March 31, 2020
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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by
Nutracelle I’m Melanie Wildman I’m the
founder and creator of Nutracelle and
I’m also a sleever who’s lost over a
hundred pounds and kept it off for
almost ten years I’m going to show you
how I do it with no sugar high protein
high fiber and high fat super yummy
delicious recipes this recipe is one of
my favorites at night time when you’re
getting snacky and you want something
high-fiber a 60-second mug cake is the
way to go this is a raspberry and
coconut one you’re gonna love it and I’m
gonna show you how fast and easy it is
to put this together so let’s get
started okay so to make this super yummy
super fast and easy treat all you’re
gonna need is a quarter cup of some sort
of sugar-free liquid so you can use a
sugar-free coconut milk you could use
almond milk you could use soy milk
don’t use cow’s milk cuz it has 13 grams
of sugar for just a cup I’m using a
tablespoon of whipping cream and some
water to make my liquid right here so
I’ve got a quarter cup of liquid I have
one whole egg I’ve got half a teaspoon
of baking powder right here and I have
one teaspoon of coconut flour now
coconut flour is super good for you it
does not raise your blood Sugar’s or
your glycemic index almost at all full
of fiber pull up a little bit of protein
– and really healthy fats and I’ve got a
little bit of liquid stevia here and
I’ve got some flavoring this is a
sugar-free flavoring this one tastes
like white chocolate which I’m gonna use
in our mix and you are gonna need one
scoop of Vanilla Nutralean which is
full of prebiotic fiber and protein plus
some frozen raspberries now I know you
guys might be thinking frozen isn’t that
bad for you the truth is that our fruits
and veggies that we get frozen from the
supermarket are often actually more
dense in vitamins and nutrients than the
ones that we think are fresh at the
supermarket the reason for that is
they’re flash-frozen right when they’re
taken off the field and so that vitamins
don’t have time to deteriorate when you
get fresh
fruits and vegetables oftentimes it
takes so much time from the time they’re
harvested until they’re trucked all the
way through to where you get them at the
grocery store that they actually deplete
their vitamin C and other nutrients by
as much as 70 percent so if you’re
getting fruits and vegetables that are
flash-frozen sometimes they’re actually
healthier than the fresh stuff at the
market so here we go this is how easy it
is to put this together I’m actually
going to start with my dry ingredients
so I’m gonna put my coconut flour in
here my little bit of baking powder and
I want a little bit of coconut so I’ve
just got some dried coconut here
I’m putting maybe a tablespoon and if
you can see that in my hand I’m just
gonna drop it right in there like that
and then I’m going to go ahead and put
my full scoop of Vanilla Nutralean now
this is a prebiotic protein and you
might be wondering what on earth is
a prebiotic protein
well prebiotic fiber is what your good
gut flora needs and that helps you to
lose weight it helps your metabolism but
it also helps to extend the digestion of
your protein you don’t want to digest
your protein all at once and that’s why
having a prebiotic protein is so
important I’m gonna go ahead and mix my
dry ingredients here and now I’m gonna
add my wet ingredients so I’m going
ahead with my cream and water and my
egg crack that right in there and I’m
gonna add here a little bit of my white
chocolate and I’m just sort of doing a
little guess if you like yours less
sweet put less in but these are so great
because you get all sorts of different
flavors with your mug cake so I’m gonna
whip that with my fork you don’t have to
be fancy and it doesn’t have to be
and once I’ve got it a little bit
whipped I’m gonna take some frozen
raspberries that I have here and I’m
just gonna add maybe a couple of
tablespoons worth just like that mix it
up and now I’m gonna put it in the
microwave for 60 to 90 seconds
I’ve taken my raspberry white chocolate
and coconut mug cake that took almost 60 seconds here in the microwave and look
at that it’s perfect it smells so good
in here you guys I’m gonna go ahead and
add a little bit of whipped cream you
might be wondering what on earth are you
doing this is so much faster and easier
than trying to pipe really fancy whipped
cream on I’ve made this with some stevia
and all I’m gonna do is put it in a
sandwich bag cut off the end and just
like that I can pipe really yummy
delicious whipped cream right on the top
I had a couple of fresh raspberries and
I am good to go to curl up with a book
on a nice cold evening with a warm
delicious mud cake this is so easy you
guys I can’t wait to hear how yours
turns out make sure you subscribe so
every week you can get sugar free keto
friendly paleo friendly low carb high
fat delicious recipes that will help you
lose the fat and feel really good and I
will see you guys back here next week
thanks guys


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