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hi guys welcome to the Ketodays.com
coaching program with me, Lori Ballen. today I’m giving you a tutorial on macros and how we’re setting
up our macros and what you need to know about them what’s important for your
tracking so you if you are a keto days coaching client you’re gonna notice you
have a Members Only account up here go ahead and click on your Members Only
plan what you’re gonna do is get to go to the start here to set your goals once
you’re here you’re able to calculate your BMI you’re able to then calculate
your macros and you’re able to log your weight and BMI then you’re also going to
be able to set up your weight goals what do I want away and then there’s a weight
tracker that it’s going to be able to track your progress and this is all
inside your keto days coaching account you have access to this as long as you
are a monthly subscriber paying member of the keto days group coaching program
ok now what I want to talk today about is macro specifically so we’re gonna go
here and I’m gonna go to calculate your macros now what’s gonna pop up is a calc
your first gonna be able you’re gonna see that you don’t have anything
calculated and underneath that you’re gonna be able to set up your macros
alright so I’m gonna go ahead and change this to us units and I’m gonna put in
that I’m a female my age this year I’m 46 right now I’ll be 47 in August so I’m
gonna put 47 my weight let me just tell you I was my heaviest weight I was 213
pounds I’m 5 foot 8 I was 213 pounds I shed 40 pounds on the
eat more move less plan which was fantastic that was way before keto and
then I put a large portion of that back on during my divorce and started keto on
January 1st 2018 at a hundred and ninety eight pounds and I shed forty pound 43
pounds in four months and so today I’m 155 how about that you guys that’s
what’s possible right so I’m gonna put my weight my way
yeah five foot eight I’m lightly active I’m waiting clearance
from my hysterectomy surgery and then I’m gonna get back in the gym I’m gonna
start doing the hit keto workouts and that will change but I’m on the computer
most day so I’m gonna put lightly active I could even put sedentary honestly okay
my body fat I’m an estimated about 33 percent for those of you that don’t know
how to measure your body fat I’m actually doing a separate training on
that there are several ways I’m not a big fan of the of the scale body weight
reporting I think it’s significantly off there’s better ways to measure your body
fat in a simple way there’s actually a little body fat measure where you
measure the skin fold I find that to have been the closest so
far there’s also images I have them in your group but it’s in the group but if
you go over to google and type in body fat percentage and you look at images
you actually just pop one of these opening and look and get an idea for
where you probably are okay so my case I’m getting close I’m getting I’m
getting down there but I would I’m not quite that I’m not I don’t know I don’t
know that I like that one as much hold on there was another one that I really
liked because I think that one’s got too many variations in between let’s see
what this one looks like so you might look at a few to kind of the same one
you might look at a few I forget which one I have up there let’s see I’m just
doing a quick scan to see if I can spot the one so look at this men that’s when
you get more fit okay super fit ones alright so this one this one looks like
a pretty good for women so 20 to 21% 25 to 26 percent and 30 to 34 percent you
know and I’m one of those that I look more like this 25 to 26 waist to upper
body and I look more like the 33 to 34 percent hip down which is interesting
I’m still averaging mine in about 33% cuz I’m that’s my shape I’m definitely
bottom it bottom heavy so that’s how I’m gonna kind of do it here
oh where did our worded art where did we go I’ve got too many tabs open today
okay there we go all right so I’m gonna put 33% for mine
and I’m just going to kind of guess that once I do the skin fold I’ll have a much
better idea it might be it you know I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna say I’m
probably closer to 30 okay so then I’m gonna scroll down here and
if you saw that when I changed that this calculator the graph here is changing so
these pictures and graphs underneath on the bottom you are changing based on
what I type in here so now here’s what I would need for my macros your macros are
your carbs fat and protein your calories is something separate your macros are
your fat your protein and your carbs those three elements make up your macros
so whenever I say what are your macros I’m asking you what is your fat
percentage of the day what is your protein percentage of the day and what
is your carb percentage of the day okay now if I wanted to stay on a maintenance
plan so let’s just say I’m happy at 155 and I want to stay there this is the
model that I would use okay so when you guys get there hallelujah
that’ll be fantastic I’m not there yet either
I had set up a goal weight I hit the goal weight and then I realized that’s I
need a new goalie because it’s not been enough and so I’m still going I’m still
going okay now scroll down let’s say our goal is weight loss there’s going to be
three options here a small gap calorie deficit a moderate calorie deficit and a
large calorie deficit if you are doing strict keto you are counting calories if
you’re doing lazy keto you’re not counting calories but the macros still
apply to both so even if you’re not doing calories because you’re doing lazy
keto the macro still matter fat protein carbs protein fat okay so here’s here’s
the two versions we have we have grams so carbs protein and fat based on grams
and then we have carbs protein and fat based on our percentage
of calories eaten okay and then we have our calorie count so each day we want to
track all the foods that we eat in an app preferably you could also build
yourself a Google spreadsheet and do it in there too but there’s lots of apps
I like MyFitnessPal because I like the way that I’m able to save my meals I can
set my carbs per meal I can copy a meal from one one section
to another I can save my meals I’ve been using My Fitness Pal for years and years
so why change it now the only thing it doesn’t do yet and that might be coming
is it doesn’t automatically figure out your net carbs which is your total carbs
– fiber so our goal every day net twenty carbs total carbs
– fiber equals net carbs of 20 right that’s your 20 grams right here so I
might eat 30 grams of carbs but I eat 10 grams of fiber I’ve hit my goal of 20
grams I might eat 40 grams of carbs and have 20 grams of fiber and I still hit
my net 20 carbs ok so this is one way to do it you can actually set up all of
your goals based on grams but but what you want to do is ever those grams you
set up they should still be a certain percentage of your total days calories
so if I am going to go down here and do this large calorie deficit okay I would
recommend that you guys do not go under 1200 calories unless you know your body
can handle it you know that’s healthy for you you have experience in it or
you’ve talked to a doctor personally I want to see everybody lose weight
healthy healthy after you’ve dropped your first 10 pounds of water weight
healthy is going to be about a 2 pound a week loss guys that’s 8 pounds a month
I’m averaging 10 still right now but that’s with that first batch of water
weight right and so 2 pounds a week is a healthy goal anything anything over that
could put you in danger there are people that talk about losing their hair when
they have extreme weight loss I haven’t experienced any of that I’ve done this
very healthy and so I would just watch for that well even if this tells you the
macro calculator says take 900 calories I personally would
then choose the one under that I just think that’s too aggressive that’s my
opinion there’s certain calculators they’ll tell you no don’t do it don’t do
it even though this is what figures out for your height and it’s usually the
people that are shorter that see that on their calorie deficit I would just be
really careful so if I’m eating 1229 calories guys that means 69 percent of
my twelve hundred and twenty nine calories should be fat regardless of the
grams 724 percent of my total calorie counts should be protein and seven
percent of that should be carbs so let’s just say I’m doing fasting and I’m only
to do one meal a day and I only hit a thousand I only hit 1100 calories that
day or a thousand I don’t go under a thousand but let’s just say I’m doing I
hit a thousand that day okay that’s fine but I still need to make sure 70 percent
of that thousand was fat 70 percent of that thousand was protein and 70 percent
of that thousand was carbs now if you’re using an app it’s going to tell you it’s
going to tell you what you’ve already eaten for the day and what you have left
it’ll tell you what you’re missing so if you need to hit more fats and want to
take a shot of MCT oil you want to eat a deviled egg you want to eat a fat bomb
then you would know because you’re a little bit off on your total daily
percentages okay you you can pre figure your meals like I do this I’ll say okay
today I feel like I’m gonna have bacon and and my bacon and my typical eggs
that have my cheddar cheese and a little bit of milk in them and I’m gonna have a
blue keto blueberry muffin and I will pre figure what that is and even if that
doesn’t work at itself out for that meal it’ll tell me what I have remaining for
the day so that I do hit those numbers at the end so then I can look out and go
okay so I can see that if I have a flamin yawn for dinner tonight and a
side of asparagus I’ll nail those macros but wait
it looks like I’m ten percent off on my fat so where can I adjust something to
hit those fats maybe I’ll take away a little
or maybe I’ll add olive oil to my asparagus tonight and that’ll give me a
little bit of extra fat so I like to play on mine and once I have a meal once
I have my meals that I know work together I’ll save them I’ll save this
as a you know a spot-on macros breakfast or a meal 1 plus meal 2 breakfast and
dinner and meal one will be that egg breakfast meal 2 will be that that steak
when I know I could just drag those in there once I saved the meal it’s very
simple ok this is a skill you guys you will not understand I tieu are going to
be a little confused but trust me when I tell you you break out that app and you
start scanning the food the scan and the bar codes on the side of the food which
MyFitnessPal does and some other apps do and all of a sudden you see that an
orange juice has 35 carbs you won’t put that your menu anymore there’s a lot of
conversation in our Kido day’s coaching group the Facebook side of it where
people are discussing waters and and protein shakes and you know think
flavored water from the gym things like that or teas that you think and it
because they have a certain sweetener in it they now have 5 carbs you’ll start
learning that and you’ll start seeing how those show up ok so if you want to
measure by grams and you want to hit these grams as long as their presets
to the appropriate calorie percentage is that’s fine too for me I don’t focus on
protein and fat grams I focus on my percentage of the day which is which
also already has it matches the ground so they kind of they kind of go
hand-in-hand now the one carb the one percentage that
you don’t have to hit actually the only percent the only one you really want to
worry about you you really want to hit it is your fats because those fats are
going to control your hunger level now if you are obese and you have a lot of
body fat you can go lower because your body will work off its own body fat but
you might be hungrier so you don’t need the fats for the health you need the
fats to control your hunger so if you’re hungry you’re probably not getting
enough fats but when I say hit your macros I’m talking about this percentage
you don’t have to eat 20 grams you could be net 10 carbs you could be net 5 carbs
that’s okay your carbs could even be 1% of this pie
chart 2% of the pie chart 3% it’s ok to go more minimum on the carbs you just
don’t want it to be higher keep it under 10% keep it under your macros let’s just
say it’s set to 7 keep make sure it stays under 10% as long as you do that
these two are interchangeable if you’re not hungry you want to eat a little bit
more protein that’s okay just be careful because a massive amount of protein can
kick you out of ketosis okay so you might you’re gonna have to while you’re
learning this and learning your body and by the way everybody’s body responds
differently to ketosis you could third people can eat 50 carbs and still be in
ketosis okay then at 20 is a general rule this is
what we shoot for but if you learn that your body goes into ketosis at 50 grams
and you could be a net 30 great you’ll be able to grow into that you know
unfortunately a lot of these tests that measure ketones you know you’ve got the
urine sticks you’ve got the blood tool tester you’ve got breath testers they
are good to measure when you go into ketosis when your body produces ketones
they’ll show up on these strips but they’re not great long-term because once
your body starts producing ketones you’re gonna start seeing those less and
less so you might think you’re not in ketosis or you’re not in extreme ketosis
your body’s not producing a massive amount of ketones because those strips
stop working but I do like them to measure when I’m going into ketosis or
if I got kicked out of ketosis all I’ll know it maybe not the first day because
your body still has all those ketones in your system it’s using but a day or two
later I can test and go up yep I’m out of ketosis so then I know to go back in
so that’s up to you guys there’s a lot of conversation around those those
two’ll tonight I don’t necessarily suggest that you use them or suggest
that you don’t use them it’s kind of a indicator and I I’m one of
those people that loves to test and measure everything so I need to know
what’s working I need a sign and that just happens to work for me once you’ve
done this look chosen one of your boxes here your macros go down here and plug
them in so minor plugged in 1229 my net carbs 20 see here carb percentage seven
plugged in so you might have to type those in depending on if you’ve been on
here before or not or if you’re changing something my protein says 24 percent so
I’m gonna change that to 24 percent and my fat says 69 percent so I would change
that to 69 percent and then I would hit submit but remember you got to do your
BMI first on this list and once you’ve submitted this this is going to be
available for you in your coaching account you can access your personal
Aikido plan at any time you can see your macros you can see you can track your
weight you can see your weight improvement okay so we’re not tracking
our macros on that list every day we’re just setting those so that we know what
they are you’re gonna set them and track them in your app preferably okay and
then if you’re in my Kido days coaching program what I want you to do aside from
the website is go into our Members Only Facebook group and post your macros
every day remember I have a prize every month where I give away something keto
related to the person that I believe was the most committed to the program that
month that doesn’t mean the person who lost the most it doesn’t mean the person
that posted the most it’s the person who’s using the tools tracking posting
their results every day asking questions you know they’re involved and so and by
the way there could be three of you equally involves I’m gonna pick one
that’s just how it goes this is all based on just my personal opinion I may
have an assistant that also gives me their personal opinion but I just want
to let you know that that is happening so this is how it all starts get into
your membership here on the keto days calm website get all your stuff set up
and let me know if you have any other
questions regarding macros at the end of the day I’m going to show you what this
looks like I’m gonna go into our keto days group coaching program and I’m
gonna give you an example so here’s each day we post our macros
and you’ll be able to see carbs 5 or whatever and this allows this allows for
count accountability and it also allows me to come back in and say hey you know
what you’re under your calorie count let’s talk about that what’s happening
or I see your pie chart here you are spot-on fantastic or how can we get a
little bit more facts in there or if somebody’s telling me they’re hungry I
can say show me your macros actually I can see them also on my on my coaching
back end and I can say ok it’s because you’re not hitting your fats let’s talk
about hitting those fats so it’s very important that you are following along
with a group coaching program and post your macros every day so let me know if
you have any questions about your macros and the keto diet

Randall Smitham