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Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs with Warm Panzanella Salad | A one pan dinner!

– Hey, guys.
Today we’re making
sheet pan chicken thighs
with a warm panzanella salad.
This is one of my favorite
weeknight dinners, ever.
Because all of the ingredients get layered
onto one pan.
They go into a blazing hot oven
and, basically, that’s your dinner.
So easy.
Minimal clean up.
So, this is the low down.
We’re going to show you
how to perfectly roast
chicken thighs.
I don’t know who we are.
I guess, I’m going to show
you how to perfectly roast
chicken thighs with the help of my
ThermoWorks Thermapen.
This is one of my top five
favorite kitchen tools.
And I’m going to show you why.
We’re also going to toss together
a warm panzanella salad.
Pazenella salad is a bread salad.
Usually, it’s made with fresh tomatoes.
We’re going to toss it
with roasted fennel,
and kale, and onions,
and a garlic vinegarette.
It’s so good.
All right,
so stick around.
Thank you to my friends at ThermoWorks
for partnering with me in this video.
You guys are going to love this recipe.
First, let’s prep the veggies.
I’m cutting a red onion into wedges.
You can see I left the core intact
because I want them to
hold together as they roast.
Next, the fennel bulb.
Trim off those green fronds and
then slice the bulb in half.
If the outer layer is banged up or tough,
you could remove it and
then trim up the bottom.
But again, we want to
leave the core intact,
because we’re going to
cut this into wedges.
Just like we did for the red onion.
And you want to cut
them about the same size
as the red onion so that they
all cook at the same rate.
And now for the kale.
I’m using a Tuscan kale,
it’s also called Lacinato
or Dinosaur kale.
I just like to tear it right off the stem
and then instead of chopping it,
I just tear it up into coarse pieces.
Some of the kale will turn crispy.
Some of it will turn succulent and tender.
And it’s all going to be so good.
So we’re going to pile the
vegetables into a large bowl
and then season them up a little bit.
First, I’m going to add garlic cloves.
I’m not actually peeling
these, just removing that
outermost, papery, white layer
because I want to roast
them with the skin on.
Next, I’m adding the zest from one lemon.
You’ll see that I like to
zest, kind of, upside down.
This allows me to see what I’m collecting
and that way I don’t get too much of that bitter white pith.
‘Cause I can see what I’m doing.
We’re actually going to
add the lemon as well.
If you’ve never tried roasting lemons,
you’ve got to give this a go.
They turn sweet and caramelized.
I love them.
But even if you don’t end up eating them,
they’re going to provide a lot of flavor.
Pop out any seeds and then
toss them in the bowl.
Drizzle in some extra virgin olive oil.
Or you could use, really,
any neutral vegetable oil you have.
And then season well with salt and pepper.
We’re going to toss this up.
It’s really important that
we evenly coat everything
in that olive oil.
If you need to get in
there with your hands,
go for it.
Now, I’m lining a large
sheet pan with parchment.
You could also use foil.
And then spread out
all of those vegetables
into an even layer.
We’re going to build the panzanella salad
right on the sheet pan.
So, I’ve got half of a French baguette.
Just tearing it into
one to two-inch pieces, approximately.
You could also use a gluten-free baguette
if you can’t eat gluten.
Now, for the chicken.
I am adding it into the
same bowl that I used for the vegetables.
I didn’t wash it on purpose,
’cause why wash it if you don’t have to?
So, you can use six to
eight chicken thighs,
depending on how hungry you are or how many people you’re serving.
I’m seasoning these with dried oregano.
That’s going to add a lot of flavor.
As well as paprika.
The paprika’s going to
give the chicken thighs a really beautiful color.
Lots of salt and pepper, as always.
And then, a little bit of olive oil.
And this is going to help the chicken skin
to crisp up and brown.
So, I like to get in there with my hands,
it just makes it really
easy to evenly disperse all of those spices.
Give your hands a wash.
Now, we’re going to layer the
chicken over the vegetables and the bread.
I love how this all just
goes onto just one sheet pan.
And the chicken’s going
to end up flavoring
the vegetables and vice versa.
So, this goes into a blazing hot oven
for 15 minutes.
But, we’re not done yet.
I need to stir those vegetables.
But to do so, I need to remove the chicken so that I can get under there.
So, just transfer the chicken to a plate
and then give everything a stir.
Some of the bread will
start to brown and crisp up.
If anything looks too dark, just put it underneath the chicken.
That’ll kind of protect it.
All right, this is going back in the oven
for 12 to 15 minutes, or until
the chicken is golden brown.
The juices run clear and
the internal temperature
reads 165 to 170 degrees F.
This is where my Thermapen is queen
when it comes to cooking meat.
Because it instantly takes
the temperature of meats.
Look at that, 169 degrees.
So we know for sure these chicken thighs
are perfectly cooked.
Transfer the chicken
thighs to a clean plate.
You can cover them
lightly and set them aside
while we finish off the panzanella salad.
So, I’m going to pull
out those garlic cloves
that were roasting with the veggies.
And I’m going to take off the outer peel
and just plop the garlic
cloves into a bowl.
Scrap the garlic cloves
into a mini food processor
or a blender, to make the dressing.
I’m adding apple cider vinegar,
as well as a couple
teaspoons of maple syrup.
Just for a little bit of sweetness.
You could use honey instead.
I like to use the food
processor to get a really smooth dressing.
But you could also just make this by hand.
If your garlic cloves
are soft enough you can just mash them up with a fork.
If not, throw them in a
blender or food processor.
Last but not least,
I’ve got some olive oil
and then salt and pepper.
I always like to add the
olive oil at the end,
if I’m using the food
processor or blender,
because if it’s over
processed it tends to get a little bit spicy or bitter.
Okay, our dressing is done. So let’s plate this up.
Transfer all of those veggies
into a large salad bowl.
And then, we’ll add about
half of the dressing.
You want to save some of
the dressing for serving
at the table.
Now, let’s toss this all together.
The bread is going to start to soak up some of that dressing.
The vegetables are going to
be coated with tons of flavor.
Pile this onto serving plates
and then add a chicken thigh
or two right over top.
And then last but not least,
drizzle with a bit more
of the dressing.
You guys, this is one of
my favorite soul satisfying
comfort meals.
Perfect for a weeknight but it’s also
a lovely meal to entertain with.
Oh, man, that chicken is perfectly cooked.
The bread and the vegetables
have soaked up so much flavor.
You guys can get this recipe
and thank you so much for tuning in.
And yeah, I don’t leave home without it.
(upbeat music)

Randall Smitham



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