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Russian Fruit & Vegetable Salad Recipe | Easy & Healthy | Home Made Salad Recipe

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen
Today we will make 2 types of tasty Salads
First of all we will make the Russian Salad
You can make it in any party
You can make it at anytime
It is very rich in taste
And generally we use Fruits and Vegetables in it
And you can according to your choice
You can skip anything
Or you can add anything in it
First of all, I had chopped some Potatoes here
Here I had chopped 1 Potato in small square pieces like this
We will boil it
You can use Boiled Potato also
But proper cubes of Boiled Potato doesn’t look perfect
So here I had cut the raw Potato
And I had keep it for boiling
So the cubes of Potato are equally chopped
And the salad will be very tasty
So we have to boil it for 2-3 mins
Till the potatoes get soft
Now we will check it
The Potatoes become soft now
We want it exactly like this
We will take out these potato’s pieces
I had taken out the potatoes and now we will let it for cooling down
In the same way, I had finely chopped 1 Carrot
And 1 Capsicum
You can use colourful Capsicums as well
But I have the Green Capsicum only, so I am using this only
I had already told you that you can use anything in it
Like if you have French Beans then you can use it also
Boil it like this for a little
Now don’t boil it like Potato
Boil it for a little like for 2 mins
Then turn off the flame
Now we will turn off the flame
Drain out its water
And we will put it in the chilled water
So that its colour remains same
So what we have to put in it more..?
Like here I had cut the Pineapple
You can take it raw as well or you take the tin of Pineapple also
We will take some Corn also
And I had boiled it also
But we will take the less quantity of it
And now I have
This is Armenian Cucumber or Cucumber and you can use anything and I had kept it in water
If we will put the Salad in ice cold water then it becomes so crunchy
Take a Tomato
We have to chop it in pieces and we have to removed its seeds also
We have to cut the Apple in small pieces without removing it’s peels
Cut the Banana also in small pieces
The benefit of this Salad is
That you can make it in the night and keep it in the fridge also
Remove the seeds from the Tomato like this
And then cut it in small pieces
Now we are going to make its dressing
So first of all
The Fruits and Vegetables we have
These are 2 cups of fruits and vegetables
Or 2 small bowls of fruits and vegetables we have
So we will take
Around 1/4 Bowl of
And take little less than 1/4 bowl of Cream
Here I am using Amul Fresh Cream
It is easily available at everywhere
We will put
2 tsp of Sugar or you can put as per the taste
Put some Salt
Some Black Pepper
Now we will put some Lemon Juice in it
You can add Paneer also in it
You can use boiled Egg also
I like Mint Leaves in it
So I will cut some Mint Leaves finely
Then I will put that in it
Mint Leaves make it more fresh
Now we will put these
Fruits and Vegetables
Now we will serve it
So the Russian Salad is ready now
You can keep it in the fridge for cooling and then you can have it
You can prepare it at night and serve it in the morning also
Now we will make the another tasty Salad
That I usually make it at home
It contains so much of Protein
And it is very healthy Salad
What are the ingredients required for this Salads ?
Like here I have some Chick Peas
I had already boiled it
It is usually available at home and we boiled it generally
So the Salt is already present in it
Put the boiled Chickpea in this bowl
Here I have some Black Grams (Kabuli Chane)
These are also boiled
You can make the quantity accordingly
Here I have some Frozen Peas
I had put it in hot water for sometime
These are some Frozen Corns
These are also boiled
It will be so colourful
And it will looks very beautiful
Now we will put some Roasted Peanuts in it
And for long ago
In ice cold water
I had put the Onions chopped vertically
We will drain out its water
And put it in the bowl
If you prefer Onions then only use it
We will put some Green Chilies
Put some Lemon Juice in it
Put some Salt
And put some Chaat Masala
Now put some chopped Coriander Leaves
So both the Salads are ready now
It is very easy to make
It can be made in few mins or in few seconds
If you have all the ingredients already boiled
And for this one Salad
It requires Mayonnaise and Cream
As sometimes these ingredients are not available at home
So I had made it with some Fresh Milk Cream available at home
We have to just filter some Milk Cream
And I had used Hung Curd
So you can make it in this way also
These Salads are so tasty
We like to have Salad in summer and rainy season
So how is today’s video, must tell me that
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Randall Smitham



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