April 5, 2020
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Hey guys I’m in France actually I’m
gonna be doing this blog…this blog for you because our car broke down and we’re
waiting for the tow truck, if you can believe it. And what better opportunity
then to enjoy this beautiful area although it is raining a little bit
right now but really give you a bit of an idea of what we’re gonna be doing in
France so you know me well enough I go off the beaten path I travel all over
the world my goal is to find the most amazing nutritional ingredients and it
doesn’t matter where they are I’m very happy right now my mother’s French I’m
French and I love so much about the culture here but the main reason I’m
here and the main reason I’m travelling actually up north is because of special
ingredients so I’m gonna teach you all about the mind diet and how certain
berries and certain nutrients certain molecules that are found inside of those
berries can truly transform the way our brain works how much cognition we have
as we get older I’m gonna show you amazing wines that work for all of us
who are Kido I’m going to explain to you the simple philosophies of the French
that I hold really near and dear to my heart that have created so much of the
life that I that I experience every single day it’s a mindset it’s a way of
being it’s a way of thinking and I’m gonna show you some collagen that’s
gonna blow your mind because this collagen can only be found in the seas
in the northern part of France which is why I’m doing this blog right now
because we were on our way we will off the beaten path on our way and here we
are and as a little bonus I thought I’d just show you some of my favorite
here in France the caviar of the French cheeses what everybody loves to eat here
more than anything and we’re gonna drink a lot of wine so so I hope you’re as
excited as I am to explore France but really through the lens of a better life
of more energy of more well-being we’re gonna learn some of the secrets the keys
and the beauty of this incredible country you

Randall Smitham