded
let’s re-use the beaten egg and all purpose flour earlier
in a clean plate, put the panko bread crumbs
this is Japanese bread crumbs. You may also use regular bread crumbs
this is the all purpose flour
let’s re-use so it won’t be wasted
same thing, dredge the porkchop in the all purpose flour
then dip in the beaten egg like what we did earlier
you’ll see the difference in the 3rd step. So here’s the 2nd step
dipping to the beaten egg then the 3rd step would be dredging it to the panko bread crumbs instead of flour again
just make sure both sides are fully coated with egg
here goes the panko bread crumbs
let’s apply a bit of pressure to make the panko bread crumbs adhere to the porkchop
press it
just make sure all are coated with bread crumbs
and it’s ready to fry
let’s re-use cooking oil ealier
let’s put it here
reminder, cook in medium heat so the outside won’t get burnt and the inside is still raw
if it’s too low, the pork chop will just produce oil thus making it oily
if you have the same issue with the blood coming out of the bone, solution is still the same. Cook that side for 1 minute
then go back again to the previous side
same thing, 6 minutes per side
after frying, transfer to a plate with paper towel to absorb the excess oil or you may also use wire rack
now let’s transfer all 3 pork chops in a serving plate and serve
here are our fried pork chops 3 ways
come let’s eat

Randall Smitham



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