April 4, 2020
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Hey from jugnu freedom in a budget and Kelly and today is a really fun Costco haul it’s not only a castle hop But it’s a collab I’m teaming up with it came up from Freda family and we’re gonna share some more cusco favorites quick easy Costco haul I’ve got a lot of keto items. I got some household items. I have some clothes just all over the place. I’m so excited So if you’re new to my channel coming over from Kimmy’s channel welcome, my name is Kelly and my channels all about living life Well on a budget the budget is under constricting you can’t do anything. No a budget gives you freedom It gives you a freedom to spend. It’s you freedom to live a really really great life So I hope that you would subscribe to my channel join the family. I put out so many different types of videos I have Kito videos. I have budgeting videos I have Weight loss I have family vlogs We just went to elastin above law coming up soon of just Alaska and different things like that so I hope that you joined the family subscribe hit the bell notification and If you haven’t already gone check out Kim’s channel go check her out Kim from fraida family. She’s amazing We’ve actually done that collab before where we talked about five things that saved us money five purchases We had to spend money, but it you saved money. So it was really fun and to just go over that with her So I’ll have that video listed down below as well. So go check her out Let him know that Kelly from freedom and a budget sent you before we get into the hall I do want to say that before I go to Costco I always go to their website or go to the app or online in my phone and go and scroll through what’s on sale They always list the membership savings of what’s on sale So I scroll through that and then really get ideas and kind of make my meal plan grocery list around that so Go check it out it is so helpful to be able to just go in the website go in the app and see exactly what’s on sale and Let’s get to the hall. Alright, just got back from Costco. It was a pretty big haul for us We spent a total of one hundred ninety one dollars and sixty nine cents And I did have my price comparisons sheet that I keep with me and some of the items were cheaper at Aldi So I was plenty gonna get buy more but like the mozzarella cheese and different things like that. It was cheaper at all day So I decided to stick with all the for those items and I think that carry gold butter was cheaper as well so as you guys saw I got 464 points from Fett rewards, which was awesome. I will have a link down below for that and Also, the code will be on the screen to sign up when you sign up you get 2,000 points Which is equal to two dollars and all you have to do is sign scan your receipts and Piper is now curious You don’t have to Put in your card information or anything like that Sorry for it the mess behind it. We are unpacking the house and unpacking from the cruise. We just got back from Alaska and Heading off to fincon. So it’s crazy crazy crazy around here, but I wanted to get this haul for you guys. So really great prices I did get some clothes some household items and then of course Kito items So this was a really cute top that I got and it is like a double layer tank top. So super cute These are obviously my colors you guys know my colors really well and I live in Florida. So this will be great Got some jeans some like these are black jeggings. I like that These have belt loops because they’re a little bit dressier But I can wear them at work because I need to have Bella before my name badge for my security badge so I I didn’t try them on I didn’t think they’d have a Transection at Costco. I don’t know I couldn’t see anything So they have really good return policy. So if they don’t fit then I will return them So I got some jeans here then also some Or some jeggings and then some regular jeans as well. So super excited about these They’re super soft. And they’re the Jessica Simpson brand. I have never worn any of hers before but when we shall see Then I got this mixed-media Lightweight jacket it’s like barely a puffer jacket but I tried it on in the store and it was really nice and compact and Super cozy, so I’m excited for it. And this I think was $20 a really good deals on the clothes so The jeans were $14.99 each. The jacket was $20 in the tanktop was $10. So great great deal Alright, let’s start in the back. We got some vinegar. That was $2.99 Pepsi was 10 49. The olive oil was a little bit cheaper than at Aldi just a couple cents and like not even a couple cents but like like Oh, point zero zero cents Although it’s $12.99 The garlic was $4.99. I love having that garlic I had one that is almost all gone right now, which is perfect timing peanut butter this is pretty good macro, so for net carbs, and the ingredients are Dry roasted Organic peanuts and sea salt so awesome. Great Ingredients and that’s organic creamy peanut butter got some at Kraft Parmesan cheese That was the same exact price as all these per ounce But I did get the fetcher award. So I decided to go with that. The Parmesan cheese is $7.99 and that is Let’s see 24 ounces MCT oil this is 2 different things of MCT oil. I have one at work And so I wanted one for the house as well So I’m super excited about that and then protein bars these were requested but I requested these were coming to bike Keto connect and so they actually had another kind as well but I wasn’t I’ve never tried these before so I wasn’t sure if I gonna like them and They say that they’re very similar to the quest bars. So I’m excited to try them. The macros are very good. I think they’re for net carbs per bar which is great 21 grams of protein 7 grams of fat and Someone also said one time to put these in the airfryer Cut them up like you would sorry Piper’s all over my camera again Put cut them up like you would cookies and then cook them in the airfryer With some lux handful at the bottom and spray it with nonstick spray So I’m excited to try that. I’ve got some Black olives. I love black Elissa snack on it and keto they’re great snack and then smoked poured Note can’t talk smoke pulled up pork Some people have been recommending this. It looks really good. You know, I’m pizza is even two sandwiches I’m gonna do it with the G Hughes. It was quite pricey It was more than I wanted to spend but some people talked about so I Pharaoh try it is of course zero carbs 22 grams of protein 16 grams of fat So that is awesome macros there got some The lock-up cream cheese just to have this was the same price as all these so I figured I would just buy it in bulk Here and then some heavy whipping cream. So that is everything From Costco. A lot of this stuff is very very very similar in price to Aldi so when I can get to class school I like the right there, but if not Then I just buy it at Aldi but I like being able to buy it in bulk It just is easier especially now that we have all the storage in the new house, which is awesome So that is the home. Alright guys. I hope that was fun. Thank you so much for joining me. I love Costco I love grocery hauls. I love clothes. I love it and I love Kido and Kim. It is so much fun. So, thank you So much for watching and if you made it all the way to the end Please leave that secret emoji down below in the comments Here are my social media handles and blog go check those out go check out Kim’s channel, and don’t forget to subscribe I would love to have you join the family And don’t forget to check out our video on five things that we purchased that saved us money It is a really really fun at video. You’re gonna get some really great ideas. So go watch that now

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