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Simple, Cheap Disease Prevention Tips

Hey everyone this is Jane with Barlow
Herbal and I have been thinking a ton about prevention and I’ve been talking
to my friends and family members and as we’re all starting to get a little bit
older people are starting to have problems people that are close to me and
there’s a lot of discussion about what do we need to do to prevent these things
like cancer heart disease diabetes stroke so many things that come at us as
humans and while there is a small factor of things we can’t control
most of the time it depends on what we do our lifestyle factors and I find that
people are overwhelmed and they’re like it’s so complicated and what do I
believe and everybody has different opinions about how to eat, keto is big
pescatarian veganism vegetarian you know sugar-free gluten-free there there is so
much complication out there I completely agree with that but it’s not about being
perfect it’s about adding some lifestyle things in that are simple and easy to do
and then just be patient with yourself and live your life with joy because it’s
this is part of what keeps us healthy is when we live in bliss so I made these
two lists that are huge but they’re they’re easy easy things so the first
one is stress relief and every list that I looked at and have been researching
includes some form of these things acupuncture aromatherapy music therapy
massage tai chi yoga exercise some type of relaxation techniques hypnosis these
things help to bring our stress levels down which helps to let’s help let’s our
body do its job when it’s trying to take care of us and it lets your body know
that you’re not always running from a tiger you’re literally in a modern human
body living in a modern stressful environment and you need to consciously
do something that’s gonna bring your stress levels down now my easiest tip
for this it’s probably not going to cost you anything is music therapy you
probably have an iPod or your iPhone or your smartphone and you’ve got a list of
music that you love and you can actually download tons of free music
so I would take the time to create a stress release playlist it doesn’t have
to be something that’s gonna put you to sleep it could be something that brings
you joy it might make you feel like you want to dance which can make you feel
happy and relieve stress so put together a playlist of music that literally can
make you feel good in your human body it might make you want to get up and dance
which is awesome so that one is an easy tip to help bring your stress levels
down now the second list is food and this is where like I said it gets super
complicated now there’s a list I have here of 14 foods that these things
were on almost every single list I found of foods to add into your diet that can
flood your body with nutrients enzymes vitamins and minerals these are the
things that we need as building blocks to help our body function and stay well
so you get that stress piece dialed in and we’ll keep working on that because
it’s a it’s a constant thing to work on and then dial in some of these food
things so let me just read you this quick little list of foods we have
broccoli carrots beans berries nuts olive oil citrus fruits flaxseed
tomatoes garlic grapes fatty fish and then we’ve got three part of this list
is three herbs we’ve got cinnamon we’ve got cayenne pepper and we have tumeric
so almost every single list I found had some form of these foods on it and what
you want to just start getting creative just start adding stuff in now as far as
the spices go to me this is the easiest and I’ll tell you a really super cheap
way to start adding this to your your daily diet so when I was about 38 or 39
so about 20 years ago I added these things into my diet I added turmeric I
had a cayenne pepper I added cinnamon and I also at the same
time added spirulina and chlorella but if you were just to take turmeric cinnamon
and cayenne pepper you what I would suggest you do this is
what exactly what I did and I do this for about 10 years before I actually
in a supplement that I could just take I would get a pound of cinnamon
I would organic cinnamon I would get a pound of organic cayenne pepper and the
heat unit I would get typically was forty thousand heat units and you can
see there’s different types of heat units to cayenne pepper and then I would
also get a pound of turmeric and then what I would do is I would get a bag of
veggie caps and I would sit in one evening and sometimes I would spread it
out if I had a lot to make or I didn’t have a whole lot of time in that one
evening I would watch a movie with my husband and I would sit with a bowl of
powdered spice whether it was cayenne tumeric or cinnamon and then I would
have a bowl of veggie caps and I would by hand take apart the veggie cap and I
would make a bowl of supplements and you know this is like such a cheap easy way
so if you think that you really want to add these to your diet but maybe already
taken a lot of supplements maybe the whole thing is overwhelming and you
don’t want to you know I would say these three things these three supplements are
huge and it’s super super cheap so below this video and in the email that’s
accompanied in this video there is the place where I get where I get my my raw
materials my raw herbs and spices that are organic a good clean source and also
for the veggie caps I would try to get veggie caps rather than gel caps the
gelatin you can get gelatin too but I feel like it’s a little bit cleaner
source and better for your body to do the veggie caps and the ones that we
actually use in our capsule products is an organic tapioca veggie cap really
really good your body absorbs it your body knows what to do with it because it
recognizes it as natural food so those two things are super super simple and
you can start adding other things in as you get those dialed in now I did want
to bring up one thing is if you think about the list of food that I talked
about the only animal-based list product on this or item on this was fatty fish
so this should tell you something really big there’s no dairy there’s no beef
there’s no chicken and I’m not saying that it’s bad and if that is part
of your diet and you have a good clean source of grass-fed beef or you grow
your own chickens you raise your own chickens all I’m saying is on this list
and I this was a common thread in almost every list I looked at there was only
one animal-based product and that was fatty fish so this should tell you that
for longevity and health and Prevention some of these things that we have in our
diet if you’re a big keto person and it’s working for you like I said this is
not about anything about this is right and this is wrong this is about what
works for you but also what has been proven to work for human health and
longevity and prevention so that might that right there might cause a tiny bit of
maybe controversy or you have some super strong opinions about that and I do know
that everybody is different you know I’m different than you you’re different than
your neighbor and the things that work for us are all different but we’re
talking about the whole scope of human population you might be an outlier
position where there’s something you can’t eat maybe you’re allergic to
tumeric okay so this me talking about doing tumeric is not for you so this is
not saying this is simply something for prevention everybody has to do tumeric
so that’s just a little bit of a tip on what I find for the majority of the
population is is a really good way to think about health longevity prevention
without the whole overwhelm and complication that comes along with it so
let me know if you have any questions I’m going to be putting all this
information below this email and below this video so let me know if you have
like I said any questions I hope you have an amazing day if you got to the
end of this video kudos we will talk to you soon
and stay preventing

Randall Smitham



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    Thank you for this💙Do you have any suggestions on what helps with Mercury toxicity or what can aid the body to remove it.