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(cheery guitar music) – What’s up, it’s your
girl Gavyn here, and today, I am doing something a
little bit different. If you can’t tell, I’m in my kitchen. I have been trying
– (laugh) – to follow the Keto
diet for some time now. I’ve been doing it off and on, and I really want to
commit to the lifestyle. And so what better way to commit, than to cook for you all. So if you’re not sure
what the Keto diet is, I’m gonna link a few videos that helped me get a better understanding,
somewhere over here, maybe over here, maybe
somewhere in this this, general region, so that you guys can get some better information,
because I’m not a doctor, not a dietician, I can’t give you all the proper information,
only my experience. So, I’m gonna be using
a cook book actually. “Simply Keto” with Susan Ryan, or it might be Suzanne, sorry. The first one that I want to try, is her goat cheese, rosemary, and mushroom stuff pork chops. It just sounded really good, it’s something that I’ve
never cooked before, and it’s supposed to be simple. So, let’s get started. I doubled everything, just
because there’s two of us, and I like to have left
overs for the next few days. So the first thing you’ll need, of course, are pork chops. I have four here, four bone-in. Pretty thick, about one
inch thick pork chops. Then you’ll also need one cup
of chopped white mushrooms. You’ll need four ounces
of crumbled goat cheese. I’ve got two tablespoons of rosemary, two heads of cauliflower
that have been riced. You can use a food processor or blender. I bought mine, actually
pre-riced from Whole Foods. They have it in the frozen
food section, and I trust it. You’re gonna need two slices of bacon and you will need two cloves of garlic as well as some avocado oil or olive oil, and of course salt and pepper. I also have some toothpicks here, because we’re going to need those to close up the pork chops. I’ve never done that before, so hopefully it will work. So in a pan of your choice, you’re going to cook your
one or two slices of bacon. I should probably really
put three in there, because I like bacon, but we’re trying to follow the recipe as is. Unfortunately. Oh, of course, preheat
your oven to 350 degrees. That is important to start with. So while my bacon is cooking, I’m gonna go ahead and
season the pork chops with salt and pepper, and
I’m going to cut large slits in the side of the pork chops, so that we can stuff them. Okay, so we have cut
slits into our pork chops and seasoned them, we let our bacon cook, and we put it on a
paper towel lined plate, so that it can cool. And while that’s cooling,
you can use this time to chop up your vegetables,
rice your cauliflower, et cetera.
– Et cetera. – So now that the bacon is cool, you can go ahead and chop up
your bacon, so says Suzanne, into some kind of fine pieces here, and we’re going to put it in a bowl. All right, so we’re going
to add our bacon to a bowl. We are going to also
add in the goat cheese, rosemary, mushrooms, and garlic that we just minced. And mix it all together. I’m gonna get, feel like I should get a better spoon. Oh no, this isn’t too bad. So this is gonna be
the pork chop stuffing. God I hope this is good. Okay, so we have our
little goat cheese mixture, and now, what do you say Suzanne? We are going to stuff the pork chops, and secure them with the toothpick. I’m gonna do about a tablespoon to start. Maybe two tablespoons. Looks like it can, take that. Now that we have stuffed our pork chops, I’m going to use a few
toothpicks to keep them closed. At least, that’s what she said. – That’s what she said.
(laughs) – I’ve never done any of this before, so hopefully this will
all work out in my favor. So I’m just kind of using like three, just one toothpick right here on the end, one toothpick kind of in the middle, and one toothpick on the other end. I hope it doesn’t really
need any more than that. I have stuff all over my hands. I have, uuughhh. Now that we have stuffed,
we have secured, chopsticks, and say, what’d I say? – [Male] Chopsticks.
– I said chopsticks? You guys, it’s late, I’m tired. We have secured the pork
chops with toothpicks. We can go ahead an put them
in a cast iron skillet. I’m using a cast iron
skillet, but she says it just needs to be an oven
safe cooking receptacle. So that it can stand the heat of the oven. We’re gonna put, what are
you saying to me Suzanne? We’re gonna heat avocado
oil in a large skillet. Let them cook on each
side, get nice and brown. I just realized that how
I put the toothpicks in, I don’t know, maybe
it’s supposed to weave. Suzanne, help. All right, we’ll just try it. While the chops are in the oven
for about 25 to 30 minutes, she has some sides that go along with many of her meat recipes. And one of the main things that I know, is the low in carbs definitely
is the cauliflower rice. She’s got three different
flavor situations happening. We’re just gonna do the basic one. Gonna cook it with some butter, and some cloves, salt and pepper. Should be easy enough. I hope. Voila. We have cooked our pork chops. Now that we have pulled our
pork chops out of the oven, you gotta let ’em sit
for three to five minutes before serving, or let them rest. I’ve heard about having meat rest before. I’ve never fully understand, understood why we let it rest, other
than to let it maintain the juices, and all that goodness. I mean, that’s, my knowledge
is limited you guys, I’m sorry. Now that we have plated our masterpieces, you can also add, I’m
assuming you can add, depending on your macro requirement, spinach or asparagus, just depending on what your needs are. Don’t forget to take your toothpicks out. And then we’re gonna dig in, because the most important
part about a cooking video, is knowing if it tastes good. Mmmm. Now I see why “Binging with
Babish” eats all this stuff. This is good. The goat cheese was my biggest concern. I was worried it was
going to be overpowering. I love seasoning, I was
worried just salt and pepper on the pork itself was
not gonna be enough. It all really comes together nicely. The mushroom, the bacon, which I forgot there was bacon in there until I ate it. And of course, the
simple cauliflower rice. A really nice side dish too. This was really good. If you guys are interested
in starting Keto, I highly suggest you grab this book. She has a bunch of other stuff. I’ve tried like one other recipe. I tried one other recipe in here, it was like a alfredo, chicken alfredo, – [Male] Yo babe, is there more? – Yes, there’s more. Here, what I’m also gonna be
doing, is charting my weight, and I’m going to take my measurements. Maybe I’ll put that in another video. I don’t know, I’m
figuring all of this out, what this is gonna be. If you like this, you want
some more Keto content, go ahead and hit that like button, let me know in the comments below if there’s a Keto recipe
you are dying to try, or that you wanna see done. Maybe it’s only been read
and there’s no video for it. Let me know, I would love to help, and I would love to try all
the tasty, yummy recipes. I’m gonna go eat this because it is late, and I’m so hungry, and it is so good. So with that, I will see
you guys in the next video. Don’t forget, keep it cute.

Randall Smitham