March 31, 2020
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Simple Keto Diet for Beginners

what’s going on guys Charles here and
welcome to our channel guys I wanted to start a series called keep it simple
keto and just share with you guys my journey about two months ago I started
on the keto diet and I did it for a month
for four weeks and then I cycled and I’ve taken three weeks off and today I’m
going to start back on it during my first four-week period I was able to
lose 18 pounds getting my weight down from 240 to about 222 so I’m excited to
see what happens on this next cycle well during my
journey I’ve been posted in progress on my personal page and I’ve had a number
of people reach out to me and just ask how I’ve been doing it so I figured I
would put together for you guys a video of what I did to get started on the keto
diet and again this is just stuff that worked for me I was able to lose 18
pounds in four weeks I’m very happy with those results so I’m just gonna repeat
what I did during my first time doing keto so the first thing you’re gonna
need guys is you’re gonna need keto test strips these I use once a day in the
morning probably around 10 o’clock and what this does is it gives you an
indicator if your body is actually in ketosis the next thing you want to do is
you want to download the app called carb manager that’s this is what it looks
like ok this is going to keep track of everything for you you put in all your
information and this is gonna tell you the range of the macros that you need to
follow for your body type so this is the app carb manager and you’re gonna need
keto test strips so every morning when I wake up I make myself a shake and I
use this sparta nutrition keto boost I put one scoop of that in there and then
I use this organic superfood blend which is a plant-based meal replacement
protein powder so I mix these two together with some water and some ice
and then I eat that for breakfast when I wake up in the morning I love coffee so
I’ve just been drinking regular coffee Folgers black so coffee I also drink
black breakfast blend from Starbucks those two seem to be my favorite and
when I make a cup of coffee I put about a half an ounce of heavy whipping cream
in there and then I put this bulletproof brain octane one capful maybe one and a
half capfuls into my coffee and then I put one teaspoon of this ghee butter
into my coffee to make what’s called bullock proof butter bullet proof
actually makes both of these products I have links down in the video description
for all the stuff that I’m using to make it easier for you guys to find and and
buy if you want to give this diet a try and then from there guys I just follow a
keto diet I eat a lot of high fats low carbs a lot of protein and I just logged
everything into the app religiously I also have a food scale that we bought
and I recommend getting one of those and I weigh everything and individually
portion everything out Tia has been a huge support for me during my keto
experiment because she’s been cooking tasty delicious meals for me at night
and I’ve been learning a lot about dietary changes and we also prep lunches
on the weekends so that we don’t cheat or give ourselves any kind of room for
temptation we stick with it so guys that’s it that’s pretty much everything
that I use to get started on the keto diet my first four weeks I’ve lost 18
pounds took three weeks off really tried to
count my carbs thank you for the advice from from my friends and everybody
telling me hey watch what you eat when you’re off the cycle it really does make
a difference I’ve only gained one pound back so I’m starting from a 17 pound
deficit into my second cycle and I will keep you updated as to my progress
thanks for checking the video out guys if you liked it please give it a thumbs
up please share this with anyone that you think could benefit just anyone
that’s thinking about going on a keto diet maybe you are maybe you know
somebody that is hope that this video is useful in starting your keto journey
thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you in the next video

Randall Smitham