April 1, 2020
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– [Singer] Bob and Brad the two most famous Physical Therapists on the internet. – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, Physical Therapist – Brad Heineck, Physical Therapist – We are the most famous
Physical Therapists on the internet – My mic hurts my ear – You gonna join us today, Brad? – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – Today, Brad, we’re gonna talk about the single best weight
loss tip ever given. That’s quite a claim, isn’t it? How can we make such a claim? Well, how can we say it’s
the best one ever given? Well we’re gonna give the single best weight loss tip that has worked for me and we’re give the single best weight loss tip that has worked for Brad. – What more would you want? – But no, we’re gonna do more, Brad. We’re asking for our viewer’s help. This is a participation video so, down below we want you to give us the one tip that has helped you the most in the
battle against weight loss. – And that might be a tip for someone else we’re all gonna help each other out here – I’d like to see a load of, you know a hundred tips there, and that’s gonna give people great ideas
on how to lose weight again, give the one that
worked best for you. So we’ll probably see some
overlapping, I’m guessing. – I would think so. By the way, if you’re new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos on stay
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Sleep Ovation Mattress! I wanted to see how long you could do it. – So he said “mattress” – Mattress, right, go to
BobandBrad on Facebook it’s pinned to the top of the page you want a short version of this where I don’t say “mattress” go to Instagram or go to twitter, we have
a 60 second version of us. – There you go. – Alright so, I’m going to
give my tip first, Brad. – Alright – So for me it was very simple for me I just reduced the number of carbs I eat and I’m not on the Keto Diet,
I just, I was a carb fiend and I went from having way too many carbs to cutting them and going down and I wasn’t even trying to lose weight. I know people hate to hear this – I know! – But, probably drives them
bonkers, even a little bit but I lost 20 pounds, not trying. I mean, just, and it was right here. So, to refine that a little bit more even (mumbles) What I did is focus on carbs with a high glycemic index. – Sometimes we got to
clarify what “carbs” are. You know, I thought carbs meant, like you know, bread, but you know a vegetable a carb, a fruit is a carb everything’s a carb except for meat! – Well, vegetables really
usually aren’t carbohydrates its more fruits, but, what I’m looking for and you may want to look this up online you’re looking for the foods that have a high GI Glycemic Index. And those are the ones with the glucose or sugar in the bloodstream. And those ones that have a high index they’re going to put that sugar
right into your bloodstream which is going to
contribute to weight gain contribute to the possibility of Diabetes. It’s just not a good thing. So if you get the number of
a 100 on the Glycemic Index that’s pure Glucose, pure sugar. That goes right into your bloodstream. – So that’s like, granulated
sugar you put in your cookies? – Right, exactly. The
other problem is that processed foods, Brad, will put sugar into your bloodstream faster,
so that’s why we recommend- – Like white bread – Like white bread, was 70 on the scale so that’s high. Macaroni and cheese, 64 so, pancakes this is one of my- we talked about this. This is one of my downfalls, 67. – Now does that include the syrup? – That does not include the syrup. – Oh then mine’s going way up from there. – So I was telling Brad
that, this actually happened used to happen to me
when I would eat pancakes just pancakes, I think it
would shoot my insulin up and my blood sugar would drop and I’d feel dizzy after I ate pancakes. I mean I would lose my
energy, I’d start sweating. Yeah, it was quite a deal. – How many were you eating? – Well, a lot, cause I like pancakes – Big stack of pancakes,
pour a gallon of syrup on it. – Yup, there we go, so that’s my one tip,
reduce your carbohydrates especially the ones with
the highest Glycemic Index – What were the ones that
in particular? Pancakes? – For me it was pasta. A lot
of types of pasta, really potatoes, starchy. This book, I’m not
necessarily recommending it’s called “The Low GI Diet Revolution” it’s an older book, but it
has a nice chart on the end but, you can find all
this stuff online now. Alright Brad, what’s your one tip. – Well, I really, it’s really two ice cream was a big thing,
if there was ice cream in the house, specially if its chocolate with peanut butter and chocolate in it I’m eating it, but I did
reduce from a bowl like this to a smaller bowl, but I
heaped it up a little higher. (laughing) – You got around it, huh? – And then also bread, too. Cause if I something, if I
had an egg in the morning I had an egg sandwich,
always, cause then I would put a bunch of fun stuff
in there that would be ketchup, mustard, cheese, mayo all that stuff, make a wonderful sandwich and if I have a brat,
you know, big brat bun. So, basically, those two things. – If you wanna transition
away from the bun, by the way what you can do is just
take the top off, first you know what I mean,
and just not eat the top. It’s just a way to try and
work your way away from them and now I see when, like, we have barbecues and stuff like
that and a lot of people aren’t eating the buns now. People are just eating the brat or eating the hotdog,
or eating the hamburger. – And typically, a lot of
the white bread that you buy is so processed that
there’s nothing in there. It’s like eating a marshmallow. – Yeah, again, white
bread, 70 on the glucs So you’re basically kinda
on the same line as I was. You were lowering your carbs and I think you kinda eluded
to the other thing, Brad you know, one of the great tip is not obviously the battle occurs in
the grocery store, doesn’t it I mean, if you buy, you take
it home, you’re gonna eat it. – Oh, if I know it’s there, yup. Because it’s the kitchen, its my kitchen! Well, it’s my wife’s
kitchen, but, you know I know where the stuff is too. – Right, and so, unless
you’ve got it locked up – It’s easy for me to say no at the store. For some reason I can
ride by the ice cream and I easily can say no, but at home it’s a different story. (mumbles) – You get hungry at night, and usually- – And that’s when I used to
eat it, right before bed! Watchin, the- – So how much weight did you lose, Brad? – Well, you know, I was kinda
up and, it was about 15 to 20. 20 at the most, unless you went
from my peak after Christmas After Christmas, then it was 25 to 30 but you know, in the past
few weeks I’ve gained I don’t know if you noticed I’ve been having a little bit of fun. – I was gonna say something, but I figured – No, I’m gonna get back into the groove. Don’t worry, it’s kinda- – Alright, so, friends of ours. Please, below, put your
tips, I wanna see them. I wanna see what other people are doing. (mumbles) – Thanks for watching

Randall Smitham