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Hey everyone, it’s Dot, and I hope Santa was very good to all of you. He was to me. I’m wearing a fabulous new workout outfit. Yay Santa! And it’s perfect for this meal because I’m gonna get a bit of a workout. Well, not really my body, but my hands will. We’re gonna be making a meatball casserole. Now this casserole … the meatballs are the exact same ingredients I use in my previous video, which I’ll link to below on how to make the meatballs. We’re still going to show you how we make them. But just in case you’re curious about that, I made it in a crock pot. So that’s a little bit different. I preheated my skillet before adding in my fat. The recipe below calls for olive oil. Just a light olive oil. I’m out of olive oil. So instead I’m using duck fat. Perfectly fine. You’re going to add one scallion. Get that all nice and sizzly. And also some minced garlic. You want to keep stirring. You also don’t want to burn anything. You don’t want to add any color … real serious color to anything. Time to start putting the meatballs together. I’m using sausage which I’ve already removed the casings from, and some ground brisket. And let’s go ahead and add my brisket to the sausage and … just so you know, if you’d rather use ground turkey or chicken, go right ahead. It’s completely up to you. I just like using this combination. We’re gonna add the onion and the garlic. Some salt … Black pepper. And I’m gonna just start mixing it right now, only because my vegetable I have in here — the onion and the garlic — are still a little warm and I’m gonna be adding eggs to this. But I want the meat to start cooling off what little onion and garlic is in here. I’m adding 3 eggs for this dish. Next, grated Parmesan. Now if you look closely you’ll see there’s a little bit of shredded Parmesan. I made a little boo-boo. Let’s just start mixing. Time to make the meatballs. All you’re gonna do is grab a pinch and you just want to roll it. And you want something that’s about … I wouldn’t say more than 2 inches in diameter. Unless you want really gigantic meatballs go right ahead. And I’m just putting it on a rimmed baking sheet that I already lined with parchment paper. Made the meatball slightly bigger than I anticipated. Because I sort of had a little devil in my ear saying bigger … bigger and that voice sounded suspiciously like my cameraman. But nonetheless I still managed to get about 43 meatballs out of this. So they’re gonna go in the oven at 375 for about 20-25 minutes. Next up: zoodles. We’re gonna chop these up into smaller pieces because right now they are long strands and I don’t want that in the casserole. So I’m just taking a knife and just coarsely chopping, and in a couple of different directions. These are store-bought. Stores are actually making them so that saves you a little bit of time. You just want to make sure you wash them before you use them. The first batch of Meatballs … is my larger tray and you’ll see a lot of fat leached out. But that’s fine. The reason why I used sausage is because it has more fat than the brisket did. All I’m gonna do is just lift them up and just scrape off … that, cuz I just don’t want that in there. I’ve got some duck fat over a medium heat and I’m gonna go ahead and add my zoodles to it. I want to sauté them lightly. I’m adding just a little bit of salt and that’s to help the zoodles sweat a little bit. So if they have any moisture I want to try to — what’s left of it — I want to try to get it out and evaporate it I’m gonna go ahead and add the sauce next. Turn my heat down to low. Cleaning off the meatballs, and I’m just adding them to the pot. What you want to do is once you have them all in is carefully toss them with the zoodles and the sauce. You want to coat them in the sauce. We’re doing this so the meatballs don’t dry out in the oven. Last but not least., we’re going to top it with some shredded mozzarella cheese. Casserole is going in the oven at 350 degrees, just until the cheese melts, so maybe about 15 minutes or so. It smells yummy so let’s just dig in. Oh and I did put in some red pepper flakes. I don’t have that in recipe. I just decided to do that on a whim because hey why not? That’s what cooking is about. Ooh! The cheese is gooey. I love gooey cheese. Yay … put a little bit in there … I’m gonna get a little bit of the zoodles … cut one open so you can see what they look like on the inside. Right there. I’m gonna take a little bit of the zoodle and sauce and put it there. Hopefully, I don’t burn my mouth off. This is so good and so yummy. The meatballs just taste great. You don’t even need the sauce or the zoodles, to tell you the truth. You just need the meatballs. You don’t even need the cheese. They’re that good. They’re nice little bonuses to have with this. I got a little bit of the red pepper, which has a nice little kick I wasn’t anticipating … Real easy recipe to make hope you give it a try. If you enjoy the video, hit like subscribe if you haven’t already and definitely share with your friends. And until next time I’ll see you.

Randall Smitham