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Snack Game – Low-Carb Zucchini Bites

I’m gonna roll with my joke so I’m gonna make ya’ll laugh today this one has nothing to do with the recipe but I’m gonna ask you anyway what did the Atlantic Ocean say to the Indian Ocean they say nothing they just waved you were gonna guess that were you know you were well they sure did what up guys and welcome back to the fit min cook kitchen for today’s quickie meal prep recipe we’ve got a full flavored one but also one that is super simple to make and I love it because you can whip this up with your kiddos if you have some at home we’re gonna making some easy parmesan zucchini bites that would go well with almost any meal really they’re also good for snacking for game day football season is in full effect both college football in the NFL and it’s time to start thinking about some calorie conscious snacks and this one right here today is one of them and I said it’s in the video but I’m gonna say it again right now before we get started one of the reasons why your recipes with zucchini actually happen to fail is because you don’t squeeze out the moisture so if you remember nothing from this video just remember that if I have to grate a zucchini to put it inside of a recipe I should probably squeeze out on that moisture because it will affect the final product especially with these bikes today you don’t squeeze it out and the finished product is going to be really really bad you’re gonna have a burnt outside and a really squishy soggy inside and anybody got time for that alright guys so if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty for this super simple snack recipe then let’s get started all right so the first thing we’re going to do is prep our zucchini chopped off one end of it grab yourself a grater and then we’re going to grate this over a cheesecloth zucchini is like the yesteryear cauliflower it’s a great low carb low carb alternative but just like cauliflower to hold so much water so this is the step that most people don’t take the time to do they’ll add the zucchini right into a recipe and not realize why the recipe is coming out so soggy it’s because all of the water and moisture is trapped inside of zucchini so we’ve got to squeeze it out before we cook with it add it to your cheesecloth grab the sides of it roll it up pretty tightly and once it’s like this and then just squeeze it out you’ll be left with a beautiful vibrant green zucchini juice and then with your leftover juice you are never gonna do add a little bit of lemon juice cue the shop music it’s not being so extra then we’re going to take our zucchini add it to a bowl now add in the rest of the ingredients so we’re gonna add in a little bit of garlic powder some onion powder some freshly ground dried rosemary some superfine almond flour if possible just kind of knead out some of the clumps our parmesan and you like to use a combination of shredded and grated Parmesan and then last but not least some eggs need to mix together pour that right on in this add a little pinch of some pepper here we don’t really need to add salt because Parmesan is actually naturally pretty salty give this a good stir and fold and mix everything together until it becomes a nice sticky batter and this is why as you can see already when it’s so important to squeeze out all the moisture from the zucchini so that way you can get really nice and sticky like an actual batter next you’re gonna grab an air fryer basket or you can use a baking tray lined with some parchment or some nonstick foil and to keep things pretty uniform I’m going to use an ice cream scoop so that way they can maintain the shape as much as possible and once you get them loaded do one quick spray with a little bit more avocado oil because that’s gonna really help but to get nice and crispy inside airfryer so take them now we’re gonna bake these in the airfryer for about 10 minutes or so at 400 Wow beautiful little salt bay action to finish them off what a great accompaniment to any dinner but also any watch party mmm and the outside is really firm and crispy but when you touch it it’s actually pretty soft holy smokes it almost tastes like me these are so good back I just think of a new recipe this has gotta be like a meatball recipe but using these instead can join us with some marinara I guarantee the hardest part is gonna be stopping okay last one I swear the food that makes you want to dance when you eat it that’s how good it is mmm wait everybody so doing that that’s kind of dated that’s right you don’t matter people so doing I’m still doing it I mean the food is so good it took me all the way back to the early 90s to do this mmm hey that’s pretty minute all right guys that is it for today’s recipe I hope that y’all really enjoyed the video and also this amazing recipe I can’t wait for you to make it I want you to comment below as usual how you would customize this so that way you can give us all ideas and how we can enrich our diet just like you this is a perfect gameday food but it’s also a great accompaniment to almost any dinner if you like videos like this and I invite you to smash that like button below and remember to subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to ring that Bell so you can be notified every time we post hot new contact here and the fifth link the kitchen all right guys thank y’all so much for watching mmm until next time I want you to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring ooh bye y’all [Music]

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