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Snowy Coconut Macaroons – Chocolate Dipped | Keto Cookies

Welcome to ketomealsandrecipes.com. I really love this time of year, there are so many special holidays and celebrations all around the world. I love being with my family, and I love making wonderful treaty things for them to enjoy So to continue with my theme of the 12 treats for Christmas & New Year Of which this is the second instalment Today I’ll be making the snowy coconut macaroons This is a really easy recipe to make and it’s especially good for people who’ve never made cookies before, or you’re just learning how to cook. so throughout this video I am going to be providing, detailed explanation and tips, how to make sure that your macaroons are successful If this is your first time tasting macaroons let me describe them to you. They have a nice firm exterior, and a soft moist interior And, my specific baking method, keeps them white and prevents them from getting all browned. That’s why they’re called snowy coconut macaroons. I don’t know if you’ve found this but, for most of the low carb high fat. or keto type baking, is the taste only gets better after a day or two. And, they will keep really well on your counter for several days. These snowy coconut macaroons also make a really nice hostess gift. Or food gift if that’s what you like to do. one of the reasons that these cookies are stable at room temperature is because one of the key ingredients is my sugar-free sweet and condensed milk But if you’re going dairy free, you can substitute the sugar free sweet and condensed milk With my dairy free sweet and condensed coconut milk Both work perfectly well. and to achieve the best texture I highly recommend that you make either of these sweet and condensed milks. The day that you’re going to be making your cookies. And at least one hour before you’re going to use the condensed milk So that it get’s to room temperature. And one last thing that I like to do for these macaroons is that I like to dip them in gnosh. Which I’ll show you how to do at the end. Now the macro nutrient ratio for this snowy coconut macaroons is 7.5:1 with 2.9 grams of total carbs, 1.2 grams of fiber resulting in 1.7 grams of net carbs. Per snowy coconut macaroon. For the macaroons themselves there are only 7 ingredients. And all of these ingredients are very easy to find in your local grocery story. My regular viewers know that I always begin by first weighing out and assembling my ingredients. And preheat your oven to 340F or 170C. And also place a piece of parchment paper on to your baking sheet. And the last prep step is to place a piece of aluminium foil, non-shiny side. or the dull side up, onto your oven rack. Now lets get started, pour your egg whites into your mixing bowl And whip at high speed until the egg whites are at light frothy stage After your egg whites are nice and frothy, all you need to do is just dump everything into the same bowl the order doesn’t matter I poured in my sugar free sweet and condensed milk, or as I mentioned you can substitute with the dairy free sweet and condensed coconut milk. Then add your vanilla. and next add the optional ingredient almond extract. Although I say almond extract is optional I strongly recommend you do add it Because the almond extract gives these macarons a little extra flavour. And in my opinion, it makes the macaroons taste a little more tropical. also add your finely ground salt. then toss in the shredded raw coconut flakes Then all you have to do is just simply stir all the ingredients together. Just make sure that everything is well combined and all the ingredients are evenly distributed. To make sure that all of my macaroons are the same size, I am going to use a 1 tablespoon icecream scoop. But you could also use a 1 tablespoon measuring spoon, if you don’t have an icecream scoop. When I’m scooping I like to dip into my dough, and then drag the scooper along the side of the container. This will pack the dough nicely, without being too firm. and if you have too much Then just run your scooper along the top of the bowl, to scrape off any excess dough when I do them this way, by following all these steps exactly, I found that each of my macaroons was very close in weight They weighed about 26 grams, and the occasional macaroon was 27 grams so I’m pretty pleased with that Also, after scooping each of your balls, just place them directly on your parchment lined cookie sheet But leave enough space between each of the macaroons, so that the heat will circulate evenly around the cookies So keep working until you’ve made all of your macaroons As I continue to make my macaroons, I would like to invite anyone new to my channel, or if you haven’t done so before please consider subscribing, and please share this recipe with your friends and family or on your social media Your help in spreading the word is one of the best ways that my channel grows And by all means, please like and leave a comment. One of the highlights for me and providing my responses So to preempt the question, why did I call these snowy coconut macaroons And the reason is, because in the baking process I wanted my macaroons to look whiter and more like snowballs rather than the crispy brownish texture that a lot of the macaroons have. So how do you make them look like snowballs. the first thing that I do after shaping all my macaroons. I put the extra coconut flakes that I reserved into a bowl. Then gently roll each of the macaroons in these extra flakes. But try not to make them too round, you do want to maintain the flat bottom. you’ll find that the flakes will stick nicely to the surface. And make the macaroons look like fluffy snowballs After rolling each macaroon in the coconut flakes place the coconut macaroons back onto the parchment sheet. And again remember, leave the space between the macaroons Now here’s a special trick to bake these beautiful little snowball cookies And this little technique will keep your macaroons as white as possible First, place the cookie sheet in the middle position of your preheated oven, then place a sheet of alumininum paper on a rack. And then place this particular rack at least two rungs above the cookies, the reason you’re using this alumininum sheet. Is because the alumininum sheet will keep the radiant heat from the top element, from browning the surface too quickly. so set the timer for 10 minutes, and at the 10 minute mark, then remove the tray with the foil. And bake for another 10 minutes, this time uncovered. The total baking time is 20 minutes And when you look at the cookies you will notice that the bottom edge of the macaroon will be slightly browned That is exactly how the cookies should look Don’t be tempted to leave them in the oven any further immediately remove the macaroons from the oven, and be very careful because the macaroons are very crumbly at this stage Now let the macaroons cool for about 20 minutes on the parchement Then you can easily pick them up from the parchment directly onto your cooling rack This will prevent the bottoms from getting all mushy and moist, now simply leave the macaroons alone. Untill they’re completely cooled to room temperature. And as always, if you have time leave them to cool and set overnight by doing so you’ll find you’ll get the absolute perfect exterior texture, and the nice moistness will be retained on the inside Now the cookies are completely done, and you can serve them this way, without dipping them into chocolate, And they’re truly my little snowball macaroons. However because it’s the holidays, and the first thing I’m going to do is make my gnosh. if you like can also use my keto chocolate truffle recipe. The link will be provided in the comments below. Here’s the directions for the gnosh The easiest way to make this gnosh is to take this real chocolate, chop it up and add some coconut oil and if you don’t like bitter chocolate, add some sweetener to your taste but don’t make this chocolate too sweet, you really want a nice contrast. what I have found is that the bitter chocolate of this gnosh. perfectly complements the really nice sweet taste of the macaroons Although the version with my truffle chocolate Which is more like a milk chocolate tasted amazing, I really found that the bitter chocolate complemented the macaroons the best. But you will have to decide what degree of sweetness you want for your chocolate dip But it’s up to you and your individual preferences So please leave me a comment and do tell me if you prefer the unsweetened gnosh, or the truffle version sweetened gnosh I just thought of something, an even easier way to make your chocolate gnosh is to take a 90% lindt chocolate bar Chop it up, add 1 teaspoon of heavy cream and then melt it in a double boiler, or in your microwave so whichever way you make your gnosh all three methods of making gnosh work perfectly well, just choose the one that works best for you. And when your chocolate gnosh is almost ready, all you have to do is dip each of the macaroons in the melted chocolate. to a depth of 1/8th, or 3mm from the bottom. You don’t want the chocolate to overpower the macaroons. After dipping each of the snowy coconut macaroon in the chocolate, just place them back on the parchement. And when you have dipped all of the macaroons, there’s another thing you can do with any of the leftover chocolate. You can drizzle a bit of chocolate on a few of the macaroons just like this. This will create variety, and this is how you do it. then take your tray of macaroons, and place it in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes or so. Just long enough for the chocolate to harden. That’s all there is to making the snowy coconut macaroons. I really hope you enjoy them. Thank you very much for watching this video to the end. A reminder that the link for the snowy coconut macaroon recipe. will be posted in the description below. And I do hope you’ll come back, and check out my third of the 12 treats for Christmas series. Here’s a hint, treat three will be gingerbread people, with a detailed explanation of how I decorated them. And also don’t forget to check out the endlinks, where you will more Christmas treat ideas. see you next time, cheers!

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    OK! More fun for me!! Thanks. Funny thing about Coconut here. I can get a really fresh, good, unsweetened grated Coconut here very inexpensively at my local Soriana Grocery Store. It is consistently available and delicious. That said, you absolutely must plan ahead for the Holidays. We don't do Thanksgiving here, but right after Dia de los Muertos and Halloween, Coconut disappears from my local store as fast as it arrives. I use it alot in my Keto Treats, so I buy a lot. Last week, I asked to find out what day they would be restocking, and my friend told me, so I arrived to pick some up about an hour after they said they'd be restocked. I was surprised to find about 3 ladies there with me at the display loading up their carts. There was plenty, so no problem. But I took the time to ask what the others were doing with their Coconut Stash. All three ladies said they were stocking up for Christmas baking. Cookies and Cakes. They also mentioned that soon there would be none here in Motul, and once they were out here, we would all have to go to Merida for the same product, or off to Telchac Puerto, for fresh stuff from the Coconut Groves. They surprisingly agreed that this was the last choice as the Coconut produced there is much more expensive, wetter and harder to work with. Slice of MX Living for you. Always Plan Ahead.

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    Thanks for the wonderful recipe, love that the cookies are made dairy free and seem so simple to make. Can’t wait to try them one day!

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