April 2, 2020
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Quick & Easy Quinoa Fried Rice with Pork Recipe: Healthy Kids’ Meal Ideas | JCPenney

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Phillip Bollhoefer. I’m the Executive Sous Chef
at the Omni Grove Park Inn. Today, we’re going to be
making quinoa fried rice. It’s a healthy spin on a kids’ favorite. It’s great for your family at home, and
it’s really easy to send with your kids for lunch. The first thing we want to
do is preheat our saute pan– want to get it nice and hot. Once that pan’s hot, we’re going to add
our olive oil and our pork tenderloin. We’re going to saute that pork
tenderloin until we achieve just a little bit of color on it. And then we go in with the onions
and garlic, until they get fragrant. Once those onions and garlic
start smelling real nice, we’re going to add in the
rest of the vegetables. We’re going to saute
those vegetables until we achieve a small amount of color. As soon as we’ve achieved
that color on the vegetables, we’re going in with the quinoa. We’re going to let that
heat all the way through. All right, now, we’re
scrambling the egg. We’re using a wooden spatula,
because it’s a great utensil to prevent scratching this nonstick pan. Once that quinoa is good
and hot, we’re going in with our precooked eggs, our sesame
oil, and our tamari, gluten free soy sauce. We’re going to let that
cook for another minute until all those flavors are developed. Now, we’re done. It’s that easy. It’s a fun spin on fried rice
I can get from the saute pan to the table in five minutes. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Randall Smitham