January 17, 2020
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Red Cabbage Broccoli Chicken Stir-Fry – Family Plot

– All right, Mr. D.
brought his appetite,
I brought my appetite,
what will you be preparing
for us today?
– So today we’re
going to go with
a red cabbage and
broccoli stir fry.
It’s one of my favorite dishes,
I love to do this at
home for my loved ones,
and they love it.
So I’m really happy
to join you guys today
and share it with you all.
– And Andrea we’re talking
about things you can prepare
that actually comes
out of your garden,
so this is appropriate for
what we’re doing here today.
– Sure, for sure.
I always believe
to farm to table,
so this is best way
to have that meal.
Just gonna start this
skillet right here.
So the first thing
we’re going to do,
before everything gets started,
you’re gonna start
with the rice,
the rice is already cooked,
but you always need to
have two cups of brown rice
with four cups of water.
It’s always doubled
because brown rice has
a little bit more shell
and so it takes up
a little bit more time.
So that’s already
getting started,
but what we’re going to do here,
I’m gonna take two
tablespoons of olive oil,
I’m gonna put it into
the pan, just like so.
I’m gonna put it
into medium heat.
And then after that, we’re
going to add the garlic.
– (Chris)
I can really smell that garlic.
– (Andrea)
Yes, it’s very, very potent.
– A little dab’ll do ya, huh?
– Yes.
The great thing about
garlic is that a little
goes a long way, so only
two cloves of garlic
is just enough for
this whole dish.
As you can smell, it
smells really, really good.
So you let it
simmer, let it cook.
– So far, Mr. D., I
can handle this part.
– Yes.
– So far so good.
– So far so good,
so far so good.
So you let it simmer
until it’s golden,
you don’t wanna toast
the garlic too much,
’cause with burnt garlic,
the whole dish is over.
We gotta watch the garlic.
– Watch me there.
– Yes, yes.
[garlic sizzling]
As you can hear
it, it’s going in,
gonna move it around
just a little bit more.
Then I’m gonna add my chicken.
The chicken should be diced, I
already diced it for you all,
and make sure when
you’re cooking,
that your vegetable board should
only be for the vegetables.
And then your meat should
only be for your meat,
you don’t wanna have
It’s a bad, bad thing if you
have cross-contamination.
So just to keep it safe, I’m
gonna add in the chicken,
ooh, you hear that?
– (Chris)
There’s your chicken, Mr. D.
– There you go.
As you can see, it’s
cooked the chicken.
And you let it cook
for about five minutes.
Place this here, and bring down
the heat just a little bit.
All right, step back, if not,
it’s smelling good, right?
– (Mr. D.)
Don’t wanna get popped.
– Don’t wanna get
popped, right, okay.
We’re just gonna let it cook
for a couple of minutes.
[chicken sizzling]
A little bit so it
can cook through.
So as you see here,
we’re almost ready.
You just want the chicken
to be a little bit golden,
as you’re cooking, so as
soon as you see a little hint
of golden on your chicken,
then you’re like, “Okay.”
Let’s put in the cabbage.
Look how beautiful
this cabbage is.
– It does look good.
– It’s beautiful, right?
Red cabbage, because it has
lycopene and anthocyanin,
that have that red
pigment to it, but really,
it looks purple,
because a mixture
of those two phytochemicals.
I already cut up the cabbage
for you for this recipe,
so what I’m going to do,
I’m going to add in a cup
of red cabbage.
As you can see here.
– (Chris) Beautiful color.
– Beautiful color, right?
It’s so beautiful that it
actually goes onto the chicken.
So you gotta be careful
if your chicken is purple.
And that’s normal, because
of the phytochemicals.
Gonna close this up.
– So it’s okay to eat
purple chicken here.
– It is okay to eat
purple chicken, right?
– We can do that, right.
– It comes from nature.
As you can see I
already cut it in half,
because half of it’s
already in the pan,
but the best thing
how to cut cabbage,
to have a flat surface.
It’s round and so you need
to have a flat surface.
Take your knife.
Bring it down the middle.
So I like cutting
it in quarters.
Gonna put the
other part in here.
Cabbage is very hard to cut.
It has a little stem on the end,
so it’s a little hard to cut.
So always cut from the outside.
Hold it from the
outside, from the stem,
and then you going
down the middle.
And the cool thing
about cabbage is that,
you don’t have to do much
to make it into slices,
it already does it for you.
Just like that, super.
So you just have to
come down a little bit.
And it cuts it down.
– (Chris) That’s all it takes.
– That’s all it takes,
and it breaks it
up apart by itself.
– (Mr. D.)
Chris’ll hold that cabbage
for you if you want him to.
(everyone laughs)
– I don’t think so.
– Yeah.
– Man, I need a sous chef.
Are you ready to
be the sous chef?
– (Chris)
I don’t think I’m ready
for that yet.
– Oh, okay.
So we’re gonna put
this back in here.
– It has a pretty good
aroma to it as well.
– It does.
So the cabbage and the broccoli
are from the same family,
they’re actually cousins.
They’re from the
Cruciferous family,
and they are filled with
vitamin B, K, C as well,
and calcium, let
me break this up.
– All the stuff
that’s good for ya.
– Yes, all the stuff
that’s good for you, right?
As you can see it’s
cooking, it’s already ready.
So once that’s ready, I’m
going to add the broccoli.
With the broccoli, as you can
see, it’s a little different.
I like to break the stem.
And with my hands I just
break off the little florets.
And you always wanna find
your broccoli and your cabbage
when it’s close to
its peak season.
You want to, if not,
it’s gonna taste bitter,
it’s not gonna be great for you,
at least the nutritional
content of it, it won’t be.
So I’m gonna cut this up.
And all you have to do, since
I broke it up with my hands,
is to break it up into
little, smaller pieces.
There goes one from the stem.
And as you can see some of
them are already so small
you can just add ’em in.
I like to add in my broccoli
last because broccoli,
the crunchier it is,
the better, right?
– (Chris) I’m with you on that.
– I love crunch.
– (Mr. D.) Yeah, I do too.
– I love crunch.
– (Chris)
Looks good man,
the color’s in there.
– (Andrea) Yes.
And you don’t wanna cook
your vegetables too much,
’cause you’ll lose
the nutritional value
of the vegetable.
You wanna go in.
You’re probably thinking,
“where’s the spices,” right?
So I like to add my
spices at the end.
Because I like the
chicken to cook fully,
and then the spices
that you add on to it,
absorb the flavor much easier.
So I am going to use
red pepper flakes.
Be careful with the
red pepper flakes,
if not, it’s gonna get too hot.
So if you wanna be slightly
medium, just add a little bit.
– (Chris)
Watch Mr. D. now,
he’s eyein’
that over there.
Watch him.
– (Andrea) Yep.
And then I’m going to
use a teaspoon of salt.
This is half a
teaspoon, actually.
Sprinkle over.
And that should be ready.
Now, if you don’t like red
pepper flakes, that’s okay.
What you could also use is
a salt-free garlic herb,
and that’s gonna add some of
that spice and that flavor
that you’re looking for, so
I’m gonna add some of that.
How does that smell, smell good?
– It smells good.
– It looks good,
and smells good.
– Okay.
So I’m just gonna cover
this a little bit,
so the broccoli can
get a little greener,
and then I’m gonna
close this up.
– (Chris)
How much longer now
do we have
to wait for that?
– Oh, it’s just about ready.
– Mmm, I think it is.
– That is that.
I’m gonna bring it down to off.
Gonna put this here, can
you pass me the plates?
– Sure.
One at a time, or?
– One would be great.
Thank you so much.
So who’s first?
– We’ll let Mr. D. go
first, how ’bout that?
– Okay.
– I’m holdin’ the plates.
– Oh, you’re holdin’ the
plates, I can go first then.
– So we’re gonna put
a little bit here.
– (Mr. D.)
Might want one of these.
– Yeah, I might want one.
– Yes, you definitely do
want one of those.
I’m gonna get one of these.
See, the purple?
It happens (laughs).
– (Mr. D.)
I can already tell
we need bigger plates.
– (Andrea)
Well, the more the merrier.
– There you go.
– Thank you Andrea.
– (Andrea)
– This is delicious.
– Yeah?
– it is good.
– I’m glad you like it,
I’m glad you like it.
– We appreciate you being
on today, thank you much.
Mr. D.?
– Mmm, yes.
– Thank you so much!
– A mouthful! (laughs)
Thank you, Andrea.
– Thank you.

Randall Smitham