April 4, 2020
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Red meat

Hello, This is FUKU, a keto man in Ireland. Today… I will introduce you NIKUSYOKU (jp) which carnivore I went to a neighboring supermarket and… here it is beef, beef can you see ? this one cost 8.67 euro and about 1.5 kg, 1.6kg weight beef. I bought two of them and another one is here. Beef this is beef. I will cook these with cow fat here it is, beef dropping it call tallow in english and also, I always do shopping in bulk. and I bought smoked bacon too. here bacon. it cost five euro look.sorry upside down this also about… 1kg weight one point zero nine six it’s about 1kg and, minced beef is next which is1kg weight and only 4 euro. minced beef see? one kilo and fat is 18 %… quit(a lot) perhaps as carnivore ketogenic diet, I have to consume a lot of oil I bought 20 eggs here yesterday this cost about three fifty and here, large size of cheese, 350 gram here it is,350 gram I forgot exactly how much it was, but I bought in cheap shop it probably was 2 or 3 euro, may be three fifty that’s all about , and about carnivore diet what eat only meat I am consuming meat between 500 gram to 1 kilo I will chop them smaller size and minced beef is usually for lunch If this is ketogenic diet and adding some vegetables,It will be different assortment. for the time being, I introduced what carnivore diet is eating see you

Randall Smitham