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Scrumptious Sides | CHEESY GARLIC BREAD | How To Feed a Loon

[MUSIC] Hey, everybody.
>>Hi, guys.>>So welcome to How To Food a Loon. I’m Kris
>>And I’m Wesley.>>Cheesy loon.>>[LAUGH] Yes, the cheesy loon.>>And, folks, we’re really excited. We’re always excited, but today, we’re doing just a good old easy breezy
delicious, it’s everybody’s favorite.>>Yes.
>>It’s nothing too high-falutin.>>No, but it’s good.>>It’s just good.>>It’s real good.>>It’s our cheesy garlic bread.>>Woo-hoo.
>>That’s right, you heard it. And sometimes we do kind of fancy dishes
and today, we’re just breaking it down.>>Hey, I think this is
a fancy cheesy garlic bread.>>It is, we’re going to up the ante,
that’s for sure.>>[LAUGH] It’s is so good.>>We’re going to make this the best
cheese burger bread you’ve ever had. Okay, so let’s get started. So, first of all, what really,
I think elevates this garlic bread to heights that are just incredible is
in this little packet right here. This is what is called, roasted garlic. Have ever roasted garlic before?>>Yes, it’s delicious.>>The smell in here is ridiculous. And also let me tell you how we did it. First of all, I turned my oven
on to 400 degrees fahrenheit and then I just got a whole head of garlic. And I take a knife and just kind of
stick it into the top of the head, and then just give it a good whack. And you’re just going to basically cut
the top of that head of Garlic off, and then it’s going to
expose some of the garlic. You don’t need to worry
about peeling anything. And some of the cloves are going to
fall apart, that’s okay. Just kind of grab it all together,
get a piece of foil about this big, put it underneath there. And then get some olive oil and
just squirt a little olive oil, about a couple tablespoon, maybe two.>>And then wrap it all up.>>And then wrap it up like this.>>Sometimes people like to,
When they cut out the edges, make it a nice presentation, you see all
of the heads of garlic in the clove thing.>>Yeah, well,
we don’t really care about that.>>[LAUGH] No,
we just want the taste of it.>>No, I mean, for this,
we just want the roasted garlic. So then it goes into the oven. I like to let it go for about 45 minutes. It’s probably ready after 30, but
it smells so good I just can’t keep from, I like to keep it in there.>>Right, and its so good. Here make sure that people can see them,
bring it down.>>Yeah, okay, So
then you just take it out of the oven. It cools pretty quickly. And you guys this is just so
simple and it transforms this garlic->>You see how those are the cloves. The cloves are in their little vest still.>>Yeah.
>>That’s so adorable.>>And it just squeezes,
it becomes this silky->>It’s so good.>>Creamy, roasted and
it makes the flavor->>It’s so good.>>A little milder, it just is amazing.>>Yeah,
you can actually eat that whole right now.>>You could.
>>If you wanted to.>>You’d reek of garlic.>>Not that bad.>>Well, I once had a friend who did that
and then for the next two days he’s like, but anyway, you mix it with
all these other ingredients.>>And we’re going to squeeze
all this stuff in here, right?>>Okay, let’s talk, we are, let’s talk,
so why don’t you tell them what we’re->>So right here, we’ve got six tablespoons
of unsalted butter.>>Yes.>>And so we’re just going to stick this,
I’m squeezing this, it’s so good, this garlic, guys.>>It’s the best.>>Hold on, I can’t get my thing off.>>And you may be thinking, that’s an entire head of garlic
that you’re putting in there. It really, like I said-
>>[LAUGH]>>Really, the taste mild.>>Is mild, yeah.>>It becomes much milder.>>A lot milder-
>>When it roasts->>A lot more milder.>>It’s a lot more milder.>>Like this,
I’m going to do this, [SOUND]>>It’s great, this, you can spoon it on, I’ll put it on-
>>Bread.>>Bread, toast-
>>More bread, [LAUGH]>>Exactly, but I mean, even just by itself-
>>Did you get everything? Did you get all that?>>It’s an incredible,
yeah, yeah, I think we did.>>Here’s a little.>>Okay, so
while he’s continuing to do that, we’ve also got,
you want to talk about that?>>Yep, so we’ve got some chopped basil. This is a-
>>Tablespoon.>>Tablespoon, yes, I was thinking that.>>Fresh from the garden.
>>Yes, I love that. Right outside of the door. And then we have a tablespoon
of chopped chives.>>Yes.>>[LAUGH] Throw those into the party.>>So if chives are great. If you can’t find chives,
you could do a little shallot. Just a little bit of onion taste in this. It’s not overwhelming at all,
it just kind of deepens the flavors.>>Right, and then we have two tablespoon.>>Three.
>>Three tablespoons of parmesan.>>Grated parmesan cheese.>>Parmesan cheese, I’m blanking out here.>>This is going really well, okay.>>Well, it’s because my mouth
is full of delicious garlic.>>Okay, so anyway.>>[LAUGH]
>>And then he’s going to add a pinch of salt to that.>>[LAUGH] Yes, I’m going to.>>Okay, so
now let’s move on to the bread. What you do, just go to your local bakery,
go to the grocery store, and a get a nice size loaf of about like this. This is an Italian loaf. You can get big, small, whatever you want. But, we think this size works well. Get a nice serrated knife and
just slice it down the middle. Just very slowly,
slick it until it cuts in half. Sometimes I get it a little jagged,
but that’s okay. It’s going to get filled with yumminess
and it’s not going to matter. Then what we do, we take, the top
part has kind of got that dome part. We like for these to sort of be able
to first of all for presentation, for them to both sort of be the same,
on the same level. But also if we don’t cut
the top off right here, like here what we do is we took our knife-
>>It could tip over.>>It could tip over, and
we serrated and we took that off. Because then what happens is that this one
is going to be a lot higher than this one and they’re not going to cook evenly.>>Exactly.>>In this one, so we like-
>>Exactly.>>It’s a good rule of thumb to try
to always have your ingredients be of equal measurement, okay.>>[LAUGH]
>>Boy, that’s really exciting, okay, so now.>>[LAUGH] We’ve made this so many times,
and I could eat a whole loaf.>>And you often do.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, so what we’re going-
>>So you’re going to spread that all over,
>>Okay.>>You just take this and you’re going to want a look at
that roasted garlic in there.>>And obviously.>>I love it.
>>The butter is heavenly.>>We used to when we
lived in the village, we would get a big Italian loaf and
just basically cut the top of it.>>The village in New York city.>>In the village of New York city, sorry.>>When we lived in the village.>>We would take top of a big ol Italian
loaf, just cut like a big ol’ ditch in it, and then you would fill it with butter.>>[LAUGH]
>>And then you would get that garlic press, and you would just press
garlic all through there. And we would just toast that thing, so
that butter was melted and it was heaven.>>It was good. It was good. This is I am going to say is even better
and is a little more refined than that.>>Yes, this is, [LAUGH] we’ve grown
up with our cheesy garlic bread.>>I don’t know if I’d go that far.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, so now we got to top it with some cheese.>>Yes.
>>How it’s going to be cheesy if it’s not-
>>Yes, the more cheese the better, I always say.>>This is some beautiful
grated mozzarella cheese. Now if you really want to
elevate this even further, I’ve used shredded gruyere is really good.>>Reason enough?>>Because mozzarella’s delicious, too.>>[LAUGH]
>>And we’re going a little more
traditional here, okay?>>[APPLAUSE] Yeah, that’s great.>>And if you like it, I probably did
about a quarter cup on each loaf. If you love it ultra cheesy,
do as much as you want.>>Yeah, if you loaf it [LAUGH].>>I loaf it, I loaf my bread. Okay, so now I’ve got a piping hot oven. It’s at 450 degrees fahrenheit. And this is only going to go in for about
15 minutes, and then it’s ready to eat.>>Yes, I can’t wait.>>Yay! [SOUND] Yay!>>All right!
>>Ten minutes.>>It’s moments to pure pleasure.>>[LAUGH] And it only took moments
to make this pure pleasure.>>To make this pure pleasure.>>Look at that.>>Lord.>>I mean, the bread.>>I am so
glad you put this right in front of me.>>[LAUGH] Yeah, hold on. So the bread is so crispy. It’s so beautiful. You know,
l love just to a nice layer of cheese. Like I said, some people like it just-
>>Come on, bring this one over there, too.>>You want me to bring them both over?>>Yeah.
>>Okay, well all right.>>[LAUGH]
>>So this is literally so delicious.>>Look at that.>>So packed with flavor. I’m just going to-
>>You know what I would have done?>>God! I don’t want to have but one.>>I would have put some
more cheese on there.>>Well, that’s what I was going to say. Some people like the loon loves them like-
>>Super duper cheesy.>>Isn’t that amazing?>>That is good.
It might be so piping hot so.>>You always do this to me.>>I know. I know. I know. I know.
>>All right all right, I’m going to go in. It smells so good.>>The smell is incredible, the basil.>>The roasted garlic.>>It’s the roasted garlic.>>All right, people, hm. Do you hear the crunch?>>Yes, the crunch on the outside,
the softness on the inside. It’s the way garlic bread,
cheesy garlic bread should be. You’ll never buy that frozen stuff. I mean, I’m all for the frozen stuff.>>That is so good, you know what? My problem growing up was, the cheesy garlic bread that
always came before the pizza.>>Is that what the problem was?>>[LAUGH]
>>I’ve been wondering, and now I know.>>No, it’s because, and
then I would always fill up on this and I always remember why because it’s so
good.>>It’s so good, it’s true. I mean, when you are going to serve
this with spaghetti and meatballs, serve it all together because otherwise
everyone will devour this and then they won’t eat your spaghetti and
meatballs.>>Umm that’s so good [SOUND]
>>The oven’s ready.>>Yep, see that?>>Even the oven agrees, yeah.>>That’s 100% Loon-approved!>>Yay!>>[LAUGH]
>>I’m so excited.>>Here, grab some, grab some.>>I’m going to.>>Wow, see,
I’m filling up on garlic bread. My mother would get so mad at me.>>That is like-
>>She’s like, don’t drink all that soda and
don’t eat all that garlic bread.>>I bet your mom,
your mom is sweet and it’s good, Clark, but
I bet she didn’t make it like this.>>[LAUGH]
>>This is amazing.>>We need to talk about
the good Clark part of that.>>My god.
>>I love you, mom. I love you. [LAUGH]
>>This is so good, you guys. This is comfort food at its best. Ahh, I love it.>>Now, you can get this recipe and
many more on howtofeedaloon.com.>>And
you know how the butter melts into it?>>Yes.
>>It’s delicious.>>Go to our social-
>>This is much better than the village days.>>Yeah, go to our social media. Like or share, do all of that great stuff. Leave comments. We love comments.>>Please do, we love comments. Tell your friends.>>The nice comments we like.>>[LAUGH]
>>Anyway, love you guys. Let’s break bread together.>>Bye.>>Hey everybody.>>Hey, now if you like what you saw make
sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.>>That’s right, and
you get more amazing recipes like this. Just click right here.>>Click, subscribe.>>Yeah, just click and subscribe.

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