April 5, 2020
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“Speed” was 25 years ago,
can you believe that? No, because I argued with Matt. I said, it’s not 20, it was
like, at the most it was 20. He goes, no, honey, it’s– 20– –he didn’t say “honey,” but
I felt like he said “honey.” Well, in his head he’s
always saying “honey.” Is he? 25 years ago. Look, I– look at that. Look how youthful–
it’s the hair. I need to go back
to a bob and bangs. No, you don’t, but– [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] You look– I don’t? –you look great. No, you look great. I don’t? But what do you think
when you see that? That kinda launched
your career, right? Oh, it most definitely did. It was meant for me– I think, how sweet– –and you took the role. –that I took your role– Mm-hm. –and I don’t feel
bad about it at all. It’s true. I think about how
sweet Keanu Reeves was, and how handsome he was. He was– yeah. It was hard, it was
really– it was hard for me to like, really be serious. Like, he would look at me,
and I’d be like [GIGGLING].. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] And I’d have to
try to, you know, and his job was just to keep–
my dress sort of kept flying up, so his job was to just– I said, whatever you do,
just keep my dress down, and he’d– the whole stunt like,
he just made sure of my dress. That’s sweet. He was very sweet. Did you all get together? Did you date him? Never dated him. Really? There’s just something about
me that I guess he didn’t like. [ALL LAUGHING] No, that’s not true. I think it’s true. No. He never, never– He was probably intimidated
because you were– Not at all. Yeah. There’s nothing to intimidate. I- it’s– I’m not that. Yes, you are. But we– but I think we’re
probably friends for that long because we didn’t. Yeah. Right. That. Um, is that how you do it? That’s how I do it. Maybe that’s why he didn’t
want to be with you. [ALL LAUGHING] Yep, that’s it. If– that’s what it would be. Oh, yeah, yeah. OK, so “Speed” was not
a Warner Brothers movie, but you’ve done a lot of
Warner Brothers movies. I have. And you have made over
a bill– $1 billion. $1 billion for all of the movies
you made for Warner Brothers. So, I thought– Do you get a– like, a
Porsche for that or something? Well, that’s what I’m saying. Like, when you do something
for a studio, they usually do– like, I– this stage is named,
it’s the Ellen DeGeneres Stage because– You got something? Yes. It’s really called the
Ellen DeGeneres Stage? Yeah, they named– that’s what
they gave me for my birthday, they named the stage
after me, and– That’s nice. –and there are
very few people who have stages named after
them, and I was like, well, they must have done
something for you if you’ve made them
over a billion dollars, and I learned that
there’s nothing. I looked everywhere on the lot. Yeah. So I did something for you. I gave you a banister. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [SANDRA LAUGHING, CLAPPING] [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING, CHEERING] Oh my god! Oh! OK? Wow! Yeah. Wow. Do you wanna– Isn’t that where all
the germs are that– Do you wanna– yeah,
that’s– that’s– so they’ll see that right away. That’s amazing, and I– Do you wanna give a speech? Yeah, um– Go ahead. You know, I had to– I climbed a lot of stairs
to get to where I am today, and I needed the help, not
of someone, but of something. That something gave me strength,
gave me balance, sometimes gave me strep when I touched it
and then touched my face, and that’s this
banister, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING, CHEERING] [EMOTIONAL MUSIC PLAYING] Now– It’s outside, too! Yeah, oh yeah, it’s outside. I have to say that’s not our
building so they may take it down. [ALL LAUGHING] So I don’t know how long it will
last, but it’s there for now– It’s there for right now. And– I appreciate that. –because I– And who’s that lovely gentleman? Is he wearing shorts? Well, it’s Andy. It’s Andy from– of course. Oh, Andy! He’s got good legs. Yeah, that’s why– He’s got really good legs. That’s why he wears
the short shorts. And knee socks. Yeah. They look good. All right. We are gonna take a break. More with– we’re not–
we’re not done with you. Mm. Yeah, more– Yeah. –with Sandra after this.

Randall Smitham